The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 25

Chapter 25 I May Not Control Myself

The Bloody-moon Evil Master?

Li Mu was taken aback with a surprise, “…”

Li Mu knew there must be a conflict sooner or later with the Bloody-moon faction since he had killed Zheng Longxing. But it was not like this as he expected.

As a matter of fact, it should be like this: Bloody-moon faction should send out the so-called best of the younger generation to get even with him, and turned out be get beaten the sh*t out of them. They should all become his experience on his training path. Then, some top members from the Bloody-moon faction were enraged again and sent out the so-called senior enforcement officials to fight back, but finally, they were beaten down again. Li Mu had learned experience again with them. Then in the end, the big boss of “Bloody-moon Evil Master” would come out and give him the super experience and gifts.

It made no sense to face the BOSS directly without killing the little monsters for updates first.

That was unreasonable.

Seeing Li Mu was a little stunned, the young attendant Ming Yue laughed like a blooming little white flower. She reached out and poked at Li Mu, then she asked, “Hello, Master? Are you so happy and dull now?”

Li Mu didn’t know what to say.

This young adorkable attendant was so obtuse, and how did Li Mu find her?

“Isn’t the most important thing for you now to worry whether your Young Master will live to survive the challenge?”

His nose was out of joint because of anger and he almost threw the red challenge post away in his hands.

“Master, don’t stand there and be happy. Open it and read what it says?” This adorkable attendant was expecting.

Li Mu was so angry, but he somewhat agreed with her too. He had to read what the ‘Bloody-moon Evil Master’ said first, since it might be a friendly and kindly negotiation. After all, he was an official of this Empire. Then he hummed and opened the post, found a picture of bloody moon sky, as well as a few profound and powerful big words in 4 lines—

“Aug 15, on the day when 2 suns are in the sky, on the top of the mountain, a life and death fight.”

There was no signature.

But the pattern of bloody moon sky on the post had already explained everything.

The bloody moon sky only represented one person in the Northwest Wulin World, and that was the Grand Master “Bloody-moon Evil Master” from the Bloody-moon faction.

After reading, Li Mu almost threw the post away.

“A fight of life and death?”

“Why does he want to play so rough?”

“That’s not a good idea to fight and kill so easily, why not sit and talk for everything?”

Li Mu folded the post, he was pondering and wondered how to reply.

Anyway, after the initial impulse, the previous pu**y of him had conquered the little impulsive guy while “discouraging” had occupied the key position again. Though he had wanted to sharpen himself and see the elegance of the martial art masters in the world, he wanted to fight with them for comparison, not to play with his life.

His life was so precious that it concerned the lives and deaths of billions of beautiful women on earth.

“Where’s the poster?” Li Mu asked.

“He’s gone already.” Ming Yue replied naturally.

“What? He’s gone? Why didn’t you let him stay?” Li Mu roared, it was good when he stayed since he might refuse the challenge.

Ming Yue was a little stunned, she answered incredibly, “Master, messengers should neither be beheaded or hanged. That’ll be so cruel if you even want to blow up that poster.”

“I…” Li Mu felt so embarrassed and extremely angry, thought that he even wanted to blow her up right now.

“Don’t worry, Master, Ming Yue has already helped you to reply the poster, said that you would be there on time. You should never be losing, and I said that the Grand Master should be ready to be blown up…” Ming Yue took it for granted and replied.

“I… Damn.” Li Mu was almost going to burst. He said with a gloomy face, “Kid, don’t appear in front of me these days, or else, I’m afraid I cannot control myself.”

As he finished, Li Mu turned and left.

He was afraid that he might beat this dumb a** hard as he couldn’t control himself.

“Well, Master, stay here. How do you think of my reply? It’s cool, right? Well, why can’t you control yourself… Well, I know, you must be preparing for the fight and practicing a terrible magic skill, right… Aha ha, don’t worry, I will not let others disturb you…” This young attendant didn’t know all that she should be beaten up and continued to talk.


Li Mu closed the door of the exercise room.

“Ouch…” The adorkable young attendant Ming Yue was running too fast and crashed onto the door.

She rubbed the red mark on the head, suddenly, she found some butterflies flying into the rockery, which made her excited and forget everything, then she went to catch the butterflies.

One hour later.

Li Mu went out of the exercise room.

He practiced the “Xiantian Skill” for one hour and felt calm.

“Come and get someone to tell Feng Yuanxing to get to the front hall…” Li Mu came to the front court and spoke loudly.

Soon, the secretary Feng Yuanxing appeared in front of Li Mu.

“How’s that going on, the things I’ve told you to do?” Li Mu asked.

Feng Yuanxing replied quickly. “Hello, Master, I’ve audited 56 cases today, they are all judged via the Empire laws and the judges didn’t take any bribe at all… And this is the list of the gifts from the rich people, businessmen, families and gangs in the city. Here you are.” Then he handed over a red brochure.

