The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Should Be Returned to Her

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And so, she would, like now, wake up with a sore body, wash herself, and take her breakfast before heading to work with a full stomach. Only money could resolve all the problems she now faced.

When Mu Huan was finally ready to head downstairs to the dining room for her breakfast, she found Butler Lee approaching her with her grandmother and sister trailing behind him.

Instantly, her mood plummeted and her appetite was lost.

“Young Mistress, your grandmother and sister are here.” The butler had actually informed the two guests to wait downstairs in the living room while he went up to inform his young mistress. Alas, he did not expect them to follow him up.

Even though they behaved very rudely on their part, he could not say anything about it as they were close relatives of the young mistress.

At the sight of her, Old Mrs. Mu stepped forward and, with a face of indulgence, exclaimed, “Darling, you’ve lost so much weight! Haven’t you been taking proper meals? Look what Grandma brought you…”

Butler Lee: “…”

What is this old lady talking about? She’s making it seem like the Baos have been abusing Young Mistress.

The old woman’s pretentious concern disgusted Mu Huan, but she sent the butler away to busy himself with his other chores.

As soon as the latter left, her grandmother immediately dropped her act.

The young lady behind her, on the other hand, eagerly charged forward and grabbed her collar. “B*tch, you’ve been seducing my Junyan again!”

Summer clothes usually had low collars, so the marks Bao Junyan left on Mu Huan’s body last night could faintly be seen. This drove her mad with jealousy! How she wished she could rip that b*tch’s clothes apart and have those hickeys transferred to her body.

All these should have belonged to me! They’re all supposed to be mine!

Back then, every family in Yun Cheng with daughters of a suitable age received a matchmaking invitation from the Baos. And so, in order to increase the chances of becoming in-laws with the Baos, the Mu family sent not only Mu Kexin there but also forced Mu Huan back to attend this matchmaking session.

Afraid that marriage would become a stumbling block in her path to stardom, the former was very reluctant to attend the session and, thus, she left with her mother, who was unwilling to force her against her will, before the man could even show up.

After Mu Huan was selected to become Bao Junyan’s wife and upon seeing how rich and handsome he was, she immediately regretted her decision and insisted that the other woman file a divorce with him so that she could marry him instead.

She felt that the man was hers.

If she had not left midway, she would surely have been the one selected and married to him!

The woman who was having her collar tugged at frowned in disdain as she grabbed the other’s hands and flung them aside.

Mu Kexin stumbled to the ground and practically went mad with anger. “How dare this b*tch push me?!”

“What about it?” taunted Mu Huan condescendingly.

B*tch? She’s the one who’s a downright-right-to-the-core b*tch, alright?!

“Look at her, Grandma!” she screeched.

Alas, the old lady not only did not chide Mu Huan, but rather, she harshly reprimanded her, “Silence!”

Usually well-behaved, this granddaughter of hers could simply not keep her temper in check when she met Mu Huan.

In the face of her stern rebuke, the young woman no longer dared utter a sound…

Only when the latter quietened down did the old lady look at Mu Huan and ordered, “Both your father and I think you should return Junyan to your sister. So we want Kexin to move in here to stay while you help her to claim his heart!”

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