The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 1192 - Even If You Can’t Bear to Do It, You Have to Do It (2)

Chapter 1192: Even If You Can’t Bear to Do It, You Have to Do It (2)

Actually, when she suggested for him to come to Country F, she had already told him about the chance she could give him to have Mu Huan. And when he asked her what kind of chance it was, she said that he would know when he came. He suspected that at the start, when she was saved by him, she wasn’t really in trouble. Instead, she had deliberately planned it. She wasn’t helping him now. She wanted to use him. However, because he wanted Mu Huan too much, even though he knew that he could get used by someone as a pawn, he still followed her.

After coming here and hearing her plan, asking her such a question, and seeing her current performance, he was even more sure that she had spent so much effort to get close to him just to use him.

The woman looked at him and suddenly laughed. “I’ve always thought you were a very stupid person. It looks like I’ve underestimated you. You actually found out the truth.”

Gu Chenyi’s expression darkened instantly.

No one liked to be looked at as a fool and played as one.

“Since you’ve seen through it, then this is how it is. If you’re willing to cooperate, then so be it. If you’re not, then forget it.” The woman’s expression was indifferent as she said, “However, I want to remind you that you should know that this is your only chance. Other than this chance, you won’t have another one to get Mu Huan!”

She knew how much he wanted Mu Huan. This desire made him jump into this trap even if he knew that she had been using him all along.

“You’ve been lying to me all this time. How would I know if this opportunity is just a big lie? If I did this, not only would I not be able to get Xiao Huan, but I would also cause her and my uncle’s death.” Gu Chenyi was sure that this woman was lying to him. He could not trust her even more. He felt that such an opportunity might be a scam. In the end, not only would he not be able to get Xiao Huan, but he would also commit a huge mistake. However…

Even with such concerns and such fear, he still could not control the desire in his heart. This was because he knew that, just as she had said, apart from this opportunity, he really had no chance of getting Mu Huan.

He had waited for so many years for this opportunity that only seemed attainable.

Even though this was very risky, he couldn’t let go of this opportunity.

Hence, he kept being suspicious as he asked more about it, wanting to confirm the success rate of this opportunity step by step.

“I’ll say it again. Since you distrust me so much, then let’s not work together,” the woman said.

“Don’t keep using these words to gamble with me just because you know how much I desire and want it. If I really left, would you still be able to proceed?” Gu Chenyi said coldly.

He quickly added, “The mastermind behind this matter should not be you.”

The woman was stunned again.

Did she underestimate Gu Chenyi? He could actually guess this.

Women indeed looked down on Gu Chenyi. In high school, he was sunny, kind, and gullible. But these past years, he was no longer the same person as before. His thoughts had also become much deeper. He had participated in many dealings, but he was not discovered by Bo Junyan and Mu Huan.

“I really want Xiao Huan and I really don’t want to give up this opportunity, but I also think all of you really want this plan to succeed. And in this plan, the most important part is using the drug on them. Hence, in this plan, I should be the one in charge, not someone who can only do whatever you say,” Gu Chenyi said forcefully.

If he could figure out the truth, then everything else would depend on who wanted this more, and he couldn’t give up.

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