The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss

Chapter 2520

Chapter 2520: Heavily Injured (4)

"Could it be that Senior Brother Luo can only lie in bed forever with this aging body? It would be better to tell him to die!" Ouyang Xie shouted in a frenzy!

If Senior Brother Luo knew of this, he would certainly rather not live! His sacred dignity could not be trampled on!

Su Luo's hand, which hung by her side, clenched tightly. Her heart was filled with anger!

The Demon Clan! Wu You! They were the main reason why Senior Brother Luo became like this!

It was needless to say anything about the Demon Clan. If Fairy Wuyou had passed the information over to Su Luo earlier, allowing her to rush over there in a shorter period of time to use the scarlet blood Ningpo figwort to slow down the aging… Senior Brother Luo’s condition would not be so serious!

At this moment, Su Luo's disgust towards Wu You reached its peak!

Meanwhile, the Sixth Elder was still pondering about the matter.

"Actually, it's not completely impossible, there are two ways to do this," the Sixth Elder said.

He had, after all, dealt with the Demon Clan a lot. So he had seen many things and was very knowledgeable. This was not something Su Luo could compare to.

The Sixth Elder continued, "The first is to kill that demon witch, the Sixth Elder said indifferently while stroking his beard. "Just like someone who has mastered the Space skill, this Demon Witch has the rare skill, Time. After being hit by her curse, you will age rapidly. If you want to break her curse, you just need to kill her."

When the Sixth Elder saw Su Luo’s eyes twinkle like stars, he splashed a pot of cold water onto her by saying, "The Demon Witch is the Demon Clan’s spiritual advisor. Her strength is already unfathomable, but she is also surrounded by experts. The lousiest of the experts can crush you like an ant. How could you possibly get close to her? How will you be able to kill her?"

Su Luo's expression sank quickly.

The Demon Clan! Ouyang Yunqi's Demon Clan!

Su Luo's heart felt like it was burning with a blazing fire akin to being roasted over a spitfire. Her anger soared.

"What about the second method?" Su Luo asked.

The success rate of the first method was near zero. The demons would definitely protect that profoundly mysterious Demon Witch well and would not give them the chance to assassinate her.

"The second way is to find the Spring of Eternal Youth." The Sixth Elder stroked his beard and sighed. "However, it’s almost impossible to find traces of the Spring of Eternal Youth. It is not at all easy to find..."

"If it’s almost impossible to find traces, does that mean there is still a chance?" Su Luo asked.

She owed a lot to Senior Brother Luo, and now that Senior Brother Luo happened to need her help, she wanted to return the favor so they wouldn’t owe each other any debts.

"The Spring of Eternal Youth is said to have appeared in the Great Pool of a Hundred Rivers. However, the Great Pool of a Hundred Rivers is located in the middle of the Extra-territorial Battlefield, and the border between the Demon Clan and the Human Clan is infested with various clans of magical beasts. Do you think it’s so easy to go to the pool? Not to mention the actual search for the Spring of Eternal Youth?" The Sixth Elder did not hold much hope of success on this point.

In the past, it wasn't that the Sixth Elder and the others hadn’t gone to the Great Pool of a Hundred Rivers to look for it. Rather, they had returned from their trip in failure and could only watch the two elders perish.

"I want to go and try." Su Luo's gaze was firmer than ever before.

Kindness had to be reciprocated.

Su Luo wanted to go, but the Sixth Elder wouldn't let her.

“How can you go to the Pool of a Hundred Rivers by yourself? It’s probable that before you could find the location, you probably will already be gone!" The Sixth Elder’s beard blew up as he glared [1] at her.

"Then I will go kill the Demon Witch." Su Luo was dead serious.

"You..." The Sixth Elder was so angry with Su Luo that he rolled his eyes.

Just then, the Sixth Elder's communication tablet rang.

The Sixth Elder left Su Luo and picked up the call.

After saying a few words, the Sixth Elder's expression became very odd, and he just stared straight at Su Luo.


1. ↑ — 吹胡子瞪眼; literally meaning “blew his beard and glared”, figuratively describes an expression of anger; the person is not literally blowing their beard, but just imagine them being so angry their beard/mustache is flying up :D

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