The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Jealousy Makes One Ugly

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“Are you still angry with Xiao Huan?” she asked gently.

He felt worse the moment she mentioned her name. “How can she be such a girl…”

This was something he repeatedly said to his ex-girlfriend. He simply could not accept the fact that the girl he liked so much could turn out to be such a person.

“You can’t blame her…” Lin Qingya did not want to put in a good word for her former good friend, but she needed to keep up the pretense of being concerned for her, and this was a line she commonly used for that purpose.

“Who can I blame if I can’t blame her? There are many who have lost their biological mothers and have stepmothers. These girls didn’t turn materialistic, so why did she? She could have told me directly what she wanted! I could have given her whatever she wanted! Why did she lie to me? Why?!” The boy came from a wealthy family, and many people tried to befriend him with ulterior motives. Thus, he could not stand the thought of anyone drawing close to him for his money.

“If she had told you directly what she wanted, would you still have liked her? She had no choice but to do that, Chenyi…”

Before she could complete her sentence, he interrupted her.

“That’s enough, stop speaking up for her. I don’t wish to hear anything about her again! I have to go now!” With that, he strode away without a second look.

This time around, she did not give chase. She knew that he would start to dislike her if she were to bother him in his fury.

Although she was frustrated that he left because of Mu Huan, she gained much comfort from knowing how much he detested her from his earlier behavior.

Just when she was about to leave, she saw Mu Huan’s assistant carrying all her shopping bags to the car. There were so many bags that one entire vehicle was required to carry them.

Mu Huan then got into another car.

Her cars are expensive!

She went green with jealousy!

The heavens are unfair!

Life is exceptionally good to Mu Huan!

When the two of them were living in the Mu household, Mu Huan was the young mistress of the Mu family whereas she was merely the daughter of a lowly kitchen helper. Finally, she got a chance to gloat when the young mistress lost her mother and was subsequently bullied by her stepmother. But not long after, her granny came and took her away, and the young mistress was under someone else’s protection again.

As for her, she got a stepfather and was mistreated by him.

She studied very hard in order to go to a good high school and college. On the other hand, despite not studying and spending all her time working, her young mistress was still able to score better results than her. She liked Gu Chenyi so much but her affection was not reciprocated. Instead, he put himself down to please Mu Huan, who was initially not interested at all.

She had reckoned that by marrying a man who was almost 30 years old, her mistress now should be suffering and hanging her head in shame. It turned out that that man was neither old nor ugly, as she was told by Mu Kexin. And now, he even indulged her in a wild shopping spree!

It’s unfair! Life is just too unfair!

Mu Huan was looking out of the car window as the vehicle passed by Lin Qingya.

Seeing her former friend made her heart feel unbearably painful.

They grew up together in the same household. She was very pampered when she was young, and she would ensure that Lin Qingya got to share what she had as well. Afterward, her mother passed away and in came a stepmother who mistreated her. Every time her stepmother refused to let her eat, Lin Qingya would secretly pass her some food from the kitchen at the risk of being caught. She had thought that they were the best of friends.

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