The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 1193 - Even If You Can’t Bear to Do It, You Have to Do It (3)

Chapter 1193: Even If You Can’t Bear to Do It, You Have to Do It (3)

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Right now, it looked like he didn’t want to give up on this plan. They probably wanted this plan to succeed even more.

And he was the most important part of the entire plan. Even if he couldn’t take the lead, he had to know the entire plan. He had to have a certain amount of control to increase the chances of this matter succeeding.

Before the woman could say anything…

Gu Chenyi continued, “I want to know who the mastermind is and what their identity is. I want to talk to them personally. I also want to confirm the safety of the drug. Also, if I used the drug and the plan succeeded, I want to know that I can leave with Xiao Huan with 100% certainty!

“If you give me these, I’ll agree to do it. If not, I’ll leave! This is my bottom line. There’s no room for retreat!”

Without the greatest safety and certainty, Gu Chenyi would not do such a thing no matter how tempted he was.

After all, this concerned his uncle and Mu Huan’s safety.

If he did this, not only would he not get Xiao Huan, but he would also cause trouble for the two of them. If that happened, he wouldn’t have to live.

Through this period of interaction, the woman knew that Gu Chenyi was telling the truth. If she could not satisfy his request, he would give up this opportunity no matter how reluctant he was.

She really did not expect that not only was Gu Chenyi not stupid, but he was also smart enough to probe the truth.

She was at a disadvantage.

Just like what he had said, if he did not participate, then they could not complete this plan successfully. Initially, they’d thought that with Gu Chenyi’s persistence and obsession with Mu Huan, even if he had doubts, he would do as they said.

In the end…

They could not easily give up on this plan.

She was silent for a while before saying, “I’ll go ask for instructions.”

“I’ll wait for you.” Gu Chenyi showed his sincerity. He really wanted the plan to succeed. As long as they were sincere enough, he would definitely cooperate.

The woman went outside to ask for instructions.

“Madam, Gu Chenyi has guessed that I’m using him and that there’s someone behind me. He wants to see the person behind me and ensure the safety of this matter.”

“How did you let him guess?” Ling Wei said unhappily.

“I’m sorry, Madam. I was incompetent,” the woman apologized immediately.

Thinking that she still had many uses, Ling Wei’s voice softened. “Forget it. He’s not a stupid person. Even if he could guess it, it might not be because your performance was bad.”

She was too careless. She only thought that since Gu Chenyi could not let go of Mu Huan, he would definitely not be willing to give up this opportunity. She forgot that Gu Chenyi was no longer the gullible youth from before. He could do many things without batting an eyelid.

“Then, Madam, what do we do now?”

“Tell him that the plan has been suspended and that something has changed. If we can carry out the plan the day after tomorrow, I’ll meet him tomorrow night to talk.” If he wanted to meet the mastermind, she could just find someone else to meet him.

“Something has changed? What’s wrong?” the woman asked instinctively. She had worked so hard to incite those people, and now they couldn’t proceed?

“The leader’s daughter intercepted. She asked the leader to invite Bo Junyan and the others to participate in tomorrow’s hunt.”

At the mention of this, Ling Wei’s eyes darkened. What she wanted was Bo Junyan and Mu Huan’s lives. Initially, she’d wanted to make use of Gu Chenyi to drug the two of them tomorrow. Then, she would take them to the people who were protesting against Mu Huan and against the factory’s restoration of production. She wanted to incite those people to charge towards Bo Junyan and Mu Huan and kill them, who would be powerless to resist, during the chaos.

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