The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss

Chapter 2519

Chapter 2519: Heavily Injured (3)

At this time, on the bed, Luo Yichen’s breathing had turned even weaker.

Su Luo could pick out how, in this period of time, Senior Brother Luo seemed to have aged some more…

“Wipe the blood on his face.” Su Luo instructed Li Manman.

“No! We need to wait for the Sixth Elder first!” Ouyang Xi was very insistent as he didn’t trust Su Luo.

While the two refused to back down from each other, familiar footsteps sounded from outside the door.

When Ouyang Xi noticed, he immediately rushed forward: “Sixth Elder, quick, tend to Senior Brother Luo, he isn’t doing too well.”

The Sixth Elder shot him a look: “Luoluo is here. What’s the worry for?”

“Ah?” Ouyang Xi was bewildered.

The Sixth Elder brushed him off, and walked to Su Luo with large strides, asking in a soft voice: “What’s the situation?”

“It should be the aging disease.” Su Luo wrinkled her brows, “Have a look.”

The Sixth Elder solemnly took Luo Yichen’s pulse and nodded: “He indeed has had the aging disease, the Passing of Time,

for a while. It’s a curse.”

Ouyang Xi hurriedly asked: “Sixth Elder, you must have a plan, right?”

The Sixth Elder was just as helpless. He ignored Ouyang Xi and only spoke with Su Luo: “This is a secret demonic technique. Only highly capable specialists can deal with it. Two Elders died from this aging disease before. I was unable to find a solution.”

“Sixth Elder…” Ouyang Xi had a shocked face.

If two Elders had died from it, then Senior Brother Luo… Ouyang Xi’s eyes filled with guilt! If Senior Brother Luo hadn’t come to save them, he wouldn’t have been afflicted with the demon clan’s curse and wouldn’t have…

“Eh, what’s this?” The Sixth Elder’s gaze moved to the large bowl that Li Manman was carrying.

It was filled with thick scarlet blood. The scent of blood coming from the bowl was unexpectedly overtaken by the mild fragrance of ginseng.

“This is…” The Sixth Elder seized the vital blood from Li Manman’s hands, dipped his index finger in so that he could smell the blood. Then he placed his finger in his mouth and tasted the blood. A hint of joy soon appeared on his face!

“This is the blood essence of the scarlet blood Ningpo figwort! Where did you get this?!” the Sixth Elder exclaimed as he stood up.

Li Manman didn’t think the Sixth Elder would become this excited. She pointed at Su Luo: “It’s Luoluo’s blood…”

Ouyang Xi had a complicated expression. After all, it was he who had stubbornly refused to use the blood earlier.

The Sixth Elder said excitedly, “The scarlet blood Ningpo figwort alone may not be effective on dear Luo, but it has already completely integrated in this blood, which shows its great medicinal efficacy. This blood will surely be helpful to him. Come, help wipe it on his body.”

The Sixth Elder’s eyes were shining as he looked at the bowl of blood. This was better than any medicine he concocted himself.

Soon, Luo Yichen’s body was smeared with a layer of scarlet blood Ningpo figwort. His whole body was scarlet as if he was wrapped in a layer of blood-red clothing.

Ouyang Xi looked at Su Luo silently. Then he finally gritted his teeth and walked over to her, apologizing earnestly: “I offended you greatly earlier. Please forgive me.”

Su Luo nodded: “It’s good to be extra careful. If it wasn’t for you being careful the whole way, Senior Brother Luo may not have returned.”

When she said that, a frigid light burst from Ouyang Xi’s eyes: “I sent the news a long time ago, but the help never came. Something’s definitely strange!”

Su Luo recalled how Fairy Wuyou had received the news about Senior Brother Luo early, and her eyes hardened!

The Sixth Elder took Senior Brother Luo’s pulse.

“Sixth Elder, how is Senior Brother Luo?” Ouyang Xi asked nervously.

The Sixth Elder nodded and then shook his head: “The scarlet blood Ningpo figwort has extraordinary efficacy. It has already restrained the aging disease, but because the treatment was delayed for too long, he won’t be able to recover.”

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