The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side

Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: Why Is Master Just So Not Obedient?


The next day before the sun was even up, a very refreshed Mu Chen got up and went to the pill concocting room.


He picked over a dozen medical herbs from the medical herb shelf and spoke to the dao child by his side, "Go to Qiyang Palace and get three Eon Rattan Fruits, I want those that are eighty percent ripe."


The dao child responded back and hurried ran to take some.


Qiyang Palace was ranked second, it's position was only second to the Chongyang Palace the Sect Master resides in, it was also the location where fruits grew the best in Lofty Cloudy Sect. The Palace Master Duan Mufeng also has a special hobby—brewing wine, so he planted his entire mountain full of spirit fruits. The younger disciples did not have the courage to go, but disciples of the generation of Chu Qianshuang who are gluttons would go to their Second Martial Uncle to get some to eat. Even Jing Ming was very familiar with the place. Not long after, the dao child came back with three Eon Rattan Fruits, each one was as big as a fist with vivid coloring. Bits of dew were still on them.


Mu Chen put them in a bowl, then patted them into mush with one pat. He then poured in the medical powder he had already crushed then stirring it and placing it into the pill concocting stove.


His Nine Yang Dark Fire went into a stove, and about the time of half a cup of tea later, Mu Chen lifted the cover of the stove. Immediately, the sweet scent of the Eon Rattan Fruit assaulted his face. His fine long fingers pinched a bamboo stick and he moved as if he was flying, forming the pills into the shape of a tanghulu. He recalled from his memories on the tanghulu the other children ate and Mu Chen frowned a bit. There seems to be something else missing.


A child cultivator by his side handed a bowl of honey over, "Palace Master, is it this?"


Mu Chen suddenly realized, yes, it was this!


He dipped the stringed pills in the honey and then very happily left with his improvised tanghulu.


The dao children all had complicated faces. That expression on Mu Chen was really making them at loss for words.


The scene Yue Mingze was met with was one of Mu Chen carrying a strangely stringed thing from the pill room. When he took a closer look at what the thing was, his lips twitched. Pills could actually be eaten this way? Martial Uncle truly was worthy to be known as the most talented pill cultivator these past years, this kind of ingenuity, no one can compare to it!


Mu Chen coldly passed by Yue Mingze while carrying the pill-stick, he didn't even look at him and directly ignored him.


Presently, Gu Yunjue's spiritual power rose like it was riding on a flying sword and Mu Chen started to worry that his cultivation will become unstable, that his mind will be unable to keep up with it. But he didn't expect that the other broke through into Qi Condensation Stage Two like he didn't know what a bottleneck was. He worried that his progress would be too past and that his small body wouldn't be able to endure the pressure the spiritual power gave his meridians. As such, Mu Chen had went to refine a couple pills with gentle effects to protect his meridians. Because he had added spirit fruits, the effect would only work while it was fresh. In short, Yue Mingze came at a really bad timing.


Yue Mingze awkwardly rubbed his head, he feels that he was coming by too often.


He hurriedly caught up and observed Mu Chen's complexion. Seeing that he did not look impatient, he finally spoke, "Martial Uncle, this stick of pills is very pretty."


Mu Chen looked at him with disdain, his face had "are you an idiot" written all over it and he corrected him, "It's easy to use."


"Martial Uncle is right." Yue Mingze flatteringly said and also knows that it won't work on Mu Chen, so he asked somewhat nervously, "I wanted to ask, what should be done for Martial Uncle to be willing to heal Daoist Xing Xuan.


Mu Chen tilted his head to size up Yue Mingze for a moment and then asked, "You want me to save him?"


Yue Mingze earnestly nodded, his foundation within the sect wasn't too stable, if he didn't grab this chance to make friendly relations with Ten Thousand Sword Sect, the elders in the sect might stir up trouble again.


Mu Chen expressionlessly nodded, "Then bring him here this afternoon. I will make an exception for you this one time."


"Martial Uncle!" Yue Mingze emotionally looked at Mu Chen. He didn't even know where to place his hands anymore, for his Martial Uncle to actually make a compromise for him with that personality of his! Yue Mingze's lips twitched, he wanted to say something but he didn't know what to say. Suddenly, a thought suddenly rose in his mind and he very brainlessly asked it out, "Martial Uncle, you said you wanted to marry me last time…"


Mu Chen proficiently raised his leg and kicked Yue Mingze out of Yanyang Palace. His white robes with silver pattern gently swayed gracefully with his steps and actually carried a noble and elegant aura.


Gu Yunjue raised the pill-stick and a place in his heart soften into a complete mess. He enjoyed Mu Chen's exclusive gentleness. Gu Yunjue's eyes narrowed and he readily ate each one.


Under Mu Chen's urging expression, Gu Yunjue's mouth shook a bit, and he smiled, "It's very tasty!"


