The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 18

Chapter 18 To See You Off

As Feng Yuanxing heard so, his face paled.

The young county magistrate really had no way to deal with these two local tyrants. Obviously, he turned to the wrong person since he was so anxious.

As Zhou Wu and Zheng Longxing heard so, they felt a little relaxed and laughed. They didn’t hide their provocative looks but turned around and strode out of the grotto.

Then Li Mu continued at this moment, “Let me see you off.”


A slight tremor of bowstring sounded.

Zheng Longxing heard the wind behind and got frightened.

But he was unable to make any response with his strength; he could only feel a shock in the back of his heart, then flew out lightly and hit the grotto wall. He burst out a blood arrow, which made him feel great pain as if it was piercing the heart and poured in slowly…

“You… I…” He stuck the face on the grotto but couldn’t turn back, and he couldn’t see the startled expression of the people behind him.

Zheng Longxing struggled and touched the arrow feather with backhands which pierced through his back and still shook. He tried to pull it out, but his strength dissipated like an ebb tide. Then he tried several times but couldn’t even raise his arm since it was too weak.

“I’m… still unreconciled… You… Li Mu… Who on earth are you?”

Zheng Longxing roared with his last strength of life.

The power of this arrow was so terrible that it pierced the back of the heart and burst the internal organs. Even the immortals couldn’t save him. It was a momentary recovery of consciousness just before his death at this moment.

But Li Mu didn’t seem to answer Zheng Longxing’s question at his last moment.

He sat on the stone chair and looked at the bow with bright eyes as if it was not him who did the shoot just now.

“Ha ha ha, I’m… the Bloody-moon faction…Master… You…killed the people from Bloody Moon… the Bloody Moon… will deal with you hard…” Zheng Longxing twitched for a while; he was nailed on the stone wall and died thoroughly.

“He was from the Bloody-moon faction?”

Li Mu felt a jolt, but actually, he still looked as if he had never heard this before.

He was still looking at the silver bow from Zhou Zhong.

“Good bow.”

He couldn’t help admiring.

Just now when he drew the bow, he only pulled out less than a quarter of the degree with his strength and killed a master with Joint-qi level at an instant kill. How terrible would the power be if he pulled the bow at full degree?

This bow must be so unique and that was a bright pearl thrown into darkness when Sikong Jing got it.

While on the other hand, those hundreds of guards, Feng Yuanxing and Zhou Wu were totally scared as if they were petrified in the grotto.

Did he really… kill him?

They never expected that this county magistrate could kill the Dianshi janitor Zheng Longxing without warning with one shoot of the arrow; he didn’t hesitate at all.

He was so resolute to kill.

The one he killed was a real Dianshi janitor, who was a great person in Taibai County.

Finally, this person was killed.

Like slaughtering a pig…

That was so damn violent.

Everyone was shocked by this scene.

The unparalleled visual and psychological shock wave made them lose their ability to think instantly.

And Zhou Wu was the first one to respond.

The indescribable fear, like the tide in a moment, drowned him all.

He cried out in horror, twinkled like a flash of electricity and flew out of the grottoes.

Li Mu might kill Zhou Wu since he dared to kill Zheng Longxing.

At that moment, he was in a state of panic in the heart.

The head of the Zhou family, who had been in Taibai County for decades, felt the threat of death for the first time. He also realized that he had despised this young county magistrate before and he was not a coward with brute courage but just a real strong dragon and an absolute killer. Before that, he had wanted to rely on family forces to fight against this killer, but any effect had become so vulnerable in the face of the absolute strength.


A slight tremor of bowstring sounded.

Just like the call of death.


A cloud of blood covered Zhou Wu.

“Ah, no…” He fell down and howled like a pig sadly.

Zhou Wu’s left leg was shot directly by the wolf’s tooth arrow, which was broken off at the same root and burst into blood mist and mud. However, the arrow, on the other hand, remained fast and shot into the distant stone wall until it had no feathers.

Li Mu shook his head and said, “Sorry, the shot was off.”

He never used this arrow before and couldn’t master the accuracy, but he could even shoot it right just now though it was all because of his keen perception from the Xiantian Skill rather than his excellent skill at arrow shooting.

Suddenly, Li Mu felt this weapon of bow and arrow was so suitable for him.

If there was such a bow before, there was no need for him to fight hand-to-hand after he practiced archery, so that it was just fine to stand far away and shoot arrows.

