The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side

Chapter 19

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Chapter 19: Dare To Touch His Disciple, He Will Mince, Kill And Burn Him


Jing Ming noticed Gu Yunjue observing their surroundings very "concentratedly" and didn't even pay attention to him talk. He laughed a bit and jabbed his shoulder, "I will take you to look at the spirit animals Palace Master raises. Every single one of them have beautiful fur, and the most important part is their fat. Every single one looks very delicious, if they're roasted they must be really tender and fresh with oil overflowing from your mouth!"


Gu Yunjue suddenly turned back around at this moment, his sight locked onto a golden Chinese parasol tree's treetop. Within the palm-leaf size leaves, a black duck was hidden in there, its red eyes firmly locked onto Gu Yunjue. When the two pairs of eyes met, the duck was so frighten it shrunk back it's neck, made a cry of 'Uh-oh' and flapped it winds once, trying to run.


Gu Yunjue narrowed his eyes and suddenly smiled. This duck already discovered the peculiarities of his soul, how could he just let it walk away?


A powerful divine sense engulfed the other, holding it in place and making it unable to move. Gu Yunjue leisurely strolled to it, raised a leg and kicked it in the belly. He clicked his tongue in disdain, so ugly!



Yue Mingze reckoned that Mu Chen was already finished with whatever he was doing, so he sent people to meet Elder Xing Xuan and send them to Yanyang Palace. Because of the conflict between Mu Chen and Ji Qingyuan, Yue Mingze was also worried that the two would start fighting again they moment they meet. So he wanted to persuade Ji Qingyuan to wait for a while, but it was a pity that the other did not appreciate the kindness and just asked in reply, "How could this hand over Elder Xing Xuan to a stranger? This one would be more relieved to see it in person."


Yue Mingze sneered in his mind, this guy really can't tell good from bad. Watch how Martial Uncle say a line that Ji Qingyuan and the dog can't enter, then let's see how you'll deal with it.


As expected, Mu Chen's face that had returned to a relaxed one immediately turned frosty at the sight of Ji Qingyuan. He extended a fine finger pointing below the mountain, "Either you scram or you all scram."


Watching how Ji Qingyuan thew away the aura of a modest nobleman and left with an ashen face of hate, clenching his teeth but not daring to talk back. Yue Mingze rubbed his chin, his heart saying a line: You deserve it! Must it take a scolding for you to leave!


Yu Tianyu watched Ji Qingyuan's leaving figure from within Mu Chen's living room, his face gradually became deep. This Junior Brother of his actually has such an expression, he had really not seen it before.


Mu Chen then pointed at Elder Xing Xuan, coldly saying, "Leave it outside, its not allowed in." They are really dirtying his territory.


The people of Ten Thousand Sword Sect's faces all turned red, the anger in their chest almost exploding. They have never met someone so aggressive, not even giving any respect to their sect.


A somewhat inarticulate looking sword cultivator with a grey face only kept his mind on helping Daoist Xing Xuan over. Since the other was docile, Mu Chen allowed him to stay behind.


Xing Xuan was suffering from the Seven Corpse Soul Erosion poison, a highly destructive and powerful weapon the people of the devil path often relied on. Therefore, most of them were very sinister, the Seven Corpse Soul Erosion poison is a highly toxic one that corrodes the mind. When it's painted on a weapon, even if they couldn't kill the other, they could still take their life. Although he didn't know why Daoist Xing Xuan went to the devil realm, seeing how much importance Yu Tianyi was attaching to him, it must be some kind of hidden secret.


In his past life, he had given this old man a Black Essence Returner pill on behalf of Yu Tianyi and even had a pretty good relationship with Ji Qingyuan. However, both of these people bite the hands that feeds.


Mu Chen also was no willing to once again use that pill to waste on a near-death old man, he picked up Elder Xing Xuan and dragged him to a spacious place like dragging a dead dog. Mu Chen's palm patted toward Elder Xing Xuan's chest, forcing the poison to move to his throat. Since he talks a lot and wants to live, he can live as a mute.



