The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Too Rich to Be Humane!

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“President, Madam.” PA Wang returned after taking the car.

Mu Huan took this chance to tell him, “Hubby, I can shop on my own, there’s nothing I want to buy, really. You need not accompany me. Go and get busy with your work!”

He did not reply to her and merely turned to his PA to pass some instructions.

PA Wang was surprised; his workaholic CEO was going to skip work to accompany his wife for shopping. Still, he did not express his thoughts on his face. After receiving the instructions, he gave a bow to Mu Huan and left.

The woman watched, dumbly, as the only person who could take her husband away disappeared from her sight!

A thousand thoughts assaulted her mind all at once!

“Let’s go,” said the man, who dipped his head to look at her.

Despite the frantic thoughts racing through her mind, she looked up with a pretentious smile that showed she was pleasantly surprised.

He watched her overtly fake smile with amusement.

Still, he did not say anything and only reached out to caress her head.

Somehow, his action made her feel like a pet.

Bao Junyan was tall, with long legs. One step of his could easily match two of hers. Furthermore, the ill-at-ease woman was also deliberately distancing herself from him. Soon, there was a considerable distance between them.

The man was used to a hectic schedule that waited for no one. However, upon realizing that his wife was falling behind, he stopped and waited for her.

She almost howled in desperation when she saw him stopping for her. Seeing each other at night is good enough, isn’t it? Why do we need to meet during the day? And worse, we’re shopping together!

Despite her unwillingness, she knew that she had to please him in order to keep her precious status as his wife. Hence, she dared not tarry and quickly caught up with him.

“Sorry, Hubby.” She bowed her head in apology.

Inside her heart, she was plotting an excuse to finish off this arduous task.

Suddenly, she felt her chin being lifted up, and she was forced to look into his dark and pensive eyes. Startled, she instinctively wanted to retreat but was caught by another big palm hugging her from the back of her waist. She was thrown into his strong and sturdy arms in one sweep.

Her heart started to beat furiously in an instant!

“You don’t have to be nervous or be afraid of me. I’m your husband, the man whom you are spending the rest of your life with.”

His deep and melodious voice reverberated above her head. The gentleness in his tone was like a summer breeze that engulfed her and unconsciously made her let down her guard.

“I… I’m not nervous. I’m just… not used to it…”

“Eh, I’ll spend more time with you in the future.”

Mu Huan: “…!”

No, no, no! There’s really no need for him to spend more time with her! Her poor heart won’t be able to take the pressure if he continued to be around her!

She thought that she would remain nervous throughout her time with him. But once she entered the mall, her natural instinct for lovely clothes overtook her anxiety.

As she looked at the pretty dresses, she could not help stopping to wonder and praise, “Wow, how beautiful…”

He followed her gaze and, seeing that the dresses seemed to suit her, decided to pull her into the shop.

“What are you doing?” Seeing that he was about to step into the store, she hurriedly stopped him.

“Let’s go in and buy the clothes.”

“Don’t do that! This store is super expensive! Besides, I can’t wear these. Let’s forget it!” The dresses were made of superior materials and cost upwards of ten thousand yuan. These were not made for her.

“Super expensive? These dresses are only for looking at?”

“Eh eh.” She nodded earnestly.

“Have you forgotten your husband’s status?” He had nothing except for money. Hence, for things that his wife liked, could she only look without buying?

His words took her by surprise.

“Next time, you don’t have to worry when you see anything you like. If you like, you can buy a commercial property every day.”

Mu Huan: “…!”

Is this what others mean by too rich to be humane?

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