The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Li Qingtian

“Congratulations, Sir; you’ve successfully suppressed the Shennong Faction and killed those two chief criminals of Zhou Wu and Zheng Longxing. From now on, you’re the master of the whole county of Taibai.” The secretary Feng Yuanxing followed Li Mu and said with flattery.

Li Mu stopped; he turned back suddenly and looked at Feng Yuanxing.

“Do you think I did it for the power?” Li Mu asked.

Feng Yuanxing froze.

Li Mu glanced at those kneeling soldiers.

“How about another chance to be pretending to be something this time?”

Then this young county magistrate immediately showed a dignified, generous and passionate attitude.

“Now listen carefully. I killed those two persons to enforce the law impartially. The purpose is to denounce the malignant bullies in Taibai County, to revenge for those died in Shennong Faction slaughterhouse, to protect the people’s interest of Taibai County and…” Li Mu spoke in excitement and showed his impartiality fully, then he asked, “Could I kill Zhou Wu and Zheng Longxing if they really loved the people and didn’t make me a mere puppet?”

Feng Yuanxing understood immediately.

“Absolutely, you’re chivalrous and courageous, devoted to the public and regarded as the treasure for us in Taibai County. I feel guilty when I asked such stupid question like that.” Then he corrected himself and said with shame, “It’s good fortune for hundreds of thousands of people in Taibai County to have such good magistrate like you since you are so benevolent and love us.”

Li Mu twitched in the corner of the mouth.

Damn, this guy was so shameless to flatter like that.

“Now you can deal with the rest. Clean the remaining evil elements of Zheng Longxing and Zhou Wu, but don’t get those innocent involved. Don’t implicate others related to them charged or found guilty; don’t broaden the scope and everything must be done according to the laws of the Empire… Mr. Feng, you need to draft a file per today’s issue and report it to the higher. It’s not convenient for me since I’ve been involved.”

Li Mu finished, then he turned back and left.

“Yes, Sir,” Replied Feng Yuanxing loudly with a happy expression on his face.

Did this mean the county magistrate had accepted him already?

There were many people beyond the headquarter of Shennong Gang.

As for what had happened here, it spread out like a storm—Of course, it didn’t include what had happened in the grottoes.

In addition to the ranking strength and people of all parties in the county, many ordinary civilians had also come.

The news spread like wildfire since Li Mu always came to the headquarter of Shennong Faction.

Because in the past ten years, so many bad things happened. The people from Shennong Faction colluded with officials, did evils, killed and robbed as well as buying or selling by forces. The residents in Taibai County had choked with silent fury. Hearing that the new county magistrate was going to crusade against the Shennong Faction, they didn’t dare to believe him. However, as the news spread, more and more people gathered around.

However, everything had shown that it was quite clear when the Shennong Faction would be completely overthrown.

But everyone had also wanted to know what happened in the depth of the stone forest.

They didn’t dare to enter and only waited here.

As a result, Li Mu was quite surprised at the sight of the crowd of people when he rode out of the stone forest slowly on the white horse brought by the guard.

“Damn, why there are so many people here?”

There were at least 4-5000 people outside the main gate. The people were everywhere.

But they turned so silent immediately at the sight of Li Mu as if they were given damping magic.

He was out!

Their hearts beat wildly again when those all powers from the forces saw this.

Though they had mental preparation before that, they were shocked again when they saw Li Mu.

Because this meant the young county magistrate made it; he really suppressed the Shennong Faction by himself which was one of the greatest factions in Taibai County. He didn’t almost get any injuries except that he got minor wound on the shoulder… What kind of power and courage needed to be so?

This even meant from now on, there would be a powerful strong county magistrate in Taibai County, who might change the political situation completely.

This was not good news for many gangs and rich people.

For many civilians, it was a great surprise and joy to see Li Mu for the first time. This new county magistrate turned out to be so young. Although he was covered with blood, his big eyes and bushy eyebrows made them feel a kind of affability, just like the child of the neighbor who showed no feeling of loftiness, dignity, and inaccessibility like those bureaucrats they had seen before.

Many civilians showed a good first impression on Li Mu.

But no one dared to break the silence at this moment.

Li Mu knocked the battle horse’s butt with a silver bow, and the battle horse clattered and accelerated.

And the crowd gave him a way automatically.

Li Mu rode the horse and passed.

“What a pity! That is a good chance to pretend.” Li Mu sighed; he thought he had to make another impassioned speech to the civilians of Taibai County after he had done such a great thing. However, that snake blood power inside was boiling like a volcano at this moment, and he needed to get back soon to melt it; he couldn’t waste any time here.

