The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side

Chapter 29: Mu Chen lifted his leg and gave Gu Yunjue a kick on the bottom, scolding: “Such a lech!” (2)

Then, regardless of what Chen Mo thought, Mu Chen drew his attention back to the catalogue again. Having browsing all the items listed in the catalogue, Mu Chen threw his eyes onto Gu Yunjue, who, upon getting that, came close to his Master immediately.

Looking at his Master pointing at some items on the catalogue with his slender forefinger, Gu Yunjue hastily nodded.

The items Little Master pointed at just now, he wanted them all.

Noticing that Mu Chen looked calm, Chen Mo still ventured after a moment of hesitation: “He is gonna die, so he misses you very much and wants to see you again. Go and see him one last time at your convenience. That’s also why I come here to see you today.”

Hearing that, Mu Chen’s body froze instantly and he gave no response even when Chen Mo walked out of the room. Gradually, his eyebrows knitted together and a flicker of bitterness unwittingly rippled across his eyes, when a cool candy was put into his mouth and melted in a minute with fruity aroma extending in his mouth. Mu Chen turned to look at his little disciple, only to see Gu Yunjue reach out and gently rub between his eyebrows, smiling: “No matter where you go, I will accompany you and never leave you alone.”

Staring in silence at the little disciple whom he personally brought up, Mu Chen suddenly lifted up his hand and patted Gu Yunjue on the forehead, looking relieved a lot, “You little one!”

Sensing his Master in a better mood, Gu Yunjue then put one more candy into the other’s mouth. When his finger touched the faint lips of Mu Chen, Gu Yunjue’s eyes deepened and then he smilingly licked candy pomace on his hand, complimenting: “The candy Master bought is really the sweetest.”

Mu Chen pulled out a handkerchief and cleaned his disciple’s hands with an expressionless face.

Licking hand at such an age! Isn’t it dirty?

After a little while, the auction started.

Then, a girl who seemed like 17 or 18, presided over the auction. She just entered the foundation establishment stage but even with a weak cultivation base, she still looked exceedingly beautiful. She wore a red gorgeous long dress that accentuated her hot and shapely body completely, and smiles had never been taken off her face. When she opened her mouth and spoke, a lure was brought out with her ringing voice that rippled across everyone’s heart, “Your respected immortals, today we have prepared thirty good items. As men of great wits and tastes, I believe, you won’t miss any chance to obtain what you want today. Then a notice shall be mentioned that the last item today is the demonic beast at its Golden Core stage -- Nine-tailed Fox.”

When she stopped, everyone started to whisper to each other. Although their discussion wouldn’t reach the room where Mu Chen was, he still could hear clearly what they were talking because of his strong spiritual sense. Most of them were discussing how shockingly the price to buy the Nine-tailed Fox would be hyped, but still many young people showed their interests in the attractive and seductive host. Tilting his head toward his disciple, Mu Chen found the latter looking out and immediately Mu Chen changed into an unpleasant look.

‘Such a big screen before you is not enough for you! You even cling to the door and peek into the outer hall. When did you become so shallow?’

Sensing the killing intent surrounding him, Gu Yunjue turned his head back in surprise and then noticed Mu Chen’s vexed look. A doubt occurred to him.

Who made Little Master angry again?

“Humph!” Mu Chen hummed and thought, ‘I should thank God to see Gu Yunjue finally become a good boy after a long-time discipline from me. But if he covets the beauty and becomes a lech, then I will hit him to death so that he won’t do harm to others.’

Gu Yunjue was greatly stunned by his Little Master’s attitude.

Master became furious because of me?

Gu Yunjue thought it again and again.

‘What on earth have I done that irritated Master?’

However, nothing was figured out. So Gu Yunjue felt a little bit curious and then look out again.

He had sensed a hint of demonic air just now.

Noticing that Gu Yunjue still looked out, Mu Chen lifted his leg and gave Gu Yunjue a kick on his bottom, scolding: “Such a lech!”

Looking at the footprint on his own bottom, Gu Yunjue didn’t know how to react, and at the same time, he also realized that Mu Chen got him wrong. But Mu Chen’s look showed like he was being jealous, Gu Yunjue was too overjoyed to explain himself, and he even deliberately gave a glance over the girl on the stage as if he didn’t understand what Mu Chen was thinking.

Mu Chen: “......”

The little one really needed a good lesson!

Every time an item was shown, Gu Yunjue would look out as if he didn’t notice the freezing stare of Mu Chen. Looking at Gu Yunjue, more and more anger accumulated in Mu Chen’s mind and when he finally failed to suppress it, Mu Chen banged the table with a cold face and shouted “One thousand!” soon after someone saying five hundred spiritual stones of second rank, actually he didn’t hear clearly what the item was. A gasp rose up among people and in a minute, everyone fell into silence, even a needle falling could be heard. Room No.1 bid on a double-cultivated furnace in such a domineering manner.

T/N: double-cultivated furnace here refers to someone with a special property that can improve the cultivation of anyone having sex with him/her.

Gu Yunjue’s face turned into black, “Master!”

‘I overdid it. Master is mad now.’

Mu Chen gave him a cold glance, thinking, ‘The airs of a strict Master must be put on!’ and he looked peremptory like ‘I must get it. You can try and stop me’ as he thought to himself that this little one shall be punished to kneel down and never expected to get up if he still refused to admit his mistakes.

After a while, that girl broke the silence with a lovable smile: “One thousand spiritual stones of second rank. Anyone else?”

The hall was in total silence.

Five hundred was the highest price for a male furnace. One thousand? No one would try unless the one being sold was his true love.

At the same time, Mu Chen realized that he might have messed something up and then with his face looking embarrassed, he picked up the teacup which already cooled, his hand trembling.

