The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 1

Volume I On the Alien Planet – Chapter1 The Wrong Person

In the evening.

It was a furious storm.

At the edge of the cliff in the wilderness field.

Two thin figures were trembling.

6 well-equipped warriors were forcing these two figures to the edge of the cliff with cold long knives.

One snow-white lightning flashed, it lit up the faces of those thin figures, they were one boy and one girl who were only 13 or 14 years old, they had beautiful eyes with green hats, dressing like attendants at school with an expression of horror, despair and… anger.

“Hey, the principal master has plunged to his death from the cliff, come on, Fifth Brother and Sixth Brother, go and kill those two little jerks, we can finish today’s plan tonight perfectly and report to the boss.” The strong man leader among the 6 warriors smiled coldly and said, “That is the right rain, all traces will be washed clean, and God really helps me too…”

The noise of swishing!

It was the cold light of the knife.

Those two well-equipped warriors gave a grim smile and walked towards the two children at the edge of the cliff.

The noise of clicking.


It was another lightning which was as thick as a dragon that broke the dark blue sky suddenly.

It was a little incredible that this lightning was so huge that it seemed like a sword, while the sky shone like the day in a moment, and the loud and deafening sound of explosion seemed to split the dark sky and the earth. The black sky seemed to have been torn apart by the lightning, as if the whole world was trembling under the thunder and lightning, which was strange and terrible.

Those two fighting warriors were also shocked and couldn’t help stopping the long knife.

What happened?

Why were there so many bolts of lightning in the rain tonight?

Even the leader from the warriors also whispered, and he was about to say something…

Then at this moment, one strange sound came from the sky suddenly.

“Ah ah ah… Why did the old faker dig the pit so deeply?”

One heart-tearing voice, like the scream of a cat whose tail had been stepped blowing up, came from above.

Before those people reacted, one black shadow fell rapidly and dropped into a weed of half meter high next to the attendants, making the grass flying all over.

What happened?

Those well-equipped warriors paled.

Those 6 guys were alert and moving backward, they were standing in the dark and surrounded the haystack closely as well.

Several seconds later.

“Oh my God, my ass hurts… Damn, you’re such bad guy, why are you so bored as to dig such a deep pit here?”

One slender dark shadow climbed out of the grass and stood up tremblingly.

But it was a strong teenager.

He was bare-chested, naked with short black hair and wearing straight trousers of strange shapes and materials. He had thick eyebrows, big eyes, and grinning teeth. Looking confused, he climbed out of the grass, and then rubbed his waist as he looked around carefully.

It was also strange that the previous heavy rain and lightning had all stopped without warning since the teenager emerged from the sky, and even the clouds in the sky had scattered in an instant and the disappeared completely.

The two moons were high and the silver moonlight fell.

This teenager rose up subconsciously and saw the two moons in the sky.

Then suddenly, he was totally stunned.

“Damn… There’re two moons? This is not a dream, right? So, it means the old faker… didn’t lie to me?” The teenager was stunned with the mouth shaped like ‘O’, and then he gasped and said, “That’s to say, I fell into the pit at the door of the meditation room carelessly and then I was really transmitted to this Alien Planet?”

It was only more than 10 seconds since he fell into the pit and now appeared here.

How could it be?

He pinched his own face.

Well, it hurt a bit.

It was real and he was not dreaming.

Suddenly he screamed, and then patted on his face, murmured with a confused expression, and then he became fierce, hateful and exciting like a madman.

Naturally, this teenager was just the earthman Li Mu who had been transmitted by the old faker.

The cold wind blew and everything was quiet.

It was the site of slaughter, but now the atmosphere was so bizarre that they did not know whether to laugh or cry.

And those 6 warriors were at a loss as to what to do.

They didn’t know what really happened about this stranger matter and that person at this moment.

The picture seemed to be fixed.

Suddenly, one trembling and surprised voice broke the weird atmosphere.

“Ah… Young Master, it’s that you? Really? You’ve just climbed up from the bottom of the cliff? That’s so great, you’re… still alive? Wow, that’s amazing, you’re still alive…”

It was the boy attendant who spoke.

This little boy was carrying a fully-packed bamboo bookcase on the back, which was almost as high as him, then suddenly, he rushed to Li Mu, looked at him with surprise, he was so excited and even cried out after he only spoke a few words.

