The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Li Mu was Mad

They were sweating all over and realized that their own arrogant behavior to the young county magistrate was almost killing them, and they were about to be scared to death. Li Mu was not the weak man that could be bullied by everyone, and he played the role as a pig that could eat a tiger.

Shennong Faction was heading for their doom this time.

Just look at how Sikong Jing would handle this matter.


Li Mu kicked another stone pillar with his feet.

The thick stone pillar that would be hugged by two adult men collapsed as if it was made of flour.

The rubble flew like rain, smashing all the poisonous insects that crawled over the ground into colorful mud. Some disciples of Shennong Faction who drove out the poisonous insects were also screamed back by the smash.

Li Mu once again jumped up like a human-like tyrannosaurus and rushed into the deep stone forest.

“Save people first.”

He was looking for the plaintiffs Zhang Li and her daughter Qiner.


There was a thunder coming from the stone forest. One stone pillar collapsed after another, leaving the smoke all over the sky. Here came the nonstop screaming, shouting and exclaiming.

As if a tiger broke into a chicken cage.

Soon after—

“You… You did this kind of unreasonable thing… damn, you all should die!”

Li Mu was so angry that he roared like an explosion or thunder, and those sound came from the deep stone forest.

Then there came the sounds of mourning and begging for help from those disciples of Shennong Faction.

Soon there was a pungent bloody smell that came out of the deep stone forest.

Not a few people were killed.

Li Mu began to slaughter.

Ma Junwu stood outside and looked at the scene far away. He could guess what had happened.

At the early development stage of Shennong Faction, it was just a combination of medicine farmers and herbalists who wanted to earn a living, so it was quite normal. However, with its further development, many outlaws joined it, and it began to change. After Sikong Jing became its Grand Master, it had changed completely into a group of gangsters.

These years, Shennong Faction seemed to be a poisonous tumour in Taibai County Town because of their evil behaviours. Some young women disappeared for no resaon, and all clues showed it was people Shennong Faction who did that. The rumours said that disciples would torture and humiliate those young women. Something worse could happen. For example, to help Sikong Jing practice his poisonous martial arts, people from Shennong Faction would use living human as medicine, and they would let those victims try poisonous medicine and use their hearts and livers to feed poisonous worms, which was really cruel.

Except for the disciples and guests of Shennong Faction, other ordinary people would be tortured to death as long as they were caught.

This time, Zhang Li and her daughter were taken into the headquarter of Shennong Faction, which left them no choice but death.

Ma Junwu could tell this county magistrate was not crazy about killing people, and he wanted to save people so he rushed into Shennong Faction and killed those four king kongs who killed the guard, Zhang Ru. Li Mu did not kill any ordinary disciples of Shennong Faction. But after he saw the tortured bodies of the plaintiffs and other people in the deep of the hell-like stone forest, he became so furious that he began to kill people.

Scary screams came from the deep stone forest of Shennong Faction.

Many people who watched outside were in a state of horror.

The young county magistrate was really angry.


Deputy county magistrate Zhou Wu was too surprised to stand up, and the red porcelain teacup in his hand fell to the ground with a sound of snap and smashed.

“Master. Li Mu is a great master of martial art, a very scary master. He is going to eradicate Shennong Faction by an ordinary knife. Even the four king kongs together could not fight with him in less than four moves. And they each were all slaughtered by Li Mu in just one cut…” One of the family slaves of Zhou Wu ran back and reported to him breathlessly. And his face was still pale because of fear and he still felt like trembling while he was talking.

“How could it be possible? You… Are you wrong?” Zhou Wu’s voice suddenly cracked, and he began to feel bad.

“Absolutely right.” The slave gasped as if he had not yet recovered from the shock and fear.

Zhou Wu fell into his chair and looked embarrassed. He got the look as if he had eaten a dead mouse, and he couldn’t speak for a while.

Feng Yuanxing, the secretary, waved his hand to the family slave and gave him a gesture of continuing to observe Li Mu.

When the family slaves went out, Feng Yuanxing got up, made obeisance and said, “Master. Our judgement was wrong. Li Mu is not easy to handle. He played the role of a pig to eat a tiger. We were deceived by him before, we must weigh carefully what we should do next. I believe the news will spread to the whole county and every clan will adjust their attitude towards Li Mu.”

Zhou Wu nodded, but he still couldn’t speak.

There was no need to worry if Li Mu was only a scholar. Or, it was not very fatal if Li Mu was only a great master of martial arts, but the problem now was that Li Mu was not only a great master but also had the status of a county magistrate. The combination of those two identities became very tricky.

