The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side

Chapter 30: This Lecher Disciple Should Be Kept Close in Sight or He Would Just Fool Around with Female Cultivators! (1)

Feeling the murderous air behind his back, Gu Yunjue turned around and saw Mu Chen looking at him sullenly with extremely cold aura sent out from his body. Then Gu Yunjue realized that it wouldn’t be that easy to coax him this time. Now it was Gu Yunjue who didn’t know how to react, but he did know that he had to stop teasing his Master, or else the only one that was going to suffer would be himself.

“Twenty thousand!” Mu Chen said that coolly. He must have learned this habit of spending money wastefully after getting mad from his Master, Dan Yangzi.

“Twenty-one thousand!” The girl covered her mouth while chuckling. With a red gauze scarf covering her face, she gave out a very dulcet and seductive laughter. Then she said, “I know you can catch this demon fox without any effort. Why do you have to compete with a little girl like me?”

Competing with a little girl was surely a shameless thing for those so-called decent guy in the immortal world. As a person who already achieved a high position like Mu Chen, he could simply just ask for anything. There were tons of cultivators who would present him whatever he wanted in exchange for an elixir to remold themselves. However, Mu Chen, caring nothing about what others would look at him, opened his mouth with no mercy, “Forty thousand!”

The one who offered higher price could get the product, no matter if it was a man or a woman. There were so many people in the immortal world dying in the hands of the female cultivators because of their lust. So Mu Chen would never underestimate anyone, especially a woman. Sometimes when a woman wanted to achieve something, they possessed a more scheming and persevering character than a man. By looking at those female cultivators in the Hongxiu Palace who went out their ways to improve their looks, he knew how persistent they could be.

Forty thousand of high quality spiritual stones were enough to get a brave hunter to hunt any monster beast in the black market. Even twenty thousand of high quality spiritual stones were way too high for buying a nine-tailed fox. And now Mu Chen just called out a price of forty thousand spiritual stones, which rendered all the people there silent. Because they had not seen such a spendthrift for a long time!

With the expression on her face twisted, that girl took back her teasing tone and said seriously, “I need this demon fox to save somebody’s life. Immortal priest, could you please let me have it?”

Save somebody’s life? Mu Chen snorted. Only fool would believe her.

Right at this moment, Gu Yunjue responded her, “I also fancied this demon fox. This beast is perfect for our guardian of the mountain.”

Then the girl clenched her fists bitterly. With smile on her face and murderous look in her eyes, she said, “Forty-one thousand!”

“Sixty thousand!” Gu Yunjue said that calmly as if he was merely giving out a penny.

At last, they managed to purchase the nine-tailed fox which only had three tails now with sixty thousand spiritual stones of high quality. After signing the paper and paying for the fox, Mu Chen looked at the white fox which was sent to the room with his eyebrows knitted. He found that the host was so sneaky that they had used a false illustration of the fox! This fox’s fur was not as soft, smooth and touched like silk as the illustration had claimed.

However, he had already completed the purchase, so he could not just throw the fox away. But obviously Mu Chen had lost his interest. He turned around and wanted to leave at once.

Gu Yuejue saw through what Mu Chen had thought. Then he held back the smile at the corner of his mouth while coaxing his master, “Its fur will get better after we keep it for a while.”

Mu Chen looked at the white fox doubtfully, being not sure if this little creature could be domesticated. Seeing its half-dead condition, Mu Chen, with his eyebrows raised, crushed the steering loop on its neck and unlocked the chains on its legs. After that, he lifted it up and threw it toward Gu Yunjue.

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Right after they had gone out of the auction house, a comely young boy ran toward them. He went down on his knees suddenly in front of them before Mu Chen could even speak. This boy was about the same age as Gu Yunjue, who was around 15 or 16 years old. With his eyes filled with tears, he said pitifully, “Immortal priest, please take me in!”

Mu Chen recognized at the first glance that this boy was the ‘furnace’ he had bought unintentionally just now. It was so miserable for the boy to have such an unfair fate like this. However, Mu Chen didn’t have the intention to bring this boy back.

Powerful people didn’t need to be sympathized while the weak people didn’t deserve the sympathy. That was the fate of all the people who were willing to seek immortality by fighting against the human nature. Death was the only option for them if they could not win the fight.

Mu Chen had already done a huge favor to this boy by saving his life. He had no obligation to care for this boy’s life afterwards. There were too many people in this world who were treated unfairly in their lives. Mu Chen was not even able to save himself, not to mention other people.

Then Mu Chen threw a china bottle to the boy randomly while saying indifferently, “The elixir in it could suppress your status momentarily. What you will become in the future all depends on yourself.”

Gu Yunjue followed his Master smilingly while reached out his hands to hold the ones of Mu Chen’s. Then Mu Chen rolled his eyes toward Gu Yuejue helplessly, saying, “You are already old enough to stop acting like a spoiled child. Don’t you feel shy?”

“I’ll never feel shy to hold my Master’s hand.” Gu Yunjue said that.

Mu Chen could not help laughing. ‘What a naught boy!’ He thought.

The boy who was still kneeling on the ground grasped the bottle in his hand tightly. He stared at Mu Chen’s back blankly as if he was about to engrave that figure deeply in his soul. He was born to become other people’s toy. It never occurred to him that someday a person would treat him equally. And he might not be able to meet his extremely superior savior ever again. His gaze toward Gu Yuejue contained a trace of jealousy which wasn’t even detected by himself. He was reluctant to take his eyes back from them until Mu Chen’s figure completely disappeared.

