The Divine Elements

Chapter 5: Disappear

Chapter 5 – Disappear

Hmph, since you called me Teacher, I guess I can instruct you for a bit. But right after that, you have to go eat something. I can hear your stomach grumbling and it’s disturbing my peace. Now, get into the meditative position again!

The Voice’s sternly stated within Calron’s mind.

Calron noticed that although his Teacher sometimes acted arrogant and lazy, there were times when his demeanor would completely change into an attitude that demanded respect and admiration from others.

He did not know what his Teacher’s real identity was, but Calron guessed that he had once been a very powerful cultivator, as only cultivators at the peak of their existence had that naturally arrogant attitude.

Calron rushed to the mat and quickly closed his eyes while sitting in the meditative pose.

First, let me tell you how cultivation works. Hand gestures are very important, as just a slight deviation in their position can completely alter the whole cultivation process. The one that I taught you before was a fifth ranked cultivation technique called the Thunder-Bird technique, while that Elder’s technique was only at the third rank.

Waiting for Calron to absorb all the new information, the Voice continued.

However, the higher the rank of the technique, the harder it is to comprehend it. The Thunder-Bird technique had been created by me, and I doubt there are any other elementalists cultivating this technique.

Calron curiously listened the entire time, and he was dumbfounded when his Teacher mentioned the rank of the Thunder-Bird technique.

He obviously knew the importance of cultivation techniques in his world, as it determined how fast the person’s cultivation would be, especially in the early stages. His own father had cultivated in a first rank beginner cultivation technique.

My technique has three stages. The first is the hand gesture which you have already perfected, and the next is the breathing technique. However, your body is not yet ready to endure the strain of this stage. Wait until you reach at least the second rank of the Spiritual stage before even attempting it.

Calron listened attentively to what his Teacher was saying and mentally noted down the name of this technique.

The Thunder-Bird technique.

Calron just realized that his Teacher had only explained the first two stages and he was wondering about what the last stage was, and just as was about to inquire about it, his stomach loudly growled.


Kid, the last stage is not something you have to worry about now. Go get some food, as I can’t bear to listen to your stomach’s grumbling.

Calron mumbled in embarrassment at his stomach’s growling and turned to search around for his new grey robe. After finding it neatly folded at the foot of his bed, he quickly put it on, as he prepared to leave the hut.

Closing the door behind him, Calron started walking towards the gathering hall he saw when he had first entered the Foundation building.

However, just as he arrived at the adjacent corridor, he saw a group of three female disciples casually chatting with each other.

The girls were roughly around Calron’s age, while two of them were a bit taller than him and the last one just about his own height. At first glance, they all seemed really cute, but for Calron, food was of a higher importance than the beauty of these girls at that moment.

Although all disciples wore grey robes, most of them actually had several designs and patterns etched into them, as they were accustomed to finer clothing back home.

From the girls’ robes, it was clear to see they were young daughters of wealthy families, as their robes were etched with gold and silver threads. What kind of a commoner’s family would be able to afford gold or silver stitching for their children’s clothes?

Ignoring the girls, Calron continued to walk forward.

However, the moment he was about to pass by them, one of the girls looked directly into his eyes.

Her piercing ice-blue eyes tore through him and Calron could not help but be startled by the beauty of the girl.

She was absolutely breathtaking!

With her pale face and her ice-cold eyes, along with her midnight hair, it was clear that in future, she would grow up to be a beauty befitting the Immortals.

Although the other girls were also beauties in their own right, standing next to this heavenly girl, their looks only appeared to be average.

Calron could only stare at her in a daze, as he was completely captivated by that unearthly allure.

The other girls suddenly stopped talking when they realized that their friend was looking at something, and they turned their heads until they saw a boy their own age with dark hair and pitch-black eyes.

His grey robes indicated that he was also a disciple like them, and there appeared to be nothing special about the boy. With a plain chubby face and a slim build, he was like any other scrawny eight-year old.

“Who are you, boy?”

A clear and sweet voice sounded out from the beautiful girl Calron was staring at.

This brat, how much older than me does she think she is?

Although her bewitching looks had captivated Calron for a moment, he was still not at the age where the thoughts of pretty girls were able to influence his mind. So when the girl had rudely talked to him, he decided that he did not like this spoiled girl, and any previous thoughts of admiration were instantly crushed.

He continued walking towards the gathering hall without responding back to her; however, this only seemed to further infuriate the girl as she shouted back at him.

“How dare you ignore me? Don’t you know who I am, apologize for your rudeness this instant and I’ll think about forgiving you.”

The rude girl shrieked with her high-pitched voice.

The sweet voice from before was gone like the wind, and it was replaced by the voice of a shrill harpy. The ice-cold feeling Calron got from her was completely wrong. This brat had a raging hot temper!

Being yelled at by a girl his own age, Calron simply could not maintain his calm and after dealing with Warrick’s condescending behavior early this morning, he frankly had no more tolerance at this point.

Despite briefly having forgotten the anger and grief of his family’s death after meeting the Voice, those burning emotions were still there, lying in wait to be ignited again.

Calron abruptly stopped walking and slowly turned around to face the girls. His pitch-black eyes suddenly bore into the spoiled girl, and she immediately closed her mouth upon seeing the convulsed expression on the boy’s face.

Before his family’s death, Calron was one of the most timid and shy boys in the village, as he found it hard to make friends and was usually alone playing by himself.

However, that shy boy had died the moment he picked up a shovel to dig graves to bury his family into the ground.

A barely visible trace of Azure Lightning suddenly flashed across his eyes.

The time of the world seemed to abruptly stop, waiting for this boy’s next command.

The boy simply said a single word.


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