The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 27

Chapter 27 A Small Ant-Like Reptile

The incident took place at the intersection of the main road of Taibai County with hundreds of people at there, but these people were very silent now although they were just pointing out, criticizing or scolding the young man, however, after seeing Ma Junwu and other official guards were badly injured and humiliated, they began to stop talking.

Even the official guards were badly injured. Who else dared to speak out now?

“Haha. There really are a group of poor countrymen in Taibai County.” That young people proudly laughed.

He raised his foot from Ma Junwu’s chest. With a small smile on his face, he walked toward a charming young woman next to him and said frivolously, “Young lady. Nobody can disturb us now… To tell you the truth, I really did not think I could find such a beauty like you in this remote small county.”

This young woman looked less than 30 years old, and it was very hard for her to hide her natural beauty although she was wearing a thorn hairpin and a coarse skirt. She got the most beautiful face with a skin as white as snow. In front of her stood a tall, bearded strong man with a steel fork to protect her, who should be this beautiful young woman’s husband. Also, there was a delicate little girl, timidly standing between the couple.

“Haha. I originally just wanted to look for fun. I did not expect I could run into such a beauty here. It is a worthwhile trip.” The young man looked at the young woman, and his eyes were full of naked passion for possession.

This matter was rooted in the young man’s illegal intention to possess this beautiful young woman.

Because of the heated-discussed Boody-moon Evil Master challenging the county magistrate of Taibai County in Jianghu, this young Wulin man came to Taibai County from another place to look for some fun.

While wandering in the street, they accidentally met the couple and were immediately amazed by the young woman’s appearance.

Especially this seemingly rich young man, he was so bold and unscrupulous that he began to tease with that beautiful young woman and wanted to touch her, which was scolded by some kind people around him, so the young man just began to hurt those people. Then he was stopped by Ma Junwu and other guards who happened to pass by. Who knew that the young man was so powerful that Ma Junwu and those guards could not fight with him, so they were seriously injured and humiliated…?

Hurting the official guards and frightening people around him could not give him a sense of achievement.

Because that was too normal for him.

“Haha. Young lady, I wonder if you have made a decision. Do you want to leave with me?” The young man smiled like a knife, walked towards the bearded man in front of the young woman step by step, and said with a sneer, “Are you her husband?”

The expression of the bearded man was scared, and he could not say a word.

“Oh. Look at your poor look. Your wife is like a flower planted in cow dung… From now on, this young lady has nothing to do with you anymore. She is destined to be my woman.” The young man laughed scornfully, then he looked at the young lady with a lustful look and said, “Go with me. Young lady.”

After saying that, he was going to hold the hand of that young woman directly.

The beautiful young woman quietly avoided, saying, “Please behave well.”

“What?” The young man didn’t think that a weak woman could avoid his touch, but he didn’t think much about it. He just laughed and said, “Maybe you don’t know who I am. Young lady. I believe if you know, you will cry and shout to follow me. Haha.”

There was also a burst of laughter next to him.

That laughter was from his partners. Those more than a dozen young people all dressed in fine clothes, with long swords hanging at their waists, who were laughing after hearing such words.

“Young lady. Just follow his words.”

“Haha. Mr. Li has a noble identity. No woman can’t escape away from him if he wants her.”

“Look at your wimp husband. He cannot say a word now. He is like an elm knot. Why are you spending your life with this kind of vulgar people who do not understand the amorous feelings? If you become Mr. Li’s woman, you will know what is like to be a real woman. He will make you feel like in paradise. You will enjoy true sex. Hahaha!”

Several young people, like street thugs, laughed and surrounded the young woman, her husband, and her daughter.

It seemed that the bearded man with a steel fork was frightened. His eyes glistened with a slight chill and his fist slowly clenched, but a glimmer which was like a dark nebula was running in his palm. However, the next moment, the beautiful young lady gently held the man’s hand and annihilated the dark-nebula-like glimmer.

The bearded man struggled slightly but did not break free, then he did not insist.

In fact, the bearded man was also very clear that he and his wife, also his junior sister apprentice, paid a huge price after playing possum. They finally took their children far away from the Wulin world and escaped there to live a peaceful life away from Jianghu. If they fought with the young man now, some careful people might find their tracks, and they might have to run again and roved all over the world.

After the young woman saw her husband holding back his temper, she was relieved and went up slightly to say, “Young masters. I am an uncivilized village man. I have a son and a daughter. I am too ugly to be your woman. Please let me go with my husband and my daughter.”

“Haha. Uncivilized village people? Do they speak in such a graceful manner?” The young man shook his white jade folding fan and said with a grin, “You just want to tell me that you are the mother of two children? Haha. I do not mind. I like mature woman.”

