The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Gone Nuts

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Devotion and loyalty were both Xiao Huan’s greatest merit and shortcoming.

“I know, so I told her clearly that we’ll call things even, and should she come antagonizing me again, she’ll be deemed as my enemy!” Mu Huan looked up. She was never a stupid person.

“Way to go! Now, that’s my Mu Huan! You’ll pay back your bullies ten-fold!”

“Of course!”

Knowing that she had completely put down her friendship with Lin Qingya, Li Meng cheerfully raised a beer bottle in the air. “Come, cheers!”

“Cheers!” Mu Huan downed the entire bottle of beer in one shot before shouting to the boss, “Boss, give us thirty more kebabs and two pots of crayfish!”

“Alright!” the boss replied and went on to make preparations.

The first time these ladies visited his store, he was shocked by the huge amount of food they ordered, so he repeatedly told them that it was too much for them to finish it all.

Now, however, no matter how much they ordered, he would calmly take their orders and even give them some free food since he knew that they would be able to finish everything.

“Sis Xuan called me today and told me that if we can get her money back, she’ll give us a 20% commission. So, I told her we’ll surely get it back!” said Li Meng as she munched on her food.

“That’s a must!”

“Wow, 20% commission. We’re gonna get a small fortune!” Her eyes twinkled brightly at the thought of money. “Shall we go on a trip for a few days?”

“Go with your family instead. I’m not going. I’ve got my eyes on a small yet expensive neighborhood in the Imperial Capital that is located close to the hospital. Once the houses are available for sale, it’ll probably sell out fast, so I have to save as much money as possible in the meantime.” Mu Huan wished to leave Yun Cheng for the Imperial Capital.

“Why don’t you find other cities? Houses cost a bomb there.” Li Meng’s heart hurt at how hard she was working.

“The medical facilities there are good. Plus, Granny is getting on in years. Even if she recovers this time, she’ll still surely need to visit the hospital frequently in the future.”

“You know how much savings I have, so if our savings combined is enough to buy a house, don’t hesitate and just buy it. Mind you, though, it’s a loan. You’ll have to pay me back with interest!” That was all she could do to help lessen her friend’s burden.

“Alright. I’ll pay you back with a high-interest rate, then!” Mu Huan raised the beer in her hand. “Cheers!”


Just when they were happily drinking away, her phone suddenly rang. She hastily picked up the call when she noticed that it was the Baos’ home phone number.

“Mu Huan, you b*tch! How can you splurge so much of Junyan’s money to buy so many things?! Are you courting death?!” Mu Kexin saw several servants continually bringing branded shopping bags to place in her sister’s room, and when she discovered that these were the latter’s shopping buys, she went mad with jealousy!

All these should belong to me! They’re all supposed to be mine!

“Have you gone nuts?!” Mu Huan ended the call right after yelling back at her upon realizing the identity of the caller.

When she called back again, the former refused to pick up the call.

This made her raging mad, so she yelled in her bedroom for a good while to vent her frustrations before eventually making a call to her grandmother.

“Grandma, you have to help me come up with something! If we let Mu Huan go on like this, I won’t be able to marry Junyan!”

At the thought of Bao Junyan letting his wife mindlessly spend his money, she got really afraid that he would like Mu Huan so much that there’d be no room for her to cut into their marriage.

“Try to make him like you first. If it’s truly useless, then I’ll help you think of something.” Even though the old lady refused to admit it, this granddaughter of hers was really incomparable to the other.

“Please think of a way now! I can’t stand waiting another day! I want to marry Junyan right now!”

Mu Kexin might be Mu Huan’s younger sister, but they only had an age difference of two months. So, the former reckoned that she was completely ready to marry the man now.

“Try your best to make him fall for you first. If it doesn’t work, we’ll see how to proceed then!” ordered her grandmother.

The latter had actually come up with a way for the man to marry her younger granddaughter at all cost, but it would be best if he was fond of her.

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