The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 1190 - Untitled

Chapter 1190: Untitled

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Suddenly, Mu Huan leaned toward Bo Junyan and said coquettishly, “How about we catch up on the progress tonight?”

Bo Junyan’s eyes lit up. “We must definitely catch up.”

Mu Huan smiled and reached out to hug him. When she loved someone, she could not help but want to hug and kiss him and give birth to a child for him.

Although given her life plan, having a child should still be a distant matter, her husband had reached the age where he should have a child. From what her mother-in-law had said just now, she’d been urging him to have a child almost on the daily. Anyway, she was going to have a child sooner or later, so why make the elderly rush him every day and have them be so anxious?

When they returned to their place and was about to get off the car…

Bo Junyan said, “Let’s get someone to investigate Sen Tai’s newlywed wife.”

“Why? Do you still find his wife strange?” Mu Huan asked.


“I also feel that there’s something wrong with her gaze, but I can’t tell what’s wrong with her. Do you think it’s possible that she looks awkward and strange because her eyes have been fixed?” Mu Huan said.

“Let’s have someone investigate first.” Bo Junyan could not say anything because he could not tell what was strange about that woman. He just felt that she was a little strange.


That night, the moon was dark and the wind was strong.

“These drugs are colorless and odorless. Put them into the water that Bo Junyan and Mu Huan will be drinking tomorrow. Then, keep your eyes on Mu Huan. After she falls, take her away. She’ll be yours from then on.”

The woman dressed like a gypsy passed a bottle of transparent liquid to Gu Chenyi.

Gu Chenyi received the liquid from her. His hands were trembling for some reason, and he almost lost his grip.

“What? Are you afraid to do it?” The woman looked at his trembling hand and smiled sarcastically.

“It’s not that I don’t dare to do it. It’s just that I don’t know if you’re a trustworthy person. After all, that’s my uncle. What if the drug you gave me killed him?” Gu Chenyi wouldn’t admit that he was indeed a little afraid and didn’t dare to do it.

However, he was really afraid that this drug was actually bad. After all, that was his uncle, and he would also be making Xiao Huan drink this drug.

They were people he didn’t want to hurt, especially his uncle.

He only wanted to get Xiao Huan back and did not want to hurt his uncle. Hence, he had to ensure that there was no problem with this drug. That it was really as she had said.

“Haven’t you already investigated whether I’m a trustworthy person?

“Also, if you didn’t believe me, why would you come?” the woman asked with raised eyebrows.

“I’m here to take a look. This doesn’t mean that I completely believe your words,” Gu Chenyi said.

“Since you’re so afraid that there’s a problem with the drug, why don’t you try it yourself? I’ll pour you some water now. You can drink it and see what happens,” the woman said with a smile.

“I’m not going to try the drug. I’ll find someone to try it on.” Gu Chenyi did not care if this drug would only make one faint or collapse. He would not try it no matter what. He did not want to lose his consciousness here.

“Since you distrust me so much, why don’t you return the drug to me? Then, you can turn around and leave. It won’t be troublesome for either of us.” The woman made an inviting gesture.

“You sound like you’re playing hard to get. It makes me feel that there’s something wrong with your drug. Also, why would you help me snatch Xiao Huan back?” This was also the question he had been wanting to ask.

Why would she help him like this?

One who is unaccountably solicitous is hiding evil intentions.

“For money,” the woman replied frankly.

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