The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 26

Chapter 26 Someone was Looking for trouble

The “Five Elements Boxing” and “Gale-like Blade Methods” presented by the Sky Star Martial Club and Changfeng Bureau could be regarded as the top combat skills that were found among the two gangs, but they were only in the ninth rank of the martial art skills. After all, they were not so influential, so it took them a lot of effort to find those two martial art books.

In the practice rooms, Li Mu first opened the “Five Elements Boxing”.

That was a set of boxing techniques containing five moves. The five elements of Five Elements boxing meant elements of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth. So the “gold boxing” was sharp, the “wood boxing” was vigorous, the “water boxing” was soft, the “fire boxing” was hot, the “earth boxing” was heavy. The five moves had their own characteristics, but after all, they only ranked ninth in the martial art skills, so was not so superb. They just simulated the surface meaning of the five elements through the change of moves, not really contained a deep meaning.

Li Mu understood immediately the general meaning of Five Elements Boxing after the first reading.

Although Five Elements Boxing and Zhenwu Boxing were both boxing methods, there was a huge gap between those two methods.

After that, Li Mu began to read the “Gale-like Blade Methods”.

There were 36 moves in “Gale-like Blade Methods”, which was more than the “Five-element Boxing”. The core of this book was “speed”. Each move was faster than its former one. According to the book, a man had to use the whole moves within ten breaths, just like a gale swept the fallen leaves, which could be called “Gale-like”.

“This blade methods showed its advantages and disadvantages clearly. If a man comes across an ordinary enemy, maybe it is hard for the enemy to handle so fast moves, however, if a man runs into a real master, then he or she may lose the accuracy and power using this fast moves because these methods only emphasize on the speed. Therefore, it is not hard to infer that as long as the rhythm of this blade methods is interrupted, it will be very hard for the users to win.”

Li Mu knew that really well.

This was due to the constant cheating or teaching of the old faker when they were at Randeng Temple.

At that time, Li Mu always felt that it was crazy for the old faker to say something like that, but now it seemed that many things he said were the truth.

In fact, Li Mu always thought of something like who exactly was the old faker, because he was omniscient, and that made him not like an earth man, but why was he on the earth?

This idea flashed through Li Mu’s mind, and there was no answer, so he had to wait until returning to the earth, and then he could ask the old faker himself.

After reading those two martial art cultivation methods, he thought a little and chose the “Gale-like Blade Methods” to start his practice.

Because in terms of Li Mu’s simple martial arts philosophy, he always thought it was better for him to carry a blade when fighting than to do bare-handed boxing.

There were weapon racks in the practice room, which were left by the former county magistrate. Eighteen kinds of weapons were all available on the arms racks and take blade as an example, there were five kinks of blades on the arms rack. After thinking for a while, Li Mu picked the longest podao.

The longer, the better!

That was in line with Li Mu’s obscene style cultivated by the old faker’s constant teaching.

This podao was supposed to be the heaviest one among the five blades, which was made of fine stainless steel and weighed 25 or 30 kilograms, however, Li Mu had a strange power and felt it as light as grass after grasping it, and he had to use it because he had no better choice.

Just with a slight movement, the practice room appeared a snowflake-like radiance caused by the podao.

The radiance of the podao was just like electricity.

Days passed by quickly.

A piece of sensational news suddenly came out from the no-longer-quiet Northwest Wulin World in this empire.

The news was spreading that the cruel “Boody-moon Evil Master”, who was not heard by most people in past decades, was going to finish his closed training and had challenged the county magistrate of Taibai County, and they would fight on the Jifeng Mountain, one of the main peaks of the Taibai Mountain branch three months later.

“Boody-moon Evil Master” had risen to fame decades ago, and once set off a bloody storm in the Northwest Wulin World, so he was quite famous in the Wulin World of the Empire of the Great Qin Dynasty. Although he had closed himself in the door to practice the martial arts, his Bloody-moon faction was very active in Wulin World, and it had developed very well and thus had the qualification to strive to be a ninth-ranking clan, besides, his faction was really promising, so it was just a matter of time to become a real clan. That explained why “Boody-moon Evil Master” was not forgotten by people and had become more and more famous and influential.

As such a ruthless role, his every move, every word or every deed would attract the attention of all parties in the northwest of the Empire.

But what was unexpected to many people was that as the grand master of Bloody-moon faction when it was going to force its way into the ninth-ranking clan, the “Boody-moon Evil Master” was not reorganizing his faction or expanding his territory, but he chose to challenge an unknown Li Mu, which was really surprising.

Yes, many people from Northwest Wulin World truly regarded Li Mu as a nobody.

The only thing that was slightly eye-catching was not the strength of Li Mu, but his identity.

The county magistrate of Taibai County.

Li Mu’s official position made him different from other ordinary people of Wulin World.

However, according to the well-accepted tradition of the empire, no matter what the official position that a man had, even if he or she was a royal family member of the empire, once he or she accepted the challenge and stepped on the fighting arena, then he or she had to depend on himself or herself to win the competition, because an official position was never an amulet.

