The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: It Became the Past

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Lin Qingya belonged to the feeble and sweet type of girls that men could not help wanting to protect and shelter. The sight of her falling and crying only made her look more pitiful.

Gu Chenyi quickly went to hold her up, then turned to reprimand Mu Huan, “This is too much!”

A look of pain fleeted momentarily across Mu Huan’s eyes. It disappeared in a flash, though, as she cocked a brow and her temper flared arrogantly. “This is me. Haven’t you known that since before?”

The chap felt worse when he saw her audacious behavior. He asked with much heartache, “Mu Huan, how can you be such a girl!”

She was the first girl he dated seriously, and he’d thought that she was sensible and non-materialistic. She was one he had spent much effort to pursue because he liked her so much!

In the end, these were only vile attempts on her part to rouse his attention!

He found her to be a girl who was very materialistic. For the sake of money, she was willing to be a bar hostess just so she could buy branded bags. Down the road, she was even willing to marry an aged man who was close to 30 for money’s sake!

Looking at the bags spread around on the floor, it looked like she did not feel ashamed of marrying an old man at all. In fact, she was enjoying the process thoroughly!

Although he had been telling himself that a girl like her did not deserve his love or heartache, still, he could not help feeling down when he saw her in this manner.

How can you be such a girl? Mu Huan smiled. She recalled him asking her the same question before.

That was when she was cornered in a dire situation, where she had to put down her pride and dignity to ask him to lend some money to her so she could bring her granny away from Yun Cheng, and far away from the Mus’ control.

At that time, all he saw were a few branded bags and a couple of photos showing her working part-time at a bar. These were detrimental “evidence” planted in her room by someone. He believed the words of Lin Qingya and her grandma, then concluded that she was greedy and conniving. To him, she was a girl who would sell her body for money. He thought the reason she was with him was that he was rich.

He did not believe her no matter how she tried to prove her innocence.

After forming his own theory about her, he then asked her why she could be such a woman…

He also told her that she would never be able to get a single cent from him. By telling her to never appear before him again, he effectively cut off her last strand of hope.

“What kind of a girl I am has nothing to do with you. The two of you, please get lost from my sight right now or I’ll turn nasty!” She had never been known to say much to people whom she did not like.

“Mu Huan!” Gu Chenyi chided in disappointment.

“Do you really want me to turn nasty?” she quipped impatiently.

He was so angry that he let go of Lin Qingya’s arms. He was about to walk up to Mu Huan to reason with her when Lin Qingya refused to let him go.

“Chenyi, don’t be angry. Xiao Huan is behaving in this way because she has lost her mother.”

When he saw how her former good friend tried to shield her despite being badly treated, he was even more disappointed with her. “Since you willingly degrade yourself in this way, then so be it!”

With that, he left in a huff.

Lin Qingya cast a glance at Mu Huan before running after the boy.

As she watched them disappear from her sight, her lips curled into a sneer, her eyes rimmed red.

From her first taste of fluttering love to fantasizing about a better future, and then coming to the present before it became the past.

Her first love ended, even before she had a chance to hold his hand.

Lin Qingya had to give chase all the way before she could catch up with Gu Chenyi at last.

“Chenyi…” Panting breathlessly, she was about to say something when he interrupted her.

“I’m not able to accompany you to buy the stuff you need for the reopening of the school term. I’m sorry, please shop on your own!” He was still flustered after bumping into Mu Huan and was in no mood for further activities.

As she bit her lower lip, a trace of bitterness flashed across the girl’s eyes. She did not expect her former good friend to have such an impact on him still!

If she had known earlier, she would not have told him that she saw Mu Huan. Originally, she had wanted to reaffirm the boy’s impression of his ex-girlfriend as being materialistic and greedy.

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