The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Why Don’t You Allow Me to Buy Something for You?

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While she was still caught in a daze, he pulled her into the store. “Go and try them.”

“No need! There’s really no need to!” She quickly shook her head. “I shouldn’t ask for something I don’t deserve!”

He can go about his extravagant ways, but I won’t accept anything this expensive without working for it.

“You’re my wife and I’m your husband. Do I need a reason to buy clothes for you? Huh?”

The last word sounded dangerous, coming from him.

Scared, she immediately shook her head again. “No need, there’s no need for a reason!”


The dress suited her very well. She looked so much more attractive after changing into the new attire, compared to the original dress that she was wearing!

Nodding his head in satisfaction, he told her, “Try these other dresses, too.”

While she was trying out the clothes, he picked a few more.

“There’s no need to, this dress is good enough!” she protested instinctively.

“Go and try them,” he barked. It was a direct order.

Since they were here shopping, he might as well fill up the closet space he left for her.

As an obedient wife, she could do nothing except to follow his direct order.

All the dresses that he selected suited her perfectly. She liked them all after trying them, and she did not know which one to pick for the final buy.

Just as she was troubling over this…

He waved his arm and indicated that he would get them all.

Mu Huan: “…!”

Six of these dresses would cost more than 60,000 yuan!

What a brat!

She tugged at his elbow and whispered softly, “Hubby, don’t you find these dresses to be similar? There’s no need to have similar clothes. Let’s just choose one among these…”

“Yes, these do look rather similar.”

“Eh eh,” she said, nodding in quick succession. Just when she thought that he was agreeing with her view to select only one of these…

He had his card swiped in one stroke.

Mu Huan: “…!”

“Haven’t we agreed that we would just choose one because these are similar?” she muttered feebly.

“These all look nice on you.” Although the styles of these dresses were similar, there were still differences in colors; hence, his wife presented a different kind of beauty while dressed in each. He was very satisfied with all of these dresses.

Mu Huan: “…”

She was rendered speechless.

Subsequently, she dared not cast a glance at other clothes, too worried that her tuhao1 husband would splurge needlessly with every outfit that she looked adoringly at.

She planned to leave him one day and should not splurge using his money.

“Isn’t there anything else you’d like?” After going through one floor of stores without buying anything, he felt like he was wasting his time, somewhat.

“Eh,” she said with a nod.

He frowned.

“Hubby, I’m hungry. Let’s go and eat something!” Clinging to his elbow, she signaled that she wanted to leave the mall.

Glancing at his watch, he said, “It’s only three.”

“I haven’t had my lunch yet. I’m famished now.”

Tilting his head to gaze up at the upper storey, he said, “Let’s have something upstairs. We can continue our shopping after that.”

Mu Huan: “I don’t like the food offered upstairs. I want to have a meal at Jin Din Xuan.”

To prevent him from shopping further, she opted for a restaurant that was a few kilometers away from any shopping malls.

“Why don’t you allow me to buy something for you?” he asked her out of the blue.

Startled, she looked down only to feel his broad palm stopping her. His slender and long fingers pinched her chin and forced her to look him in the eyes.

“I…” She did not know what to say.

This man was simply too smart for her to handle. She did not get exposed in the past because they spent too little time together and it was only at night that they saw each other.

Now, she could easily be exposed by spending time together like this.

He patiently waited for her to speak.

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