Many people of Wulin began to wonder who exactly this county magistrate of Taibai County? And what deep hatred, which made Li Mu had to accept the challenge, there was between him and the Boody-moon Evil Master.

Even in the northwest officialdom of the empire, people were really surprised.

Soon, all kinds of information and rumors about Li Mu began to spread in the major regions of Northwest Empire.

There were even a lot of people in Wulin who had begun to travel to the mountain town of Taibai County and wanted to seek for some fun.

Li Mu, the leading role in this matter, was not very concerned.

In the past fifteen days, Li Mu had been practicing day and night without sleep or food.

Now Li Mu could use the Five Elements Boxing and Gale-like Blade Methods pretty fluently. At the same time, the time spent practicing arrows with Ma Junwu every day was shortened, but Li Mu did not fall behind. When he felt tired, he would practice Xiantian Skill for two hours, and then he would feel refreshed and energetic again, which was more effective than using doping.

Li Mu’s progress on martial arts was amazing.

Ma Junwu was the first one that had this feeling.

When he stood beside Li Mu before, he only felt a sense of pressure and fear. Now, as long as he was within three meters of Li Mu’s side, he felt as if a sharp steel knife was put on his forehead, and then he felt chill in his heart.

In terms of archery, Li Mu had mastered how to draw a bow back and forth, whose skill was nearly equal to Ma Junwu’s.

However, the power of the silver bow was too strong, Li Mu was still unable to pull it to the full with his strength. But he still drew the bow after returning to the practice room every day to improve his strength and make himself more familiar with the silver bow, but he dared not to shoot arrows because its power was so strong that no target could bear the arrows from this bow.

Li Mu then delayed the practice of archery.

He divided his own time into two parts, day and night. During the day, he devoted himself to the practice of Five Elements Boxing and Gale-like Blade Methods, while at night, he would practice Xiantian Skill and Zhenwu Boxing, because Li Mu knew it pretty well that the latter two were the foundation of his real strength.

On one day, the wind was mild, the sun was bright and the sky was blue.

Li Mu was practicing his blade methods in the garden of the back office. He was wrapped in a piece of snow-white blade light, which was really like a gust of wind. Nothing but only the knife light could be seen.


The blade trembled.

He withdrew his blade and stood straight.

“The 36 Gale-like Blade Methods, seemingly endless changes, is actually a bit cumbersome. Once interrupted, its power will plummet. If I can simplify its complex moves and change them into practical ones, it will be much better…”

He thought in his heart.

At this time, a person, who was like a wild duck driven away by a dog, rushed to Li Mu like a gust of wind.

“Not good. not good. Young Master. Something big happened.”

The only person in the county government who dared to break in without notice when Li Mugong was practicing his kung fu was the adorkable little girl Ming Yue, and she rushed to Li Mu and shouted with a fussy face.

Li Mu did not have a good temper to say, “You again? What? Did you again get caught up in the county office by someone else because you didn’t give money when you went to the restaurant?”

A few days ago, this adorkable girl was chased to the gate of the county government by someone because she did not give money after eating in a restaurant.

Ming Yue shook her head again and again, and her two sheep-horn-like braids swayed back and forth like a rattle and she said, “No… there are people fighting in the county, and some of them even used knives…”

Li Mu said angrily, “Is there a need for me to deal with this small matter? You just find Dutou Official Ma Junwu to handle it…”

“The problem is that the person who was beaten was the trash Ma Junwu.” Ming Yue looked contemptuous and said, “When I came back, Ma Junwu’s three ribs were broken, and guard with him were also seriously injured… It’s a shame. They were really weak.”


Li Mu felt surprised.

Ma Junwu was injured?

There were some people who could defeat Ma Junwu in this county, but the question was that Ma Junwu was Li Mu’s loyal servant now. Even someone beat a dog, he or she should usually know who was its owner. Breaking Ma Junwu’s three ribs were like slapping Li Mu’s face. Was there any difference?

“Let’s go to see who did that.”

Li Mu gnashed his teeth in anger.

“I’d like to see who has the gut to provoke me.”

“Ha-ha-ha, you guys have the ability of a three-leg-cat, and want to uphold justice on your own? It’s ridiculous that a centipede wants to shake a tree.”

A young man who was gently shaking the folding fan showed a frivolous look.

His one foot was stepping on Ma Junwu’s chest, and he spat on Ma Junwu’s face intentionally with disdain and ridicule on his face and sneered. “Today, if it hadn’t been for the reason that you are officials, your limbs would have been cut off and I will make you like human sticks.”

Ma Junwu was humiliated and his face turned red due to anger.

Ma Junwu struggled hard, but a lot of bones were broken all over his body. He was seriously injured and unable to exert his strength. The young person’s one foot were as heavy as ten thousand jun, like a mountain on his body, which made him unable to break away at all.

This young people was a master of martial arts.

Beside the young man were some guards who were unconscious now after being shocked by the young man and spitting some blood in the fighting.

“Oh, who else wants to be a hero to save those beauties? Just stand up.” The young man smugly looked around.

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