At last, that white figure was totally out of his sight and the boy knew Mu Chen would never change his mind and came back to him. Having got up and eaten the elixir, he grabbed the dirt on the ground to cover his face. Then he fled out of town.

After they had left there, Mu Chen forgot about the boy and put his mind completely on the white fox in front of him, asking it, “Male or female? I guess you can talk as a three-level demon beast.”

That half-dead while fox glanced at Mu Chen, then it rolled its eyes. However, before it could implement the plan in its heart, it was pulled out from Gu Yuejue’s arms by Mu Chen. After that, Mu Chen straightly threw the fox to the cliff opposing him. The whole body of the demon fox was inserted into the caesious slate, so deep that it couldn’t even raise its head.

“Thinking about running away?” queried Mu Chen with a cold face.

It stared at Mu Chen furiously after pulling its head out of the slate. After all, it had only thought of escaping and never had the chance to accomplish its plan. ‘This person’s so unreasonable!’ The fox thought.

Mu Chen looked coldly at the fox in the air. The only rule in both the monster and demon worlds was that only the strong reigned. If he wanted this fox to obey him, the only thing he needed to do was to beat it until it dared not to resist. This demon fox seemed hard to be trained. So he decided to tame it before bringing it home.

He reached out his hands to strangle the demon fox while tending to grab its hind legs as he talked, “Male or Female?”

“Male!!” The demon fox roared that while striking a posture to tear Mu Chen apart. It didn’t know why Mu Chen had purchased it. ‘This man has no intention to sign a contract with me or kill me to acquire the demon elixir. Instead, he asks my gender. So what’s point in spending sixty thousands high quality spiritual stones? If it were not for a vile person who set me up, I would never lose most of my cultivation and end up like this.’ The fox thought.

Mu Chen was confused now. This demon fox gave him a strange feeling.

Gu Yuejue approached there with his eyes narrowed, saying, “Why don’t you give it a name, my Master? We can let Black Egg train it for a few days.”

“Name?” Mu Chen got a glimpse of Black Egg which was following them from a distance and came out a name right away, “White Egg.” If there were other members joining the team, he then could name them Red Egg, Yellow Egg, Green Egg, Purple Egg, Colorful Egg according to the color of their fur. How convenient was that!

The demon fox almost died of anger, shouting, “I have a name! My name is Yuwen Qing!”

“Your last name is Yuwen?” Mu Chen ran the last names of all the powerful forces in the demon world in his mind and concluded after confirming it was not the son of the Demon Sovereign, “Then White Egg it is!”

The white fox picked itself up and looked at Mu Chen ferociously with its bare teeth exposed. With a click of his tongue, Mu Chen raised his hands again and slapped. Thwack! As a result, there was a mark of the fox on the ground. The white fox climbed up again and Mu Chen just slapped again. Bang! Another mark of the fox appeared on the ground. Then the white fox got up once more. Before it exposed its teeth, Mu Chen raised his hand with coldness on his face. Bang! Bang! Bang! After dozens of rounds, the white fox was finally inserted deep into the slate tightly.

Black Egg was now combing its own feather with its mouth on the tree, looking at White Egg as if the fox was an idiot. ‘I used to have a more domineering name, OK? My full name is The Untouchable and my nick name is The Buster. Other people called me Destroyer. And now what? They still call me Black Egg. And I even become used to it. Why do you have to get beaten? You moron!” Black Egg thought.

Gu Yuejue picked up White Egg right away. Since White Egg’s fur was still undeveloped, he threw it to the back hill of the Yanyang Palace in case his little Master would fondle it admiringly after it became downy. Black Egg chased after the white fox instantly and followed it from a distance, estimating the rate of defeating the white fox. Then Black Egg decided to beat the white fox fiercely if it could occupy the dominant position. However, if the white fox was stronger, this Black Egg would have to think of another way to suppress the fox. How shameless was Black Egg!

Jingting had been closing himself up for training and couldn’t afford a minute to discipline his young brother, Jingming, who, therefore, lived a comfortable life during this period. When he heard that there was a new member called White Egg joining them, he ran straight to the back hill to pay a visit to the white fox.

Jingming was being kind to present lots of dried meat to White Egg as a meeting gift. He also crowed about the goodness of Mu Chen, promising the white fox that as long as it followed the lead of his Palace Master, it would live a prospering and fine life for good.

White Egg looked at Jingming surprisingly because it could sense that Jingming had not signed a contract yet. Then White Egg turned angry instantly, “Why haven’t you fled from this place yet since you have never signed a contract?! You just have to follow a two-leg creature, right? You are the shame of the Demon world! The loser of the beast!”

Jingming also got mad. “I was just being kind to send you some food. How dare you curse me! I’ll beat you to death!”

Black Egg, who was about to beat the new member to show its domination here, saw a white wolf pressing a thin white fox underneath biting and ripping, which made a dramatic scene. Nevertheless, Jingming still hadn’t fully vent his spleen. He then changed into human form and pointed at the white fox, “Just wait there, you bastard. I’ll let my brother beat the shit out of you when he comes out!”

The white fox almost fainted because of anger. ‘Isn’t it normal that only the one who lost will make the trash talk? You have already won and still want your brother to beat me? This place is full of unreasonable persons indeed!’ With that in mind, it made up its mind to revenge for itself when its power got recovered.

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