The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 A Scary Pig-killing Knife

Li Mu’s killing skill, through his intensive training, was extremely mature. So, no matter how fat or big the pig was, he had the confidence to let it die without pain with just one slash.

Xu Zhi opened his mouth and wanted to scream, but he could only make the unwilling and fearful sound of the dying beast in his throat.


A bloodline came out of his neck, like a blood mist, and it became clearer and clearer. Xu Zhi’s hands were red with blood. At last, with a loud cry, his blood rushed up. The skull of the Sky-chopping Guillotine, one of the four notorious King Kong in Taibai County, was broken and fell off like a cut leek.

The scene was bloody and cruel.

Li Mu turned around.

To a certain extent, this was the first time that Li Mu killed someone-the killing of the two guards from Bloody-moon faction in the rainy day was just a mistake. However, there was no sense of guilt in his heart.

Looking at Xu Zhi’s body, broken head and blood, he did not have any disgusting or discomfortable feelings, not to mention vomit.

At this moment, Li Mu suddenly understood why the old faker urged him to kill pigs in slaughterhouse.

This was to cultivate his killing feels!

That was also to let him see and get accustomed to the bloody and broken arms scenes.

The old faker had already anticipated these things could happen today.

The old faker sent Li Mu to the martial arts planet ruled by the law of the jungle so Li Mu could improve himself. Li Mu not only had to protect himself but also practiced martial arts with all the difficulties. He should build his body, exercise his mind, so he could really stand out and leave this planet. That is to say, it was impossible for Li Mu to become a true master if he did not use a knife and kill people.

But now, the anger in Li Mu’s heart had not been extinguished.

“Shennong Faction should pay their price, and all of the four King Kongs should die.”

He was very determined.

At this time, the dust that had filled the sky gradually fell to the ground.

The noise of many footsteps came.

Under the leadership of the middle and high-level leaders of Shennong Faction, hundreds of disciples rushed out and surrounded Li Mu.

The poisoned bows were aimed at Li Mu. All kinds of poisonous insects were secretly released, and various suffocating gas was also led to there… Most of the people in Shennong Faction were outlaws or desperados, who were good at using poison and manipulating five poisonous insects. And That was the reason why the Shennong Faction could be so arrogant in Taibai County.

“Take him by all means. It doesn’t matter whether he is disabled or not. Just grab him.”

A sinister voice came from behind the crowd.

At the deep corner of Shennong Faction headquarter.

Sikong Jing, the Grand Master in a soft green robe, sat in a huge grotto with a calm look.

The midday sunshine from the patio illuminated a three-meter circular pool in the middle of the cave lobby. The water in the pool was as green as an emerald, giving off a colorless and odorless mist, which made the whole cave full of a gloomy and terrible smell.

“Sikong Jing, the Grand Master of the Shennong Faction. Come out and see me.”

A thunderous roar came from a distance and echoed clearly through the patio in the grottoes.

Sikong Jing was a middle-aged man who looked like only about 30 years old. He had a handsome face, big ears, sword-like eyebrows and elegant temperament. He always wore a smile, which would make people like him at first sight.

But if anyone got the chance to look him carefully, they would find that his skin was too pale, as if he wore some powder on his face.

If the light was a little brighter, the tiny blood vessels under his pale skin could be seen.

Sikong Jing had been in charge of Shennong Faction for over fifteen years, so he was just like an unshakable god in the faction.

He planted fear and awe deeply in the hearts of every disciple with his powerful strength and fierce means.

“Haha. This humble county magistrate got the nerve to come here. A young man really has some courage.” Sikong Jing sat comfortably in a rattan chair, and behind him stood two young women in gauze, gently shaking their feather fans. He grinned and showed a scornful smile.

To be honest, he did not care about this humble county magistrate.

The former county magistrate seemed to be a powerful man, but in the end, was he still forced to leave and went to the deep forest to learn Taoism?

Nowadays, the Empire of the Great Qin Dynasty was in chaos. Taibai County was located on the eastern edge of the Empire, which was far away from the Emperor. so the situation was even more complicated: the government had gradually lost control of this county, and different gangs had taken the lead. This humble county magistrate was like duckweed with no solid foundation. How dare he dealt with Shennong Faction when he had no power?

Sikong Jing just wanted to laugh at him.

In the grottoes, there were also some high-level leaders of Shennong Faction. They all laughed when they heard the words.

The grottoes spread a cheerful atmosphere of ranking above ordinary people.

It would be an honour to be able to make the county magistrate helpless.


Suddenly, a loud noise came and the ground was shaking terribly.

Grottoes shook as if an earthquake had occourred.

In the circular pool in the patio, the quiet green emerald-like pool water rippled some circles.

All the people stopped laughing.

