The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: I Did Not Beat Anyone Up

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Feeling indignant at having been cheated by him, she wanted to recover her lost money.

Earlier on, Mu Huan received a distress call from Zhao Xuan saying that her ex-boyfriend brought a gang over to pick trouble with her, so she sped all the way there on her motorbike.

Upon arrival, they found the man’s wife beating their client and tugging her hair. “You slut! How shameless of you, a mistress, to occupy my house! I shall kill you!”

Because of the word “mistress,” the onlookers not only did not step in to help her, but they even pointed the finger of blame at her and said that she deserved it.

The humiliation, embarrassment, and agony she felt made her harbor the thought to end her life!

After spending all her savings and giving the man all of her, she ended up in this state instead…

Upon seeing this chaotic situation, Mu Huan and Li Meng immediately rushed forward and pulled the other woman away from her.

They initially pitied the former seeing that she was a victim as well, but later, they found out that the couple was actually habitual offenders. The husband would use his handsome looks and good job to cheat women of their love and money while the wife would then pop out later to scold the women for being a mistress, making those women lose both their body and their wealth.

“Bro, they’re vixens as well. Beat them up!” shouted the wife to the gang of people she came with.

The gang rushed up to them all at once.

And so, both parties got into a fight before they could even get a chance to speak up.

Everyone eventually ended up being brought to the police station for questioning due to an anonymous police report.

“We were beaten up by her!” yelled an injured man who pointed an accusing finger at Mu Huan.

They had been brought to the police station many times before, but this was the first time they were actually here as victims!

The fight had already ended by the time the police arrived to the scene. So, when they accused her of beating them up, no one believed a word of what they said. More accurately said, no one was able to believe that this tender- and adorable-looking young lady was capable of beating them up to such a degree. Furthermore, it was a group of people!

However, the police still had to go through the procedures. Looking at her, the officer asked, “Miss, were they beaten up by you?”

His voice involuntarily took on a gentle tone. As the lady in front of him was simply too delicate and cute, he could not help feeling that she would get startled should he raise his voice a notch louder.

“No,” she solemnly answered.

“D*mn you! You still have the cheek to say no in front of so many people?!” An agitated young lad shot to his feet and cussed at her, only to get smacked into seating back down by the officer watching over him.


No longer daring to rebuke the woman, the lad grumbled, “If these injuries weren’t inflicted by you, tell us, how did they come about? Don’t tell me we beat ourselves up?”

The officers were, in fact, dying to know the answer, too. Even though the lady did not seem like a fighter, there was still the question of where their injuries came from.

“Well, you beat yourselves up!” she replied cutely.

The officers: “…”

The real victims: “…!!!”

What the f*ck! How can she say that without batting an eyelid?! With that adorable face, too?!

Mu Huan continued, “Sir, there are surveillance cameras at the scene. The footage can prove my innocence!”

Just then, the person in charge of retrieving the security footage returned.

The way everyone looked at her changed after watching it! Their gazes were inscrutable!

Looking as harmless as before, she asked, “I didn’t beat anyone up, right? Sir?”

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