The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 2

Chapter2 It’s Really So Powerful

The knife was shining like snow, showed a great sense of cold, and was cutting down on Li Mu’s head.

“Why are you so unreasonable? It’s gone too far… I’m really an alien, and I can prove this, I can speak English, know mathematics, physics, and chemistry. My computer skill is at level three, English level four, Japanese self-taught level 10… I’m from the senior civilization world… with 5,000 years of history… I’m precious and valuable…” Li Mu was crying out and getting goose bumps, and then he moved backward and acted with confusion.

But who knew that Li Mu could even avoid such two knife lights which were as fast as the lightning so easily in such hurry, though he seemed a little clumsy?


Why did those two people cut so slowly?

And this kind of strange idea flashed so quickly upon Li Mu’s mind.


Other two sword lights came upon him again.

And Li Mu dodged again.

He avoided successfully again unexpectedly.

“How is like this? Why are they acting so gently as if it is in slow motion? I can see them so clearly, well, they may not come to kill me but act for fun?” Li Mu felt so curious about this.

But those two warriors were wearing fierce and murderous expressions on their faces and it seemed they were not acting at all.

“Wow, Young Master… you just become so powerful, come on… Don’t just dodge there, go and fight back… Fight back and kill those bad guys.” The little girl next to them was such a fool and didn’t realize the danger, instead, she clapped with excitement and applauded him.

But the little boy next to her seemed to be so afraid and moved backward, he was also worried about the sharp sword and stamped his foot.

Li Mu felt speechless.

“Why is it so exaggerated on your face, little sister?”

“Don’t you think you have to act afraid just like the other guy next to you at this moment?”

“You must be a flapper, aren’t you?”

The sound of whizz!

And the sword light came pelting down fiercely again.

“Hello, have you finished that? That’s enough now since you’ve tried three times already… Calm down, OK?” Li Mu felt angry and annoyed and cried out loudly. “You’re really mistaken, it’s not hard for you to admit that. I can recite the periodic table of elements and classic essays fluently, and I can recite 300 Tang poems proficiently as well, I can do so many things to prove that I’m really an alien… Stop, just stop!”

As Li Mu avoided the sword, he grabbed the arms of the two warriors with his hands and gave them a push.

He intended to push them away and tried to reason with them.

But unexpectedly, he heard the crisp sound as if he was kneading the small raccoon snack noodle.

And the arm bones of the two warriors have been broken into several parts. Meanwhile, they were spitting blood wildly, then hit on the distant trees like watermelons crashing against a stone. Then, they felt limp and lay feebly on the ground. Twitching and gasping, it looked like they would not survive…


Li Mu felt so surprised and looked at his hands as if he had seen a ghost.

“What the hell is this?”

How could he kill two strong men since he only pushed them slightly?

“So… When do I have this kind of power?”

And Li Mu felt muddled again.

“What? This kind of power…” The well-equipped warrior leader seemed to be so crazy as the sight of this and put on a cold look immediately.

How terrible the power was!

The chieftain of the warrior became extremely embarrassed.

He stared at Li Mu and became gloomy, there was an unspeakable look of fear in his eyes.

After a while, he moved backward silently to keep some distance, and then spoke with a cold smile cowardly. “OK, I’ve never thought that Young Master Li is also a warrior. You are modest about your skill as you’re already on the imperial list of the candidate in the high school entrance examination. You’re even so powerful in kung fu… I think we’ve made a mistake and have to admit defeat, anyway, Bloody-moon faction will never give up… Let’s go back!”

As the warriors said so, they scurried off as if they hastened home for a funeral. They flew up like big birds and disappeared in the distant night as if they were escaped something. Soon after, they vanished into the night.

And the remaining three warriors also looked so frightened, they followed the leader closely and disappeared in the night rapidly. They had even left their fellow warriors’ bodies behind.


“They can make their way into a house over walls and roofs?”

“And fly over the grass?”

“So those guys have the skill of qinggong?”

“They are the martial art masters.”

His eyes brightened, so, was it really a world of martial arts on this planet?

“But… oh, bad, it’s not over yet, he must be pursued and killed by those men according to the descriptions of the novel on earth since he’s provoked so many masters and killed their brothers?”

“Well, wait a moment, let me explain, let me explain…” Li Mu stepped out, waved his hands, and tried to persuade them. “Hello, brothers, I’m really an alien, and you must have mistaken me for someone else… I didn’t kill your brother on purpose, wait, and let’s make it clear…” What would he do if they pursued and killed him because he didn’t make it clear this time?

But those well-equipped warriors were too scared to stay and escaped without turning around in fear that Li Mu might catch up and kill them.

