The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Slightly Adorable

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It was past 10 PM by the time Bao Junyan arrived home after work. The one welcoming him home, however, was not his sweet and adorable little wife but the old butler.

His gaze turned slightly heavy. “Is my wife not home yet?”

“Young Mistress called back and said that she’ll be back home late as she’s having dinner with her friend,” replied Butler Lee respectfully.

The man responded with an indifferent “Mhm.”

Unsure if it was his misconception, the former somehow felt that his young master seemed a little disappointed when he did not see his wife.

When Bao Junyan was about to head upstairs, he found his sister-in-law, who saw his car had returned, rushing down the stairs.

“You’re back, Brother-in-law.” The flirtatious woman, in a super short dress, first sweetly greeted the man before pretending to fall from the stairs and right into his arms out of her hurry and carelessness. Reckoning that she had such a superb figure, she was certain that once the man hugged her, he would have ants in his pants!

Physical contact was the best way to seduce a person!

Just when she was indulging in her beautiful fantasy that she would be able to fall into the firm chest of this hunk, the man dodged her with a side-step.

Her eyes widened; she was aghast. Before she could react, she fell headlong to the floor, looking like a mess.

The butler, who was standing aside, struggled to hold back his laughter.

Why is this image so delightful?

Despite holding back his laughter, a peal of loud and unceremonious laughter was still heard!

The two men turned to the direction of the voice, only to see Mu Huan standing at the doorway and convulsing with laughter. It felt as if she was going to be breathless from all that laughing.

“Oh, my. Oh, my! Serves you right, you dummy! That’s for seducing your brother-in-law and for your lack of morals and shame! You deserved that fall!” cried the woman cheerfully as she pointed at her sister.

Bao Junyan: “…”

Is my wife drunk?

Butler Lee: “…”

Is this our demure and adorable young mistress?

Mu Kexin, looking all disheveled on the ground, practically went berserk at that. If not for her brother-in-law still standing there, she would have long yelled back at her.

“Mu Huan!” she gritted out through clenched teeth.

“What do you want? Do you want me to kick you while you’re down?” replied Mu Huan in an arrogant manner.

She was indeed drunk.

The former wanted to call her “b*tch,” but at the thought of something, she immediately turned to the man, looking all pitiful. “Brother-in-law…”

She reckoned that his earlier action was not deliberate, but rather, he had dodged her on instinct.

Sweeping her a disdainful glance, he wanted to get the butler to send someone to drag her away when his wife approached and hugged him.

The lingering alcohol smell on her made him furrow his brows. Just how much had she drunk?

“Mu Kexin, how disgusting of you to call him your brother-in-law yet still want to climb into his bed! Why? Is it very exciting and stimulating for you?” Besides her vicious stepmother, the person she hated the most was this half-sister of hers. Since their childhood days, the latter would always be snatching her belongings, and if she failed to get it, she would spoil the things that she liked.

“Brother-in-law, look at Sis! This is how she’s bullied me since our childhood days. I… I…” The other woman choked on her sobs.

“Mu Kexin, improve your acting if you want to pretend to look pitiful! Lin Qingya can shed tears in just three seconds, but look at yourself, your acting is so fake!” she sneered in disdain.

Mu Kexin: “…!!”

Bao Junyan could not resist smiling slightly at the sight of Mu Huan, who was looking slightly adorable in her drunken state.

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