In the Empire of the Great Qin Dynasty, although the county magistrate was only the lowest independent administrative official who governed not a few people, it had absolute authority and power. The military and political power were under the control of the county magistrate. Although Zhou Wu was like a leading snake in Taibai County, he had no chance to definitely win if he confronted this kind of power.


Zheng Longxing, the Dianshi janitor, sat in the secret room with a gloomy look.

He did not completely change his look yet.

Zheng Longxing, who thought he was in control of everything, encountered great obstacles this time. Suddenly, he felt that he was like a clown jumping over a beam. He once thought he was the master that had been concealing himself in the dark and planned everything. In fact, he was manipulated by the young county magistrate.

Zheng Longxing suddenly understood why the young county magistrate was hiding in the office all the time. It was not because he was avoiding being killed or afraid to see people. In fact, it was because he did not care about them and did not think they were somebody.

Now Zheng Longxing regretted.

He received the news the first time Bloody-moon faction failed to kill Li Mu, but he did not pay too much attention and thus made a mistake of the true power of Li Mu.

One small mistake led to a bigger mistake.

Now, what should he do?

A lazy and harmless tiger was enraged and turned into a fierce beast that ate and drank human blood. It was out of control.

“All of this was caused by myself.” Zheng Longxing thought.

“No. I have to go there and help him.” Zheng Longxing sat there for a long time, but suddenly he grasped a thought, jumped up and said, “Come on. Pass my orders. Summon troops and horses as soon as possible. We have to help our county magistrate.”

Li Mu was angry.

Very angry.

He felt as if his chest was full of something hot and about to explode.

The headquarters of Shennong Faction was like a real hell in life, which continually flashed through his mind.

Zhang Li and her daughter Qiner was tortured to death with no clothes on them…

The innocent mother and daughter, who were waiting for justice, were tortured to death by Shennong Faction in the cruellest way.

In addition to the mother and daughter, Li Mu also saw unknown corpses, which were like slaughtered cattle and sheep, thrown onto the ground in the stone forest. Some disciples of Shennong Faction were cooking that human flesh to feed those snakes and beasts with an ordinary look, which meant they were already used to it…

There were also some people who were kept in somewhere like a pigsty as if they were animals. Nobody could tell how long they were in that place. Those people were extremely thin with scars all over their body. They were all disabled and looked dull. Ang They were like sheep that were going to be killed, and they seemed dead already.

The headquarter of Shennong Faction was simply a Shura slaughterhouse.

Li Mu was angered by all these scenes.

His eyes were on fire, and there was only one thought in his mind—

Kill them all!

Killing these beasts that were covered with human skins.

Li Mu’s steel-made knife had already been damaged. He rushed to the disciples of Shennong Faction and used his fist to kill those cold-blooded brute with his giant power. He kicked a stone pillar with one foot, which caused the rocks exploded and smashed people to death in the constant boom sound. People were screaming and begging, but Li Mu did not show them any mercy.

Li Mu got this horrible power. And no one could fight against him in Shennong Faction.

Even some masters of Joint-force level and Joint-qi level could not bear any Li Mu’s angry fist.

He rushed all the way to the deep stone forest of Shennong Faction, which was like a tiger rushed into a flock of sheep. He was irresistible.

In the caves of the deep stone forest.

The atmosphere was extremely silent.

With a gloomy look, Sikong Jing, the Grand Master, had worn a pair of pure black soft armour. And the top leaders of Shennong Faction, who were the most powerful disciples from law enforcement team, were also fully armed. They were also Sikong Jing’s loyal warriors who had been promoted by Sikong Jing with heart and soul, and they had the fighting power of the army.

This was the real card of Shennong Faction.

“Ruined. Shennong Faction was ruined. Ruined…”

The heart of Sikong Jing was bleeding.

More than twenty years’ painstaking efforts would be turned into flowing water immediately, which was like cutting Sikong Jing’s flesh.

Sikong Jing knew it clearly that once everything in the headquarter was exposed, his identity could only be changed from a grandmaster to a wanted criminal. Dianshi janitor Zheng Longxing had no ability to cover up all of this. From then on, he could only embark on the road of desperation, and more than 20 years of glory and richness would turn into smoke.

All of this was caused by the humble county magistrate.

“Anyway, I will be wanted and killed by the government. So I’d rather choose to kill the humble county magistrate to let myself feel good first. He dares to ruin my career. We will never share the air.”

The feeling of disgruntlement in Sikong Jing’s mind was growing.

“My brothers. Follow me. We shall revenge for our men. Whoever offends our Shennong Faction will die.”

With a loud shout to boost morale, he would rush out of the grottoes with his men.

Before he finished the words.


Here came a loud noise from the grotto gate.

Someone was slamming outside, which made the whole grotto shake badly, and the earth and stones fell from the patio.

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