He could swear that his little master did not even get rid of the fruit pit. The flavor of the Eon Rattan Fruit really was delicious, but the fruit fit was exceptionally bitter. That pill was both bitter and sweet and had a trace of tart medicine taste. In addition, the honey used on the outside was the medical honey made by the ghost bee, so the flavor had a trace of fishiness. Eating it was no doubt a torment to the tastebuds. Gu Yunjue braced himself and swallowed the entire stick of pills in one breath, looking at Mu Chen as gentle as before. As long as his Master made it, even if it was poison he would eat it, let alone something that was just slightly unpalatable. The effect was pretty good too. With the pills eaten, his meridians that had been hurting a bit from too much spiritual power immediately improved a bit. GU Yunjue pulled Mu Chen's hand, praising him, "Master's great! The effect is especially good."


The corner of Mu Chen's lips finally raised a bit, giving his little disciple a faint smile. His little disciple was really becoming more and more considerate, unlike that Yue Mingze who would always cry and say it's disgusting when he was young. He was really not cute.


Right at this moment, a special guest was welcomed outside of Yanyang Palace.


Mu Chen had just fed Gu Yunjue full when he heard a dao child say that a rather imposing black-dressed man was waiting outside. He said his surname was Yu, Palace Master's old friend.


Gu Yunjue silently took the handkerchief from Mu Chen's hand and wiped his mouth clean. He then gently smiled and asked, "Does Master have a lot of friends?"


Mu Chen shook his head and didn't bother with Gu Yunjue's words and said to the other, "Let him in."


The moment he said that, he saw a black figure land outside of the bamboo forest. His stature was tall, his face handsome with a cold and silent imposing aura. One look at him and you would be able to tell he was of high status, someone that was hard to get in touch with. The person was precisely Ten Thousand Sect's Sect Master, Yu Tianyi.


After being invited in, Yu Tianyu did not wait for Mu Chen to speak and led himself to a seat. His eyes swept by Gu Yunjue then looked at Mu Chen, his deep and low voice slowly said, "I knew you liked small animals, I didn't expect you to also like children."


Mu Chen gave a rather unenthusiastic line, "You're speaking too much nonsense."


If it were someone else, they wouldn't dare to speak like this to Yu Tianyi. Yu Tianyi also would not permit someone else to speak to him so disrespectfully, but the person right now was Mu Chen. Not only was Yu Tianyi not angered, he smiled instead and was somewhat helpless toward Mu Chen's cold attitude. "We haven't seen each other for years, can't you be nicer to me?" He saw that Mu Chen was still frowning and finally sighed, "Where shall we talk?"


Mu Chen handed Gu Yunjue over to Jing Ming, indicating to him to take him out to play. Gu Yunjue unhappily held onto Mu Chen's hand, his face very cold. He could tell that Yu Tianyi's attitude toward Mu Chen was strange, Master wants to be alone with a man, can it be any clearer? Hmph!


Mu Chen reached out to pick up Gu Yunjue by his collar and threw him to Jing Ming. He had to be especially strict toward his disobedient little disciple.


Gu Yunjue was so angered his face turned white.


After everyone else was sent away, Mu Chen set up a silence boundary and looked at Yu Tianyi, "Are you inflicted with the cold poison?"


Yu Tianyi was speechless, he was truly direct, not even doing some polite talk.

穆辰见对方的表情也知道自己的猜测是对的,"我说药材,你去准备,寒毒自然可解。 "

Mu Chen looked at the other's expression and knew that his guess was correct, "I will tell you the ingredients and you can go prepare them. The cold poison can be cured."


Yue Tianyu nodded, the atmosphere was silent, it was almost even cold. After staying silent a while longer, Yu Tianyu finally asked, "About the connection by marriage I said before, actually…"


Mu Chen very rudely continued it, "I know, it's just a plan of convenience, nothing really sincere."


Yu Tianyi's face froze, his eyes drifted away and then he asked somewhat at loss, "You and Junior Brother Ji have a grudge?"


"Vicious and merciless hypocrite that could even sell their own flesh father for power." Mu Chen picked up the chopsticks Gu Yunjue used and stabbed it into the table, his mood very bad.


The atmosphere once again fell silent. Both of them weren't people of many words, for Mu Chen to speak, Yu Tianyi had already worked really hard on trying to find a subject to talk about. However, every single one was cut short into awkward silence with one line from Mu Chen, the conversation just couldn't continue.


And Gu Yunjue who was already taken to the back mountain, what appeared in his mind wasn't this awkward scene. A smile bloomed on his face though his eyes turned colder and colder. His desire toward Mu Chen was already beyond his imagination, it was like obsession. Once he thought of how Mu Chen would show a happy side to others, he wanted to isolate him from the outside world, he even has the urge to kill people. This kind of uncontrollable feeling almost made him unable to restrain his thoughts, even his eyes gained a layer of blood red.


My good Master, why are you so not obedient?

作者有话要说: 不负责任小剧场:

Author's Comment: Doing a small show of not bearing responsibility.


Gu Yunjue: "All of you go away! I want to darken, I want to turn into an insane devil, I want heaven, I want to shut little Master into a small dark house to papapa and do all sorts of plays!"


Mu Chen reached out, picked him up, then papapa spanked his bottom: "Think I can't teach a brat?"


Black Meow: Gu Yunjue coughs blood and Go Die.

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