The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 23

Chapter 23 The Archery

“The food should not be so fatty.” Qing Feng advised and said like an adult, “Diet should be arranged reasonably. Ming Yue, you need to be on moderate in eating since you eat too much recently, or else, you will grow fat…”

Li Mu sighed with emotion.

Now he had almost knew clearly about these two attendants’ characters after recent knowing each other.

The little boy Qing Feng could be described as “young but experienced” since he was careful and well-planned, what’s more, he enjoyed reading and was good at the laws, humanity, history, official ranks of the Empire of the Great Qin Dynasty. He was talented and intelligent that could be matching the name of “book boy”.

However, the little girl Ming Yue was the opposite while she was just a natural stay. She might take care of Li Mu occasionally besides food and playing, and that was a special favor for her. Then Li Mu found occasionally that this crazy girl had great strength and could run as fast as the wind. She was really a born freak.

Anyhow, these two fellows were his closest persons when Li Mu came to this planet.

After lunch when Li Mu went out of the front hall, the guard Dutou Official Ma Junwu was already there waiting at the gate carrying the bow and arrow.

“Your honor, the training center is ready, you can go there at any time.” Ma Junwu said respectfully.

Li Mu set his mind to learn archery, and Ma Junwu, as the best archery master in Taibai County, had prepared already and came to teach the skill as he got the order last night. Obviously, this was a golden opportunity to do some bonding with the county magistrate, and he felt so excited. Then he had prepared for the whole night and decided to seize this opportunity.

“Good, get the horse and I’m going to the field now.” Li Mu said in high spirit.

Earlier on the planet, he decided to be a sniper following the ADC route, so that he could kill the opponent far away, which was the most efficient method in the battle.

As he just arrived at the gate of the government office, the secretary Feng Yuanxing came in for a visit with a forced smile, “So, your honor, are you going for the archery training? But the door is blocked, you need to use the back door now.”

Hearing this, the county magistrate burst into anger, “Who’s that? Why did he block the door? Didn’t hear that Shennong Faction was destroyed?”

Feng Yuanxing was scared and replied, “Sorry, your honor, it’s a mistake, they’re the celebrities in the county visiting you with some gift for the celebration when you abolished the Shennong Faction. There’re also some poor people voicing the grievance since they hear you’re honest and justice. Now there’re so many people crowded at the gate, that’s all because of your prestige and they trust you…”

So it was.

Li Mu turned to be happy and couldn’t hide his concealed complacency on his face.

So it was.

What about going outside to the gate to show himself now?

But he gave it up after thinking about it for a while, time was not enough and he had to practice first in order to improve his power.

But Li Mu was quite clear, knew that it was dangerous to kill Zhou Wu and Zheng Longxing. Zhou family was a local tyrant and got so many friends from all walks of life, it was difficult to ensure he had some support to turn to. Zheng Longxing was the master of Bloody-moon faction, he had already connected with this faction when he had just arrived on this planet, it might be possible when he revenged. As a result, he had to be careful and cautious.

“Well, what about like this, you go to the trial court hall first, and redress the mishandled case then revenge for those who have hatred. Solve those cases one by one in accordance with Empire Law.” Li Mu turned around and walked towards the direction of the back door, then he turned back and looked at Feng Yuanxing, “You must be talent and learning since you are a secretary, so don’t make any false and erroneous cases, you must act impartially, understand?”

Feng Yuanxing was trembling with excitement.

What did it mean?

It meant the county magistrate believed him so much.

He was almost the acting county magistrate since Li Mu delegate such big power to him.

Being so excited, Feng Yuanxing felt he was paid off after enduring so many years. Then he knelt down and saluted, said loudly, “Yes, Sir. I will surely devote myself and hear every case fairly and impartially, I will never undermine your fair and honest reputation.”

Waving his hands, Li Mu turned back and walked towards the back door with Ma Junwu.

Suddenly, Feng Yuanxing remembered something and caught up with him, shouted loudly, “Your honor, shall I return those gifts from those celebrities in the name of you?” Feng Yuanxing knew so clearly about what those celebrities thought about, and that would detriment the master’s reputation for honesty and integrity as this news spread when he took them.

Hearing this, Li Mu stopped, turned back and looked at Feng Yuanxing as if he was looking at an idiot.

“Return? Why do I need to return?”

“Well…” Feng Yuanxing stuttered and felt a little stunned.

What happened? Why did he have this expression?

He proposed this so that it might show the image of nobility, benevolence and righteousness that the master was not confused by property, so, anything wrong?