The horse and the person disappeared in the distant street.

A moment later.

Feng Yuanxing took hundreds of guards out from the stone forest of Shennong Faction.

There was a stir in the crowd outside.

One human shadow separated from the crowd and came to Feng Yuanxing, made obeisance and said, “Mr. Feng, what about the Sikong Jing? Where are Mr. Zhou and Dianshi janitor?”

Feng Yuanxing looked at him and replied peacefully, “So, it is you, Mr. Wei from Sky Star Martial Club. As the Grand Master of Shennong faction, Sikong Jing has been killed by the county magistrate since he entered the Medical Center to kill innocent people; he acted in utter disregarded of law and discipline and offended the magistrate that would never be forgiven. As for Mr. Zhou and Mr. Zheng…” As Feng Yuanxing said so, he paused and continued, “They colluded with the Shennong Faction and killed the civilians. When they also tried to kill the county magistrate, the county magistrate killed them according to the law.”

“What?” Wei Zilong, the president of Sky Star Martial Club, got so surprised as he heard so; he even thought he misheard and asked, “Mr. Feng, you… are joking, aren’t you?”

Feng Yuanxing sneered and said, poker-faced, “I have no intention of joking with you at such a special moment.”

As he said so, he turned back and waved, shouted loudly, “Come on, get the bodies of three sinners of Sikong Jing, Zhou Wu and Zheng Longxing to government-run Yi Zhuang and keep them in strict solitary confinement. Others go with me to search for Zhou and Zheng’s houses and confiscate their property. Our county magistrate has said that we should never release the remaining iniquities of the Shennong Faction and the members of Zhou and Zheng’s parties.”

Then he left with the soldiers in a hurry.

Then 20 elite soldiers and guards took the corpses of Sikong Jing, Zhou Wu, and Zheng Longxing out of the stone forest.

Suddenly, thousands of people surrounded exploded and boiled like a bomb in a sparrow nest.

Wei Zilong stood there, blank as if he was petrified.

“How can it be?”

“How can it happen like this?”

“How can it be possible?”

Besides the Shennong Faction, the Tingyu Temple, the Changfeng Bureau as well as the Sky Star Martial Club all belonged to the great factions in Taibai County. And except that there was another background for the Tingyu Temple since it was a Buddhist temple, the Changfeng Bureau and the Sky Star Martial Club had a close relationship with Zhou Wu and Zheng Longxing. Though it was a little better, it was not so good compared with the Shennong Faction.

Hearing that those two giants had been killed, Wei Zilong felt so ice-cold at that moment.

An indescribable chill rushed up from the tail of his buttock and ran through the pillars of his spine to the head, making him feel as if he was staying in an ice cave.

Several monks who were white and fat from the Tingyu Temple paled as they heard this news in the distance; they talked to each other for a few words, turned and left.

Several other tough men wearing soft armor in armed escort style of Changfeng Bureau mixed in the crowd were all shocked. After confirming that they were really the corpses of Sikong Jing and other two people on the stretchers, they also left quickly in shock.

Wei Zilong held back the shock and fear forcibly, and then he hurried to turn back and left.

That was a great shock for Taibai County.

It was sure that the forces would be reshuffled.

The structure of power would undergo tremendous changes.

What should the Sky Star Martial Club do?

He had to make an early decision.

Meanwhile, the discussion became fiercer and fiercer around the crowd.

So many people still didn’t believe what they had heard nor seen till now. It was just a sudden change since it happened without warnings. If it was a kind of anticipation when someone knew the collapse of the Shennong Faction and the death of Sikong Jing, that might be a sudden storm for the deaths of Zhou Wu and Zheng Longxing, which made everyone muddled in such rain and wind of the storm.

Such young county magistrate, who had just ridden away, had done such a great thing?

“Li Qingtian!”

Someone shouted loudly in the crowd.

Many civilians responded immediately.

“The master of Qingtian.”

“Sob, Cui’er, can you hear me in the heaven? The county magistrate master has revenged for you; all the brutes from the Shennong Faction died already… Sob!”

“Daddy, Mummy, Sikong Jing has already died, you can go peacefully now.”

“Our county magistrate is the real God, he made justice for us, and we finally get a good official.”

“The justice has been restored.”

“Go to the government office for injustice if you have. Our master will make justice for us for sure.”

The people seethed with excitement and fierce sentiment.

Some people even got firecrackers from somewhere and fired them directly at the main gate of Shennong Faction.

The crackling sounds of the firecrackers could be heard miles around.

There was an animated atmosphere and many people were in tears as if it was a holiday.

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