In a minute, a waiter sent a Contract to Mu Chen. The Contract was similar to master-servant contract. Once you signed it and paid spiritual stones, the man being sold then belonged to you.

Mu Chen put on a cold look and wanted to leave right now, but when he saw the comely teenager, a feeling of sympathy stoke him because the teenager seemed like at the same age as his disciple yet he was arrested here to be sold as goods. Then Mu Chen picked up the Contract with a gloomy face, signed it and threw a pocket of spiritual stones over to the waiter, saying in a chill voice: “No need to show the teenager to me. Send him away.”

“Send... send him away?” Never heard that someone would refuse the goods after paying for it.

Watching Mu Chen’s face, Gu Yunjue deliberately shouted: “It is way too brutal to take a man as a tool for cultivation. Master is kind enough to save his life. Then you just follow Master’s words and send him away.”

Hearing that, the waiter glanced at him in awe, and responded instantly: “As you say!”

Gu Yunjue said these words in a high voice so that others outside could hear it. It not only cleared his Master’s name, but also warned others not to seize the teenage up soon after they just let him go.

Looking at Mu Chen, Gu Yunjue’s heart was softened and then he poured a cup of tea for his Master, comforting him: “It’s said that senior brother sold some tea here. It must be the same as what we drink at home. Have a drink and suppress your ... anger.” ‘Shock’ was coming to the tip of his tongue and then he changed into another word because he knew the man before him would definitely be annoyed to give him a sound beating and might also feel embarrassed for several days if he spat that word out. It was too heavy a loss for him to take.

Mu Chen took the cup, sniffed it and shook his head, “It’s dirty.” Gu Yunjue didn’t understand, and then Mu Chen explained: “What your senior brother sells is inedible, only what he sends us as a gift is clean.”

Hearing that, Gu Yunjue thought of the scene again that the child cultivators of Qiyang Palace swept the fallen flowers with brooms in their hands and made wine at the back mountain. So, Gu Yunjue took away the cup in Mu Chen’s hand and made tea himself with a set of tea tools and tea leaves from his interspatial ring.

After drinking the tea, Mu Chen felt easy now and had no desire to bid, looking a little bit bored.

Knowing Mu Chen being shocked by the accident, Gu Yunjue bought those which Mu Chen had pointed at just now. Behind his expressionless face Mu Chen’s beautiful eyes flashed occasionally as if he was still in the shock. Gu Yunjue put his head in his hands quietly and couldn’t remove his eyes away from his Master. His Master looked quite lovely even though it was just a subtle emotion on his face.

‘I have been enchanted by Master, but he still hasn’t realized it. It’s so unfair! Umm…I must find a way to get some compensation.’

Finally, the last item -- Nine-tailed Fox. Only by then did a flicker of interest glimmer in Mu Chen’s eyes. He still looked cold and sat straightly like an ethereal immortal with his face cold as a frost. But Gu Yunjue didn’t miss the interest in his eyes. Curling his lips, Gu Yunjue thought to himself.

‘Little master is so cute. Why not hide him from others in the future?’

Having no idea about the dangerous thought of his disciple, Mu Chen just focused on the screen. After the introduction, a crashing sound of big chains approached and a cage covered by a black cloth was pushed onto the stage. Noticing everyone being aroused, two waiters took off the black cloth and exposed the demonic beast to everyone.

A one-meter-long white fox was powerlessly lying in the cage, three tails behind him, arms and legs chained by spirit-sealing lock, as well as a beast-taming loop. No matter how powerful it was before, it had to serve others once it was contracted with human cultivators, its life falling to the hands of its master. Weakly glimpsing at the people under the stage, the white fox looked desperate with a trace of bloodthirsty ferocity hidden in its eyes.

Sympathy overtook Mu Chen as he looked at the fox. In the previous life, Jing Ming went out to do all kinds of bad things and finally was arrested by someone in the same way, but fortunately, Gu Yunjue rescued him back. No matter what he did to others, Gu Yunjue really cared about everyone in Yanyang Palace. Thinking of that, Mu Chen extended his hand to pat off the footprint on Gu Yunjue’s bottom, constrainedly forgave him and thought to himself, ‘I must educate him in a good manner and help him get rid of the habit of being lecherous .’

At the very moment, Gu Yunjue grabbed Mu Chen’s wrist and held the fair-skinned hand in his palms, asking with a smile: “Master, why did you touch my bottom?”

Then, Mu Chen just raised his leg and gave him another kick!

So moody. Kick or hit, Mu Chen had already gotten used to treating Gu Yunjue in such a manner. Then, Gu Yunjue dodged nimbly behind Mu Chen and put his arms around Mu Chen’s shoulders, gazing at him with smiles. Mu Chen hummed, “Coquetry doesn’t work!”

Some smiles in his eyes, Gu Yunjue touched slightly the corner of Mu Chen’s forehead with his lips and held him more tightly, “Master, you have spoiled me. So, I can’t get rid of that bad habit even if I want to. So, Master, you’d better take the responsibility for me.”

Hearing that, Mu Chen raised his hand and flicked the forehead of Gu Yunjue, having no choice but to accept this little one who had been spoiled by him, “You actually learned how to act shamelessly. Did I teach you that?”

“I learned it by myself.”

“Of course, you teach yourself how to be shameless.” Now, there were many people bidding for the fox outside. The price soared from one thousand spiritual stones of top rank to five thousands, seeming to increase more. After scolding Gu Yunjue, Mu Chen said: “Ten thousand.”

His bid silenced all. Then there came a sudden voice of a girl, “Eleven thousand.”

Gu Yunjue located that speaker by use of his divine sense, his eyes squinted gradually and a faint smile crawling on his face. The demonic air he had sensed came from her.

Then again, Gu Yunjue sensed a strong killing intent!

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