After Ji Qingyuan came out, he saw how Yanyang Palace was decorated and arranged with countless spirit medicines and the hate once again expanded in his heart. People that grew up with a golden spoon, why do such people exists?


People trying to cultivate into immortality, what they feared the most was the heart devil, so they particularly paid attention to their thoughts. Ji Qingyuan did not notice that his thoughts have been turning more and more extreme, the killing intent on his body becoming more dense. To the sword cultivators that have always placed heavy importance toward evil tendencies more than others, it was an omen that they are entering devil cultivation.


Gu Yunjue and Jing Ming took a walk and returned from the back mountain, and saw from afar Ji Qingyuan's twisted expression along with his gritted teeth toward the bamboos. His lips quirked up and he swayed the cage in his hand, speaking to the black duck inside, "Doesn't it look very delicious?


"Ga~" a husky voice carrying a trace of sullenness called out. It pulled back its neck and cried with all its might, causing the entire Yanyang Palace to hear a duck cry. Jing Ming overtook them from behind and pointed a finger at the duck, warning it, "Rebude, don't talk so easily. Palace Master will complain its noisy, understand?"


Rebude wanted to stand up and swatt its wings to express his grief and indignation. For a mountain king like him to be forced inside a chicken cage like a spirit animal! Not allowing him to eat his fill or speak! Can a duck still live?!


But unfortunately, it didn't know if it was on purpose or not, but Gu Yunjue found a cage that was too small, so it couldn't even turn. It could only raise its head and open its mouth, it was so angered the three gold fur on its head stood up.


Gu Yunjue carried the cage with him very happily, he walked in the direction of Ji Qingyuan, sensing the dense devil qi on the others body. In a very good mood, he asked Rebude, "Want to eat?"


Rebude was so angered it randomly bounced about, he still needed to ask that? Ever since it left the devil realm, it hadn't been able to eat its fill for quite a while.


Gu Yunjue smiled and added another line, "If you're obedient then you'll have stuff to eat in the future, if you aren't obedient then I will chop off your third leg."


Rebude heard the malice in his words and immediately fell down to its stomach, hiding its leg under its belly and staying motionless: Motherf*cker! Even more like an abyss demon than this lord!


Jing Ming was also holding a red strip of silk fabric, excitedly speaking, "I went to Hongxiu Palace and got it from a sister, tie this onto the duck's neck and when we have nothing to do, we can walk a bird." This duck had ravaged him quite a few times before, when it cawed it simply wanted ones life. Now that he could finally take revenge, Jing Ming did not even think about why the duck was so obediently listening to Gu Yunjue and was solely preoccupied with feeling happy and bouncing around.


Gu Yunjue frowned with dislike, and continued to walk while carrying the duck. How could this foolish white wolf even think of such a stupid action? They were brothers, yet Jing Ting could take care of everything in Yanyang Palace orderly, while Jing Ming was so unreliable. If they didn't look exactly the same, he would have been suspicious if he had ran into the wrong nest when he was young.


Rebude was so angered and stamped its feet again, "I will tell you now, I am very irritated right now. For an ancient mythological animal like me, even the Phoenix needs to lick my feet when its sees me. You actually use this red rope to humiliate me!"


"Hm?" Gu Yunjue softly made a nasal sound.


Rebude once again sat back on its stomach and mumbled to itself, "At least it should be a white one, black and white clearly looks better. Plus, it also has a dense condole feeling to it, how festive it is."


Jing Ming held his ears, the moment he hears it speak, his head hurts. "You're mental! Like bull condole is beautiful!"


Two people and a duck continue to walk and talk. When they got to Ji Qingyuan Gu Yunjue stopped and a scheme flashed through his eyes.


Jing Ming curiously looked at the other, puzzledly rubbing his chin. He tilted his head and asked, "Are you looking for a beating?" He promise, he was just simply curious, he really didn't mean anything else.


Ji Qingyuan naturally recognizes the two, he looked at them with a black face. Gu Yunjue also raised his head and smiled at him. Within those black inky eyes was an undisguised malice that made him look like he was under a curse. The other looked at him with eyes like he was a prey near death, this kind of feeling made Ji Qingyuan want to vigorously rebel. But unfortunately, his spirit soul felt like a moth that was pinched between two fingers, so weak he didn't even have the ability to shake his wings.


