The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Qi Door

This sentence was about the origin of martial art.

And its general idea was that, everything had its weak points, even the water, fire, gold and iron, which seemed merciless, but they were not the strongest. The strongest was Qi while the common people couldn’t feel it. But it was lucky when there was a sage during the ancient time who sensed the mystery of Qi and obtained the method for practice so as to start the practicing way. Ordinary creatures might get stronger when they mastered this kind of practicing method, so that they might be as strong as the immortals and free among between the earth and heaven.

So, the martial art practicing system on this world could be called the Qi practicing method.

It was the first time when Li Mu saw the clear description about the martial art system of this world.

According to the introduction of Training of Qi Formula, it praised highly on the power of ‘Qi’, thought that it was almost close to Taoism. It also made examples to prove the terrible power of Qi in details, listed the terrible fighting skills by the masters who practiced its power to the extreme level. In the end, it determined that the power of Qi was the strongest in the world by absolute tone and attitude and said that the humans’ natural shackles could never be broken without practicing Qi and even those who practiced to the extreme could never reach beyond their acquired categories.

And obviously, it was not the Training of Qi Formula that was bragging there, instead that was an absolute truth that had been built up on this planet over the years.

As Li Mu saw this, he was as if in deep thought.

It was interesting on the idea about Qi.

There was also a saying about “Qi” when people in the ancient times practiced martial arts in China. Take qigong for example, it once became so popular in China after the later evolution of many knight-errant cultures, and people thought that they might get internal power through qigong, they also called it true qi, internal qi or something like that. They also thought that it may break the humans’ physical shackles through qigong and achieved something which couldn’t be done with their bodies, for example, the telekinesis, hurting people in the distance and beating the cows from the distance and so on. They even thought the popular magic and that kind of thing from the west were also connected with qi, while the Westerners called it the element.

It had the similar statement and origin about qigong on the earth with the martial art practicing from this planet.

But the difference was that it focused on science and technology on the earth while people questioned qigong constantly. Those various magic power such as beating the cows from the mountain, no trails left on stepping snow, telekinesis as well as flying over the walls etc. all appeared in the martial arts films. But the power of qi had really been explored and reflected on this planet, it was admitted by this world and let them really gain the power like the superman.

In general, Li Mu agreed with the recognition and elaboration from the introduction of Training of Qi Formula.

He continued to read.

After the introduction, the Training of Qi Formula began with its forma general methods of training of qi.

This kind of method was also the breathing way.

But compared with Xiantian Skill, it was different since some special postures should be combined with this breathing method, and it also clearly marked that some preconditions such as physical strength, blood, energy and age were required. That’s to say, it was impossible for ordinary people to be trained, only those Joint-force level martial arts masters through systematic practice might try to train and opened the qi door after they got physical strength to a certain realm, so that they might practice and master the power of “qi”.

“This Training of Qi Formula is very low, I can even hardly figure out the gap compared with Xiantian Skill from the old faker though they are all about breathing method, what’s more, it requires such strict physical condition and that must be so fake… That may be so, there cannot be any good Cultivation Method in this small county, or else, Sikong Jing might not be killed so easily if is not so.”

After reading, Li Mu felt a little disappointed, then put aside the book of Training of Qi Formula.

After such a comparison, he placed a higher evaluation of “Xiantian Skill” and “Zhenwu Boxing” once again in some dimensions.

“Now the question is, I cannot make internal qi through practicing…”

Li Mu couldn’t figure it out at this point.

“Why can’t I produce internal qi since I’ve practiced Xiantian Skill, and it’s higher than Training of Qi Formula?”

Li Mu thought highly of internal qi.

Of course, his physical strength was powerful enough, and it was as easy as to remove the Shennong Faction who dominated Taibai County for decades like cutting vegetables. This was based on the fact that he didn’t have any combat experience before, Li Mu believed that he might get stronger combat force as his combat experience increased.

But the question was, there were many shortcomings when he fought with physical strength which was just like walking on one leg.

And Li Mu couldn’t obtain those Cultivation Method which needed to be pushed via internal qi or internal strength.

Was he able to get rid of the fetter, leave this planet and cross the universe barely on his physical strength?

The old faker also mentioned the importance of internal qi on the earth.

But this power was just called the “immortal power” as this old man talked.