“Wow, Young Master, when are you becoming so powerful?” The little girl jumped up and came upon Li Mu.

The little girl’s big and bright eyes sparkled with adoration.

Li Mu glanced at her.

This silly little girl must be absolutely belligerent.

“Young Master, it’s not a good idea to stay here for long, let’s move now, there’re still dozens of kilometers away from Taibai County.” The little boy seemed to be rather normal, there seemed to be fear after that event on his baby face. He’s carrying a bookcase on the back as high as himself, which seemed to be ridiculous, but he was speaking in a sincere manner. “You don’t need to be afraid of those guys from Bloody-moon faction when you take over the county government office in the county, you can send soldiers to besiege and kill them.”

“Oh?” Li Mu felt so surprised at this little guy was speaking in such an arrogant tone even though he was shorter than his bookcase. “To take over the County Magistrate in the county office government and send soldiers to suppress them?”

“Absolutely so, Young Master, you must forget that you’ve been assigned as the county magistrate of Taibai county as you’re the successful literature candidate in the highest imperial examinations, now we are on the way there and almost arriving…”

“The empire? What is that?”

“The empire of Qin, so, Young Master, are you OK?”

“Oh… the Qin Empire, now it’s the Qin Empire that rules the world? It’s now the Qin Dynasty in history? That’s not right, but how can you explain the matter of two moons?”

“To rule the world? How can it be? The mainland of China has been divided into nine divisions, and they are ruled by three big empires and nine factions, while Qin Dynasty is ruling the West and North part of the mainland, so, are you OK, Young Master? This is common sense… What’s more, there’re always two moons in the sky.”

“Ah? What about the daytime? Are there two suns?”

“Absolutely, there’re always two suns and not one. So, are you OK, Young Master?”

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah… Dame the old faker, where did he transmit… This planet is so scaring, I want to be back to my planet earth.”

Taibai County was located at the foot of Taibai Mountain, the most famous branch of Qinling Mountains in the Western part of the mainland.

It was already bright when Li Mu and the two little students arrived at the gate of Taibai County.

And the door of the county has just been opened while it was always closed at night.

Thousands of people from all walks of life came to the city in succession, they formed a long line at the entrance of the city and were checked by the garrison one by one before they could enter the city.

Li Mu was standing there watching.

It was July and the vegetation was flourishing at that time.

Taibai County was located at the foot of Taibai Mountain. It was surrounded by primitive forest and tall arch walls. It had a history of hundreds of years. Standing outside the city, you could see the ancient buildings with green bricks and tiles, which were inlaid in the green trees and waves. It had a primitive and meticulous beauty just like Atlantis.

“It’s just like the ancient times, that’s so beautiful.”

As Li Mu stood in the line and he couldn’t help sighing.

Then he felt so hungry that the stomach was beginning to gurgle.

Looking back, Li Mu didn’t even have time for supper after practice at Randeng Temple on earth. He had been sent to this world by that old faker, now it had been a long time and he had been running, which really made him feel so dizzy and hungry now.

“Come on, Young Master, we’ll have food when we arrive at the office.”

The little boy speaking was named Qing Feng.

There was some solid food on Qing Feng, but he lost them when he tried to escape when those guys from Bloody-moon faction pursued and wanted to kill them. Actually, he was also hungry, but for him, the master was the most important and he had to comfort Li Mu first.

“All right.”

Li Mu was absent-minded and replied so.

The rumbling sound!

The stomach rumbled again.

And those people in the line all turned around and looked at Li Mu.

As other people looked at him in an unusual way, the traveler Li Mu blushed.

Because last night when those martial art masters from Bloody-moon faction pursued them, they were so anxious all the way and they even almost lost their shoes, now these two attendants and one master were in a panic and rags, just like refugees… This kind of image was really a kind of a shame for those travelers who were supposed to be whatever they wanted to be.

“Hello, big brother, you must haven’t eaten for a long time, right? Here you are.”

Suddenly, a puerile, clear and melodious voice like a lark in the valley appeared at his side timidly.

Li Mu turned back subconsciously.

And he found a little girl of about seven or eight years old, she was dressing up poorly with coarse cloth jackets, the pants were covered with patches, she was wearing straw shoes and two black pigtails on the head and a healthy ruddy luster goes round her little face, her bright big eyes were clear and they were as beautiful as two black gems without impurities, she also had long eyelashes flickering and holding the golden yellow apricots which were as big as the fists on her hands and giving them to Li Mu.

“Wow, for me?” Li Mu felt a little surprised.

But he didn’t know this little guy yet.

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