The young woman took a deep breath, shook her head, and said patiently, “Sir. Here is Taibai County, and the county magistrate Li Mu is selfless and strict. Since you have wounded the official guards, something terrible will happen, so you better leave as soon as possible. Otherwise, you cannot handle the situation when Mr. Li Mu arrives in person.”

She still did not want to fight.

Only if she was cornered, she did not want to fight with them under other people’s watch.

Who knew that the young man listened to this, not only afraid but as if he heard a joke, laughed loudly?

His evil associates also laughed loudly.

“Haha. It’s really cute. The humble county magistrate named Li Mu, in the eyes of you villagers, maybe somebody, but I am Li Bing, I just think there is no much difference between him and an ant reptile. I’m afraid of him?” Young people were really arrogant.

The young woman took another deep breath.

Seeing that the dissuasion was ineffective, she made a gesture to her brother quietly. She made the worst plan in her heart and quickly planned in her mind, “If he really forces me, I have to promise to leave with him first and wait to go somewhere remote. Then I will use my excellent martial arts to solve the problem and let these arrogant men evaporate in the world…”

Just then, there came a sound—

“Hey? Yaya. You are here.”

The crowd separated to give a way to another young man.

The young man with big eyebrows and live eyes came out and saw the little girl between the young woman and the bearded man. His eyes brightened and he was happy to raise his hand to the little girl and say hello.

Li Mu appeared in this way?

“You are… the big brother at the gate of the tower building?”

The little girl hesitated timidly and finally recognized Li Mu was the teenager who got hungry at the gate of the city tower a month ago, at that time, her mother let her send him two armeniaca sibiricas, and she could vaguely remember that Li Mu’s smile was very bright, but now he wore much cleaner and more normal clothes than he used to be.

“Haha. I didn’t expect to see you again. Yaya.” Li Mu was also very happy.

Her gift of those two armeniaca sibiricas was still unforgettable to Li Mu.

“Mr. and Mrs. We met again. Thank you again for the apricots that you gave me the other day.” Li Mu made an obeisance to show thanks.

Although Li Mu was impulsive, very timid after doing something impulse, sometimes very obscene, and pretentious… Well, in short, he had many shortcomings, but he did have one advantage, that is, very graceful. Although the couple only gave him two little armeniaca sibiricas, Li Mu felt the kindness and simplicity of the people on the planet for the very first time, and he surely felt warm in this completely unfamiliar environment.

“You’re welcome.”

With a smile on her face, the young woman also implied that Li Mu should leave quickly so as not to be affected.

Obviously, she did not know the true identity of Li Mu.

During this period, although Li Mu was very famous in Taibai County, only thousands of people saw Li Mu coming out from the headquarter of Shennong Faction, and most of them were far away from Li Mu. So, there were not so many people knew what exactly their county magistrate looked like, besides, the couple did not witness that matter on that day.

However, Li Bing on the other side could not hold back his temper.

Seeing that Li Mu could talk and laugh with the young woman, but he could not make the young woman smile a little after saying so many words, Li Bing became extremely angry at Li Mu, who he thought Li Mu was short-sighted, so the young man secretly winked to his friends to signal they would stop Li Mu later.

“You… what are you doing?” Li Mu pretended to be frightened.

Li Bing said coldly, “You don’t use your eyes to see we are talking? How dare are you to delay me? Just cut out your eyes by yourself, then I can give you a chance to live.”

It seemed the young woman could not bear it and she wanted to say something, but Li Mu took the lead and said with disgust, “You really crossed the line. I did not provoke you, but you wanted to cut out my eyes. Is there no law?”

“The law? I am standing right here. I am the law.” Li Bing was really arrogant while he was saying that, and then he closed his white jade fan hardly, which was really pretentious.

“Pooh…” Li Mu originally wanted to play the role as a pig for a while, and after he enjoyed himself, he would “eat the tiger” again, but hearing Li Bing’s words he could not help laughing and said, “You are so damn pretentious. I don’t know how to continue to tease you. If you are a live law, then what am I? You are the first person to say that in front of me in the whole Taibai County.”

You…” Li Bing was angry at first, but then he understood what Li Mu said, so he frowned and said, “Who are you?”

Li Mu laughed and said, “Me? A little ant reptile.”

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Chapter 28 Grip Steel and Turn It into Powder

Li Bing was surprised.

At this time, Ma Junwu, who was in a coma before, woke up quietly, opened his eyes and saw Li Mu on one side. He said loudly to Li Mu, “Your honor. Be careful… He… He’s a great master…” He spat out blood after saying that.

“You are the county magistrate of Taibai County?” Li Bing finally understood.

Li Mu nodded very seriously, “Yes. I am. I am the ant crawler from your point of view.”

“So it is you…” The expression on the face of Li Bing was slightly unnatural, but he quickly sneered, “So what?”