Li Mu would never do such a dangerous thing due to Li Mu’s principle of fear of pain and triviality and safety first in his daily life. If it was not because of the anger that made him have no repression of the impulse, he must be careful when he pretended to be something. But as for the arrow, he could solve this problem perfectly; it was just like a sniper rifle if he was good at it so that he could kill with one shot. Well, that was so cool and amazing.

Li Mu decided to work hard on archery when he went back today.

“Ah ah…” Zhou Wu was howling sadly, “My leg, my leg…” Though he was also a martial art master, he lacked some valiant spirit after he did himself well for so many years, and his painful tears and runny nose came down together due to the broken leg.

But other people kept dull there.

If it was the previous shot that killed Zheng Longxing that made everyone shocked and stunned, then it was Zhou Wu’s scream came into their ears, while others were awakened from the stupor.

But they still didn’t know how to respond.

Ordinary guards had been frightened by the signs of fighting with the Shennong Gang long ago.

Zhou Wu and Zheng Longxing’s trusted subordinates almost wet their pants in terror; they didn’t dare to stand and hoped Li Mu didn’t know them at all so as not to attract Li Mu’s attention.

Even the brave soldiers who feared no death had no desire to fight when they faced this young county magistrate who was like Deicide.

As those disciples from Shennong Faction had just been killed, the arrow had been just pulled out from the shoulder and the impact of the death of those two giants of the county by the arrows; this young county magistrate with absolute strength and position was the existence of God dominating everything at this moment for all of them.

Who dared to challenge?

“Ah… No, don’t kill me; I want to live, Master… I’m wrong; please forgive me.”

Zhou Wu was so scared and howled, tears, nose, and excrement flowed together. He was lying on the ground, struggling.

This scream was like a heavy hammer, pounding on other people’s hearts and made them shudder with fear.

Li Mu frowned and said, “That’s too noisy.”

Then he looked at the secretary of Feng Yuanxing.

Feng Yuanxing was clever enough and he understood Li Mu immediately.

Grinding the teeth, he stood up, picked up the knife from the ground and went silently.

“You… Feng Yuanxing… You, no, what’re you doing… Please… Li Mu… Mr. Li, I will not dare to do so… I swear, I will be loyal to you completely from now on… Please… I want to live… Come on, help me…” Zhou Wu smelt a rat and struggled crazily; he looked at Li Mu pleadingly just like a dog with a broken back.

But Li Mu did not look at him at all.

“If you wanted to murder yourself, you had to be aware of the consequences.”

As Feng Yuanxing saw Li Mu’s expression, he didn’t hesitate and cut Zhou Wu dead as the knife dropped; the blood splashed all over him.

He threw the knife aside, wiped a handful of blood on his face, went back to kneel and saluted again, and said, “Sir, both of those offense officers have been executed already.”

Li Mu nodded.

Hundreds of other soldiers and guards were all kneeling on the ground with their heads down; they did not dare to move, and all were subjected to the pressure of Li Mu.

The result was certain.

Li Mu breathed a secret sigh of relief. He stood up and moved his body.

The blood spilled out and soaked the white bandage on the place where the shoulder was wrapped.

He grinned painfully and almost called out.

Damn, he had to pay for this when he wanted to pretend to be something.

Before he pulled the arrow out by himself, it was not because he was not afraid of pain, but the snake venom hadn’t dispersed yet. It was just like the anesthetic that made him feel no pain. But now, the snake venom disappeared gradually, and he felt the pain more obviously just like a little knife cutting there.

Li Mu chocked back and didn’t cry out, but there was a layer of tiny sweat coming out from his forehead.

Meanwhile, he felt the changes that could never be controlled inside. There was something like the magma running inside the blood vessels, he felt so hot to the extreme level as if his body got burnt.

Li Mu guessed vaguely that it was because of the green snake’s blood, which was melting inside his body.

He was plotted against at the last moment when he fought with Sikong Jing due to his carelessness; he was so exhausted and nearly swallowed up by the python ophiosaurus. At this critical moment, he thought of the story from the kung fu novel of “The Legend of The Condor Heroes” when Guo Jing bit the 7-inch part of the snake and swallowed its blood, then he fought hard and bit the giant anaconda to death. He absorbed all of the snake’s blood and everything turned to be safe.

It seemed that Li Mu was keeping having roast leisurely at this moment, but actually, he was practicing Xiantian Skill to suppress the power from the snake venom and snake blood. Now the snake venom had gone but he couldn’t suppress the snake blood anymore.

Anyway, he pretended to be something successfully today.

Li Mu stood up and walked out of the grotto.

He had to be back to the county office as soon as possible and need to close himself in the door to practice austerities to refine snake blood in the body.

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