The top leaders of Shennong Faction looked at each other with a look of surprise. They were like dozens of ducks that were pinched by the neck, and no sound could come out.

Sikong Jing was a little surprised.

For a moment, a hurried disciple rushed in and said, “Master… The county magistrate broke in. He kicked our doors away with one foot and no one can stop him…”

“What?” Some people screamed.

“Kicked our door away? with only one foot? You must be kidding. Those two doors should weigh tens of thousands of kilograms.”

“Are you sure it is the young county magistrate who did that?”

“Is he not a scholar?”

Those top leaders shouted in a high voice, which was just like poking a sparrows nest with a stick.

Sikong Jing showed a gloomy look.

He coughed softly.

All the noisy sounds disappeared immediately.

“Maybe it’s because of years’ disrepair…” Sikong Jing smiled confidently, “Those two doors are standing in front of us for more than ten years. It is estimated that the doorframes were loose. Haha. Later, I will ask people to repair them.” He gave them a reason and said with great confidence, “Xu Zhi is on duty today, guarding our gates now. Well, he has a special steel-made guillotine and can use it in 36 different ways. Even I think highly of him because he already reached the Joint-force level. He can worth our trust. You guys, I’m afraid he has already caught the young county magistrate…”

Before he finished the words.

Here came the sound of hurried footsteps.

Another disciple of Shennong Faction run towards them, kneeled down with one leg, and he stammered with a trembling voice, “Grand Grand Grand…Grand Master. My masters. Master Xu Zhi was decapitated…”

Everyone was extremely quiet immediately.

The smile on the face of the Sikong Jing’s face disappeared, and his face began to twist.

His face was burning, like a slap on the face.

“How dare he? This humble county magistrate was too arrogant. Now, I order you guys to catch him no matter what means you use. I have to teach him some lesson.” Sikong Jing finally got furious, and he rose up with fierce flames in his eyes, “Everyone should listen to my order. Do not fear to hurt him. You must catch him as long as he lives.”

“You… you using… what exactly… are you using?”

Song Tong, ranking last in the four King Kongs of Shennong Faction, had fear and unwillingness in his eyes. He was famous for the iron lance, which was broken into two pieces and fell to one side. There was a cold feeling of despair in his neck, but the picture of rushing and cutting to him was still haunting in his mind. He thought why a simple cut could kill me when I was already well-prepared and using my best martial art skills?

“Pig-killing method.”

Li Mu told him the truth.

There was only one bare handle left in his hand.

The steel knife of the guard was very ordinary after all, and it was difficult to bear Li Mu’s unusual power. It was finally broken and destroyed after all the cutting and slashing.


The bloody fog pervaded.

Song Tong had a nickname of the invincible Spearhead. His head fell off, and the blood sprang from the neck like an arrow and then he fell down.

Next to Song Tong’s dead body lay Zhao Yong (Snowflake Poison Swords) and Du Heng (Poison Master) of the four King Kongs. Both of them had been killed with just one cut.

The four notorious king kongs of Shennong Faction including the dead Xu Zhi (the Sky-chopping Guillotine), all had violent and cruel experiences to kill people, so they had an unneglectable influence in Taibai County for nearly ten years. However, to everyone’s surprise, their heads were cut off by just one Li Mu with one cutting each even when they were helping each other in such a short time.

And this juvenile county magistrate who had cut the four King Kongs’ heads off was regarded by everyone as a weak, insignificant young man with no power at all.

In the distance.

Ma Junwu could not think now.

He staggered and stood unsteadily, with hallucinations in front of him. He could even see a scary knife flashing like white lightning.


Too Scary.

What kind of devil’s cutting method was that? Cutting down the four Kings’ heads was like cutting melons and vegetables with one cut one life at a time, and they all died immediately.

Ma Junwu could call himself a martial art master in Taibai County.

However, he could not win any of the four king kongs within just three hundred or four hundred moves, not to mention if they cooperated, he should die without question. There was no chance that he could behave in such an easy way just like the county magistrate Li Mu.

The whole scene and process gave people the feeling that it was not the famous four king kongs were besieging Li Mu. It was more like Li Mu slaughtered four fat pigs one after another with his butcher knife.

Behind Ma Junwu, those who were observing this scene were completely in a state of dull or fear in the distance.

They simply could not believe what they saw or understood it. And those who planned to laugh at Li Mu were like being hit by thunder, and their looks could not change at all. Due to great shock and panic, their faces were as pale as paper.

“How can it be?”

“Li Mu is a master of martial arts!”

“He is too powerful.”

“It’s not good. We have to go back and report to our masters, otherwise, we would make great mistakes.”

“Be fast. Go tell the lord immediately… We must adjust our attitude and strategies towards this young county magistrate now.”

In an instant, countless thoughts emerged from the minds of these people.

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