The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: This Is No Simple Lady!

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She indeed did not beat up anyone. All she did was deftly grab someone from the opponent’s side to withstand the attacks from their accomplices. This meant that their injuries were indeed inflicted by themselves!

Still, this lady was no simple person for having such nimbleness and dexterity!

Honestly speaking, Mu Huan would still be fine even if she had beaten up these guys since she would merely be acting out of self-defense. However, it would take her a longer procedural time and her parents would be informed. Hence, after seeing that there were surveillance cameras in the area, she decided to act otherwise, which would be less troublesome.

In the end…

She and her bestie got out just fine. The seriously injured gang, on the other hand, was detained as they were found to have a record upon getting their backgrounds checked.

The scumbag ex-boyfriend was fine since he did not join in the fight. His wife, however, cried her lungs out during questioning and said that she merely acted out of anger as she wanted to get her house back, and so, in the heat of the moment, she’d brought the gang with her.

As the house was registered in her husband’s name, it was considered a matrimonial asset between them. Since it was the case of the legal wife seeking trouble with the mistress, she was let off with a mere warning.

After leaving the station, the woman pointed at Zhao Xuan and growled, “Don’t you feel too smug of yourselves, this b*tch, especially! I shall go sue you tomorrow and let the law forcibly kick you out of my house!”

The latter’s face was immediately drained of all color.

Despite being a victim, she was not legally entitled to live in that house. Having been stupid and hopelessly in love, she’d given her money to the love of her life for him to buy them a matrimonial home. However, it ended up with him claiming that it was given to him for spending purposes, not for buying the house. The money used for buying the house was from his own pockets, so it was a matrimonial asset belonging to him and his wife. All in all, as far as the law was concerned, the man’s wife could very well win the lawsuit should she sue her.

Knowing this, Zhao Xuan, therefore, did not go to a lawyer or the police, but rather, sought the help of Mu Huan’s Know-All Agency to recover her lost money. Given the current situation, however, she felt that it was a lost cause.

After the couple left, she squatted down and broke down completely.

She had sold her old house, terminated her parents’ insurance, and emptied all the money she had to buy that house. How was she going to face her parents and how were they going to live on when things had ended up this way?

The more she thought about it, the more humiliated and devastated she felt. She then stood up and charged toward the main road.

It was fortunate that Mu Huan had quick reflexes, so she managed to pull her back to safety in time!

The woman struggled in her arms, wailing, “Don’t stop me! Just let me die!”

She truly had no face to meet people, go home, or even live on!

“If you die, you’ll only be letting that scumbag off easy! Since you’ve tasked us with this matter, then rest assured that we’ll get you back your money!” Mu Huan kept a firm hold over her.

“Sis Xuan, he’ll surely be overjoyed if you died! Are you willing to let him happily live on with your money?” Li Meng asked.

“But what else can I do? What else can you do?! Both of you have already been brought back to the police station, what else can you do in the future?” cried Zhao Xuan.

“Well, we have our own ways. You don’t have to worry about this! You just need to trust that we’ll get back your money, teach that scumbag a lesson, and make life difficult for him!” replied Mu Huan.

Somehow, even though the latter was much younger than she was, Zhao Xuan felt an involuntary urge to trust her.

Still, as they were leaving, she could not help asking out of her curiosity, “How are you going to get back the money?”

She truly could not think of any possible way to do so.

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