The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 1191 - Even If You Can’t Bear to Do It, You Have to Do It (1)

Chapter 1191: Even If You Can’t Bear to Do It, You Have to Do It (1)

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“For money?” Gu Chenyi narrowed his eyes.

“I won’t hide it from you anymore. Actually, someone has taken a fancy to Bo Junyan and wants to get him. They gave me huge benefits, which is why I spent so much effort to design all of this. And you just happened to want Mu Huan. Hence, strictly speaking, I’m not helping you. I’m just giving you a favor,” the woman said.

“Who likes my uncle?” Gu Chenyi asked instinctively.

“You don’t have to know who it is. You just have to decide if you want this opportunity. If you want it, then take the drug and leave. If you don’t, then put down the drug and walk away. Anyway, I don’t need you. My plan can still succeed without you,” the woman said.

“If you don’t tell me who it is, I’ll go to my uncle and tell on you,” Gu Chenyi said.

The woman looked at him. Not only was she not afraid, but she even smiled sarcastically. “You’re clearly someone who wants something so badly, yet you’re so timid. You have so many worries. It’s no wonder Mu Huan chose Bo Junyan and doesn’t even want to look at you.

“If it were me, I wouldn’t fancy a man like you either! If you’re willing to tell Bo Junyan, then go. Anyway, the one who loses the most is you, not me.”

“If my uncle found out that you were scheming against him, he would definitely not let you off! The one who would suffer the greatest loss would be you!”

“Are you naive or stupid? Or did you not hear my plan clearly just now? I can make such a plan and mobilize so many people. Do you still think that my identity is only that of a tarot card reader? Also, don’t forget that this is Country F, not your country. Even if Bo Junyan can cover the sky in your country, he can’t touch me in Country F!” The woman’s face was said she had no fear.

“If you can’t make up your mind, then leave. Don’t waste my time!” As the woman spoke, she stood up, looking impatient.

Gu Chenyi looked at the woman before him for a while before saying, “You overplayed it.”

The woman was stunned.

Gu Chenyi continued, “You might really have a high status and can mobilize a lot of people, but the most important part of the entire plan is to drug them. Because of my uncle and Mu Huan’s cautiousness, the two of them won’t easily be drugged by outsiders. And I’m their relative, so they won’t suspect me. Only if I did this can the success rate be guaranteed.

“So, you’re not doing me a favor. You’re using me!

“From the start, you were just trying to get close to me on purpose, weren’t you? Back then, you didn’t coincidentally get saved by me because you were in trouble. That was just a plot you’d designed!” Gu Chenyi met this woman in front of him in Country Y. At that time, she was being chased by a group of people. He saved her. To express his gratitude, she treated him to a meal and the two of them exchanged contact details.

Because the topics she talked about were always interesting, he slowly became familiar with her. There was one time when she asked him why he didn’t have a girlfriend. He was depressed at that time. Under her coaxing, he told her about the person he liked becoming his aunt.

She was good at counseling and had all sorts of ideas. Although those were useless against Xiao Huan, he felt that her plans were very good. Hence, he told her more and more about his relationship with Xiao Huan.

A few days ago, she’d told him that she had thought of a plan to let him have Xiao Huan. She wanted him to come to Country F with her and his uncle.

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