The internal qi praised highly on this planet might probably be the low-end rough version of the so-called “immortal power”, and the internal qi should be practiced in order to get this power so that it could be derivate and improved. It was because this “qi” power had touched the true face of the heaven and earth while the physical strength was just the acquired power no matter how powerful it was.

“According to the description of Training of Qi Formula, my physical condition is qualified but why can’t I produce internal qi? Is it because the Xiantian Skill belongs to the so-called immortal Cultivation Method and that’s why there’s no internal qi during the practicing?”

Li Mu was pondering.

Finally, he picked up the book of Training of Qi Formula and began to read again.

15 minutes later, Li Mu understood its profundity.

He began to try, and tried to open the “qi door” according to the methods in Training of Qi Formula.

The night soon ended.

The sun was shining brightly in the morning.

Li Mu was wearing a strange look as he went out of the exercise room.

“That’s so strange, is it because I’m just the legendary unfortunate man after travelling? I can recite the Training of Qi Formula so well after one night, but there’s no sense of qi inside, not to mention damn qi door.”

Yes, Li Mu had tried hard for the Training of Qi Formula for the whole night, but failed.

He could even fail to get the skills from such common formula.

“It must be that because this secret book is so common, and I’m deemed to become the peerless genius after getting the top Cultivation Method… That must be like this, and there’s no other reason.”

Li Mu shouted in his heart.

He needed to break the shackles of the planet and enter the cosmic sky within 20 years in order to save the earth.

And it was only the beginning to enter the starry sky.

Because he had just entered the sky, and he might change the decisions from the martial art powers on the Ziwei Star Region, so that they might be willing to stop the construction of super large Transmitting Array. He had to use forces and there might be a great war at that time.

As a result, those 20 years were rather important for Li Mu.

The Xiantian Skill and Zhenwu Boxing might help to improve Li Mu’s essence and power of life with some immortal strength obtained as well, and this was one aspect, on the other hand, Li Mu had to temper himself with his fighting skill and experience to improve his fighting power so as to activate the hidden power in his body.

These two aspects complemented each other and were indispensable.

Or else, he would be like the volcanic magma pressed underground and couldn’t erupt no matter how much power he had accumulated. Li Mu couldn’t give full play to the strength when he was fighting against the enemies without the fighting method even though he had only amazing physical strength.

The simplest example was that, if Li Mu had practiced the fighting method, the fight with the Shennong Faction wouldn’t be so incredible and ruined the headquarter of Shennong Faction, nor did he get injured after being plotted against by Sikong Jing during the battle.

It was believed that the reason why the old faker sent Li Mu to this low-level Martial Art Star rather than sending him to the real immortal planet— The old faker must hope that Li Mu might sharpen himself on this low-level Martial Art Star, so that he could start from this low-level martial art fighting skill and find the fighting method on his own way to take advantages of the power brought from Xiantian Skill and Zhenwu Boxing.

Came a burst of crisp calls of orioles, which were extremely pleasant.

Li Mu stretched slowly and yawned.

Taibai County was located in the mountain and existed on the bank of a large area of virgin forest. It had beautiful scenic and green trees that made it extremely fantastic. There were so many birds and animals too, and the sky was full of flower fragrance, which made the air so clean and fresh just like the otherworldly sort of place. The county government located on the top of the mountain and the beauty of the scenery behind the house could be regarded as the most amazing one in the whole county.

As Li Mu was walking in the back house of the county government, he felt as if he was in the fairyland.

His brain was running very fast.

“Since Training of Qi Formula is not good for me, I need to find ways to get higher-level Cultivation Method and fighting skills. There must be high-level secret skills from those famous factions and I have to find ways to get them. I want to know if they can help me to get the internal qi out, then I will get some famous masters to fight with them for exchange. Well, that will be so effective.”

Some terrible ideas began to form in Li Mu’s mind.

While there were tempestuous waves on the martial art circle on this planet due to Li Mu’s simple idea like that.

As he arrived at the front hall, the little attendant Qing Feng had already ordered to prepare the breakfast. They were two refreshing dishes and one big bowl of delicious snake soup— that exotic green snake was hidden in the ice house of the government office, and it would be enough for Li Mu as well as those two attendants.

Ming Yue was feeling bad, she complained and said, “Why is it snake soup, it’s better to eat meat…” What a real predator.

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