Li Mu took over the brochure and glanced, he felt excited and nodded with satisfaction, then he said, “Good, well done. All the finance belongs to the county library… What about the war technical book from the Sky Star Martial Club and Changfeng Bureau?” Before he could finish the sentence, Li Mu couldn’t help but coughed a few more times and spat out a mass of black blood.

The “Zhenwu Boxing” cleansed the internal organs. Li Mu’s visceral organs had been damaged on earth. Since they had been repaired now, the impurities were pushed out with blood stains and coughed out of the body, which looked like he was vomiting blood.

Feng Yuanxing shuddered with fear and didn’t know how serious Li Mu was injured since he was still spitting blood. He didn’t dare to ask but turned back and took out two brocade boxes of different colors from his many possesions, then he said, “Master, this is the nine-star fighting skill of ‘Five Elements Boxing’ from the Sky Star Martial Club, and this is the ‘Gale-like Blade Methods’ from the Changfeng Bureau.”

There were four great factions in Taibai County and the Shennong Faction was unlucky enough since it was eradicated by Li Mu and had become the history. For the rest three factions, the Sky Star Martial Club and Changfeng Bureau didn’t want to offend this young powerful county magistrate, they wanted to moderate relationship with him and contributed the good fighting skills to him as they heard that Li Mu was interested in martial art fighting skills through Feng Yuanxing today. Thus without grudges, they handed in their special skills book. As for the last Tingyu Temple, it was a kind of Buddhism and Taoism Faction which called themselves to be at peace with the world. As a result, they didn’t come to the county government for a visit, nor did they give any response.

Li Mu felt itchy in the lung and coughed, spat some black blood clots, then he felt refreshed and extremely comfortable in the viscera. He knew this meant that his organs had been strengthened and improved qualitatively.

He took over those two brocade boxes, opened and took out the brochures, looked carefully with joy on his face, and said, “Good, very good. Well done, Mr. Feng. I’m very satisfied this time. From now on, you’ll be responsible for all the administrative affairs in Taibai County, do according to the law and don’t neglect anyone.”

Feng Yuanxing was so happy. “Does it mean that I’ve had the power to be the real county magistrate?

“That young county magistrate looks like injured badly and he only focuses on martial art without any interest on political affairs, this is my time.”

“I will.” He knelt down to the ground and said gratefully, “Thank you for your trust, Master. I will devote my life to the end of my days for the work.”

Li Mu didn’t care whether he was really grateful or acting, then took the two fighting skill secrets and was about to leave for practice.

As he walked only for a few steps, he remembered something, and then he turned back and asked again, “Mr. Feng, there’re two things and you need to do them right now. First, go and continue to find, search and buy the fighting skill secrets for me, the more the better. Second, find out the relationship between Zhou’s family and the Taibai Sword Faction, summarize them and make them into files, then give them to Qing Feng, OK?”

“Yes, Sir,” Feng Yuanxing knelt down on the ground with his head down and spoke respectfully and loudly.

Then Li Mu turned back and left.

After a long time, Feng Yuanxing raised his head slowly.

His face was a bit weird and looked gloomy.

Li Mu’s last order made him realized suddenly that the reason why he was so strong before might not because of his well-regulated mind or relying on others, but because he was young and impulsive as well as his ignorance as a know-nothing.

So, for Feng Yuanxing, this meant the present situation was absolutely not as optimistic as he imagined.

Actually, he was also one of the accomplices to kill Zhou Wu and Zheng Longxing, and he would hardly absolve himself from the blame and had to make a plan for himself if Li Mu couldn’t resist the Bloody-moon faction and Zhou’s family because of his serious injuries.

“Well, I’m too impulsive…”

Feng Yuanxing sighed secretly.

He thought he could forbear since he hid his ambition carefully as he compromised out of consideration for the general interest for so many years, and he was always waiting for the opportunity. That day when he was in the grotto of the headquarter of the Shennong Faction, he thought it was the right opportunity and made the choice to support Li Mu on a whim. But now, he felt suddenly that he seemed to be a little impulsive when he made the decision on that day.

Should he continue?

Or tried to find ways to make up?

The question was, so many people saw him kill Zhou Wu at that time, and this hatred couldn’t be dispelled or concealed at all.

Feng Yuanxing was hesitating.

Li Mu began to read those two fighting skill secret books in the exercise room.

All kinds of martial art fighting skills in this world were the same and strict in ranks.

There were strict classifications from nine to one grade while grade nine was the worst and grade one was the best. Those skills above grade one were classics, they were superb and couldn’t be equated with ordinary ones, and this kind of martial art secrets might only exist in the Nine Great Holy Clans.

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