That little girl attendant was stunned, she rose up the light-complexioned and delicate little face, looked at Li Mu with bright eyes in puzzle and doubt. “Hello, Young Master, it’s… really you? You’ve fallen into the cliff, didn’t you? Well, what happened to your hair, why it’s so short…? You’ve even changed your hairstyle below the cliff? Your clothes are so strange, where did you get them?” This little girl tended to be talkative and focused on something which was totally different from the little boy attendant’s.


What happened?

Li Mu doubted, he lowered his head and looked at the two attendants.

“Young Master?”

“You must mistake me for someone else, don’t you?”

However, he could understand what they said?

“Hey, you… you didn’t die?” The leader of the well-equipped warriors spoke with surprise. He waved the long sharp knives in his hand. Looking anxious and doubtful, he said, “Well, you’re really lucky to climb up alive after falling into a cliff of more than 20 meters high.”

Li Mu just noticed there were 6 fierce warriors here.

He looked at the warrior leader and felt totally confused.

Another guy who mistook me for someone else?

“What a coincidence, I can also understand him.”

“Oh, no… Young Master… just… run now, they’ve come to kill you…” Suddenly, the little boy realized and shouted anxiously, as he cried out, he pushed Li Mu to escape.


Li Mu was stunned.

As he saw the two anxious attendants and the 6 fierce well-equipped warriors approaching him slowly, Li Mu understood something suddenly.

It seemed that he had been involved in a conspiracy killing as he had just traveled through time.

“Oh no, how can this corny plot happen to me?”

“Wait… wait.” Li Mu raised up his hands.

As the well-equipped warriors saw him rise up his hands, they all stopped immediately.

It was really a little bizarre for what happened previously, especially when Li Mu dropped from the sky, which made them have to be careful in case that Li Mu might have some other tricks and cause them to make mistakes.

Li Mu was also relieved.

Li Mu was sure that they could understand what he said according to their reactions.

It seemed there would be no problem for communication with them on this alien planet.

“Yes, that’s it, let’s stop for a while, nothing is impossible with a crayfish meal… Well, you haven’t eaten crayfish before? Oh sorry, I forgot that it is not on earth. Anyway, that’s OK, I’m just making an example… Just calm down, listen to me.” Li Mu was still a little confused, he felt so blank and got terrified as he saw there were just about to put up a fight.

He took a deep breath and got the sense that the air in this world was extremely clear and sweet, he could feel as if the air was swimming inside in the lung, which made him feel so comfortable, as he breathed, he had a wonderful feeling of floating away.

But this was not important, the most important was that he had to get out of this killing crisis.

He tried to smile sincerely and said, “Hello, brothers, maybe you won’t believe it, but it’s true. Actually, I’m an alien. You’ve mistaken me for someone else… I’m not the one you’ve mentioned, I was just passing by… and was transmitted by a bad old faker to this world… you may not know earth, but I’ll explain to you for 3 days and 3 nights if I explain to you guys in details…”

There was an awkward silence in the air.

“Young Master, did you hit your head or something… What is this alien thing you’re talking about?”

That little girl attendant looked at Li Mu with an expression that said: “Are you stupid?”.

Li Mu didn’t know what to say.

“Little sister, you really mistook me for someone else.

“Don’t speak nonsense, or I’ll be in trouble.”

The well-equipped warrior leader was stunned, and then he smiled coldly and said, “Well, Li Mu, I’ve seen your portrait dozens of times, and I’ll never mistake, don’t you think it’s so clumsy to deceive our brothers with such a bad excuse even though you’re a smart and tricky well-educated person? Don’t insult us.”

“Well? How do you know my name…?”

Li Mu was stunned and asked subconsciously.

But later, he realized that he was in trouble.

It must be that person they were pursuing and killing, and his name was also Li Mu.

Damn, there was such a coincidence in the world, they did not only look the same, but also had the same name?

And as he said so, he knew something bad was about to happen.

That was to say, he had already admitted that he was Li Mu?

It was not wrong but misleading and it was hard to argue about it.

Damn, what the hell was that?

“You got to be kidding me.”

“I’m just traveling here physically, it’s the body and not the soul. How can this happen?”

“Humph, you admit that you’re Li Mu again?” That warrior leader smiled coldly with an impatient look, he said, “You’re acting like a fool to delay? Brothers, a long delay means trouble, come on, let’s kill him and finish this and report early.”

The two well-equipped warriors next to him grinned hideously, they rushed out so fast and fought directly.

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