Li Mu touched his chin and grinned, said, “Remember that all are welcome, and the more the better. It’s better to get martial art secrets. I need the fighting skills rather than the Cultivation Method.”

“Are you kidding? The wealth delivered to us is not stolen. Why should we return it?”

Moreover, in the world view of Li Mu, who had experienced the baptism of socialist ideology, these so-called county celebrities had embezzled so much fat from the people and they were absolutely not good guys, and why didn’t him seize this chance to beat them?

And the great person on the earth also said that we must be wary of the sugar-coated bullets. But the best method was not to resist them all, instead, we should leave the sugar and keep the bullets for ourselves, which was the best policy since the capitalism paid a double penalty.

Feng Yuanxing only came to his mind till Li Mu disappeared in the direction of the back door.

Then he suddenly realized that he seemed to be overthrowing the previous established understanding of the honorable man of the county.

He just thought this young county magistrate was a noble and unsullied figure, but now it seemed… it was too subtle and elusive.

The blazing sun was shining fiercely.

Radiated by the two suns, the temperature on the alien planet was not too high, it was almost the same as that of the earth.


The arrows hit the target like meteors.

The arrow feathers buzzed and trembled.

Ma Junwu clapped and said, “You’re so amazing, your honor. A word is enough to the wise, you’re much more talented than me on archery.”

Li Mu smiled and said, “Why are you also flattering like Feng Yuanxing?”

With a blushing face, Ma Junwu waved his hands and explained quickly, “No, I’m not flattering, it’s just from the bottom of my heart. I’ve never seen any gifted men like you to be so good on archery. Other people may not be half-efficient like you even though they have practiced for one year.”

Li Mu grinned and felt so comfortable.

No matter where and when it was, the flattery always worked.

However, he quite understood that it was because of Xiantian Skill that made him see and hear well since he had improved the five senses greatly. As a result, he could hit the target one hundred times without a single miss, and he was really a natural archer in Ma Junwu’s opinion.

Today when he practiced, Li Mu was using ordinary strong bow rather than the silver one, which tested his master of power, while that silver one was too strong and it might destroy the whole field as he shot.

“What’s your archery level in this Empire?”

Said Li Mu without turning back as he drove the nail after ten shots.

A look of shame appeared on Ma Junwu’s face.

“I’m just a little shrimp in the diving pool. I can still remember that I was a hunter in the mountain and gained the traditional shooting method. Later when I was not a hunter, I changed it and became a little famous in the whole Taibai County. But I’m just the last one compared with those from the entire Empire. It’s said that there were 3,000 archeries in the Holy Clan, Guanshan Pasture of the Empire of the Great Qin Dynasty, they are not only the first-class martial art masters but also the rare good shooters. Han Yu, the king of Control Battalion ‘meteor’ is called one of the four greatest shooters in the world, and he’s the best shooter in the Empire of the Great Qin Dynasty… To be honest, I’d gone to the Control Battalion many times and wanted to be there through examination since I was confused about the officialdom competition, however, I’d failed all.”

As Li Mu heard so, he nodded thoughtfully.

The Guanshan Pasture from the Holy Clan as the state protector of the Empire of the Great Qin Dynasty was one of the nine greatest Holy Clans and enjoyed supreme position. But for Li Mu, he was not quite familiar with Guanshan Pasture, and he wondered why there was also an archer army in the Holy Clan?

“You may become the archery master standing side by side with ‘meteor’ Han Yu in the future due to your aptitude if you go to Guanshan Pasture.” As Ma Junwu said so, there was a heartfelt envy on his face.

Li Mu grinned but didn’t respond.

As an alien with the great mission of saving the earth, how could his ambition be accommodated by the small “Guanshan Pasture”?

Then Li Mu practiced archery in the training field for the rest whole day.

He was practicing so seriously and crazy that made Ma Junwu feel so attracted.

He had thought that County Magistrate Li only wanted to have a try.

Li Mu’s skill was growing wildly at an exaggerated rate visible to the naked eye with the dull and continuous tremor of bowstring.

Then he understood the essence of Ma Junwu’s archery soon.

Ma Junwu’s archery was modified from the hunting method, it was from the hunters’ habits when they hunted and that was so interesting.

As for this kind of hunting archery, you had to be as steady as a mountain and hide like a sniper at first. Then the accuracy should be focused since everything had to be calculated, and the first shoot was the most important while it focused on the integration of essence, qi and spirit so as to maximize the damage to the enemy at the first time. As a result, the first shoot was the strongest and most terrible. After the first shoot, the method was changed and it focused on speed, characterized by the most arrows within the shortest time, especially the chain arrows which was rated as a unique skill.

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