Suddenly, Ji Qingyuan felt a spiritual power that was far higher than his own squeezing him from all directions, almost choking his spirit soul. His entire person felt as if it fell into a mountain of corpses and sea of blood. His powerless struggle allowed him to feel the cold sweat sweating his clothes in a moment.


When he saw Gu Yunjue's eyes again, Ji QIngyuan's attention became absent-minded for a moment and pulled out his sword with a choking sound like he had been provoked. A sharp and clear sword sounded caused the people in the mountain to all sense it, such a strong killing intent!


Jing Ming picked up Gu Yunjue in a split second and retreated more than a dozen meters then was so angered her stomped and cursed. "Oh my, you shameless little hussy! To dare to act like this on Yanyang Palace territory, why don't you find a mirror and take a look at your own morality and conduct!" He had just obtained a new picture book and learned many things from it. He simply didn't even think over it and directly cursed.


If Ji Qingyuan just now only pulled out his sword due to receiving killing intent and was thus provoked, now he really wanted to kill him.


Sensing the abnormality, Mu Chen flashed out and was immediately hit with fury. His figure turned into a white light, Scarlet Clouds Sword once again appeared and he directly used eighty percent of his Demigod Stage strength. He directly hacked at Ji Qingyuan without any regards for anything. He dares to touch his disciple, he will mince, kill and burn him!


The protection spell around Yanyang Palace shook a bit under this sword striker. Jing Ming picked up Gu Yunjue in the first moments and hid behind Yue Mingze, peeking at Ji Qingyuan from behind. He wasn't able to relax from the mental pressure from before, so Ji Qingyuan could only hastily raise his sword to block. The two's power were about the same, but being directly hit by Mu Chen's poten fire spiritual power, he spat out a mouthful of blood.


Yu Tianyi's face was also ugly, he didn't expect that Junior Brother of his who was usually a good person would actually not let off even a child. Was the him before all just an act? Once he thought about how such a person with such deep schemes had hid by him, Yu Tianyi's eyes turned darker.


When he looked back at Mu Chen, who clearly did not have anything intention of stopping, white flames were twisting around his body. Full of killing intent, he once again hacked down, his action efficient and clean, the way he used the long sword was even stronger than a sword spell.


No one from Lofty Cloudy Sect dared to jump into the fight, they all know the power of those flames. Ji Qingyuan raised his sword to resist again, but with a vicious light flashing through his eyes, Mu Chen's downward slashed turned into a horizontal sweep. Everyone could hear a scream, Mu Chen had already stabbed his sword into Ji Qingyuan's sword arm, the flames on his sword swallowed it up and immediately turned it into ash that floated away.


Mu Chen swung the long sword in his hand, then immediately chopped down again. He must mince this b*stard.


The surrounding younger disciples were all stupefied: Great-Great Martial Uncle is so vicious!


Yu Tianyi could no longer watch on and flashed between Mu Chen and Ji Qingyuan, raising his sword to block them. A cold and hot spiritual power hit each other and a powerful spiritual power shook the great spell again. The entire Lofty Cloudy Sect and even a couple Elders in seclusion were alarmed.


Yu Tian saw the stubborn face Mu Chen wore and heavily promised, "Let me handle this matter, I will explain it to you."


Mu Chen swung the long sword in his hands and coldly said back, "No!"

作者有话要说: 不负责任小剧场:

Author's Comment: Doing a small show of not bearing responsibility.


Gu Yunjue: "A lot of people said this small show is very interesting, why don't more people look at how demonically beautiful I am?"


Black Meow: "Because they want to see how just how great of a grudge you, the little top has or how the little top has eight hundred and sixty ways to die!"


Gu Yunjue pulled out his sword.


Black Meow takes out Mu Chen's picture from when he was taking a bath. Unprepared, Gu Yunjue was slapped by a one thousand six hundred kilogram large knife. Go Die!

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