The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Accustomed

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One should know that despite his unrivaled, god-like appearance, the man did not have the magnanimity of a god. In fact, he was as cold-blooded, heartless, and vicious as rumored. Hence, she could not help but worry that he might have seen through her disguise.

Now, however, she could finally put her worries aside.

The carefree woman cheerfully hummed a tune as she bent down to run the bath for her husband.

Bao Junyan found his little wife swaying along to the beat of the song when he entered the bathroom.

When the sound of flowing water ceased after she turned off the tap, she suddenly sensed that something was amiss and instinctively looked past her shoulder.

She received quite a rude shock when she noticed him standing behind her. She hastily bowed her head. “T-The bath is ready.”

With the earlier incident on her conscience, she did not dare to face him, and so, she took her leave right away after saying that.

The man knitted his brows slightly. The fact that she was overly timid aside, he was generally quite satisfied with this new wife of his. She would always hang her head low when speaking to him and, like a frightened little bunny, would want to escape at the sight of him.

As she passed by him, he reached out to pull the woman into his embrace.

She suddenly became nervous.

Under the light, a blush bloomed across her fair and clean face out of her shyness.

That rosy face instinctively reminded him of that unknown woman with thick makeup whom he encountered at the elevator earlier. He had thrown his coat away because of that makeup stain left behind by her. “Don’t you wear thick makeup in the future!”

His wife was better off looking all natural and clean.

Mu Huan: “…!”

What did he mean by that?

What’s his reason for saying this?

Did he…

The next day, when Mu Huan got awakened by her grumbling stomach, she found the space beside her had long been emptied.

She then nonchalantly got up to wash herself.

She could still recall herself crying the entire day when she woke up in this place for the first time.

She had never imagined that her marriage would turn out like this— that she would need to sacrifice her happiness just to live on.

And so, she broke down badly in tears that day.

So what if she had never expected such a life? Also, what could crying do?

It helped nothing at all.

For a long time now, she was no longer the Mu family’s little princess who was showered with love by her parents. No one would ever feel heartache for her or get anxious over her tears and help her resolve everything anymore.

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