Li Mu looked at Li Bing and his evil associates and said, “Nothing. I just want to teach you a lesson.”

After saying that, Li Mu walked towards Ma Junwu, pushed qi to his whole body, and took out some medicine for knife wounds and internal injury to help Ma Junwu take them. Then he went to see those badly injured guards in the coma.

At this time, the little boy Qing Feng came with the doctor from the Medical Center, and both of them were breathless.

“Your honor…” The chief doctor was the middle-aged man who treated Li Mu’s arrow wounds in the grottoes of Shennong Faction headquarter that day. When he saw Li Mu, he immediately showed his worship and saluted Li Mu with his apprentices.

Li Mu just waved his hand and said, “Save people first.”

Meanwhile, there came the sound of horseshoes and footsteps.

It was the secretary Feng Yuanxing who rode a steed with four hundred well-armed elite soldiers and guards.

The little girl Ming Yue ran in the front, and she was as fast as the wind, who seemed to have eaten some elixir when she grew. She ran faster than the warhorse with a relaxed look. She shouted loudly from a distance, “Be quick. Look at those crazy people. Just stop them. Don’t let one go. My Young Master will them all. Haha…”

Li Mu suddenly covered his forehead in silence.

This adorkable Ming Yue.

At the same time, the passers-by, who were watching around, talked with each other and finally recognized that the brave young man was Li Mu, their county magistrate.

“Here is our justice panjandrum.”

“You honor!”

They all knelt down one after another.

Because Li Mu had exterminated Shennong Faction headquarter all by himself, rescued many innocent victims, and then he opened a court in the county government, let Feng Yuanxing deal with unjust cases, which rectified the corrupt official governance atmosphere in Taibai County. During this period, although Li Mu felt that he did nothing, he won the great reputation and prestige among the ordinary people in this county. People worshiped him as a god.

“Encircle them!”

Feng Yuanxing jumped off the horse, waved his hand, and four hundred soldiers and guards encircled and pointed at those evil Jianghu young men with their long spears.

Li Mu smiled and said, “How do you feel now? Should you kneel down to say you are sorry?”

Li Bing glanced scornfully at the guards around him and said, “You want to depend on these completely useless and weak soldiers to let me say sorry?”

Li Mu shook his head and said, “No. I rely on this.”

He shook his fist.

Li Bing was shocked, but he immediately cooled down, and said, “Haha. Although I don’t know why the Boody-moon Evil Master wants to challenge you, it seems that you haven’t stimulated your inner qi and got the qi power. Why should I be afraid of such trash like you?”

Li Mu was not angry, and he just nodded earnestly and said, “Yes. I am trash. So who wants to fight with me first?”

Li Bing sneered disdainfully, “Fighting with trash like you will ruin my reputation in Jianghu.”

Another young man next to him stepped out, moving his arms, making a crackling sound like pop beans from his joints and spines, and spreading an invisible force. Even ordinary poor people who did not know martial art could recognize that the young man was a master of Joint-qi level whose qi had been stimulated.

“The so-called county magistrate of Taibai County turned out to be such an idiot. I will teach you how strong a real master is in Jianghu…” The young man laughed scornfully.

Before he finished the words.


Here came a dull thud.

All the people felt they were suddenly blurred, and then the young man just disappeared.

Li Mu’s palm maintained a hit-out posture.

And along the direction of his palm, there appeared a human-shaped cave on the clay wall about a dozen meters away from them with smoke and dust filling in the air.

Everyone was greatly shocked.

“You… Sneak attack… shameless…” Intermittent voices came out from the human-shaped cave of the earth wall. That young man showed his head from the cave and pointed at Li Mu unwillingly. Then he fainted and fell behind the earth wall.

Li Mu shook his hand and said, “Damn you sneak attack… I thought what a great master he was. It turned out to be so rubbish. Just waste my time.” If Li Mu had used his whole power, that young man would have exploded by just one slap.

“Kill them, hammer them… Put them on the ground and rub them.” Little adorkable Ming Yue was excitedly holding up her fists and shouting like a violent maniac. Who could relate this seemingly mellow and cute little girl to a violent man?

The little boy Qing Feng seemed relieved.

But at the same time, he wondered why Li Mu had changed so much compared to the past, and it seemed that he was a totally different person.

Li Bing’s pupils were shrinking.

At this time, other young men who acted as the paws of a tiger could not laugh.

“You honor is invincible!”

“Justice panjandrum is ever-triumphant!”

The elite soldiers and the surrounding ordinary people, who saw this scene, suddenly cheered excitedly.

Li Mu’s influence and change on Taibai County had shown results in silence, and this slap, as well as the attitude represented by this slap, made every Taibai County’s people feel proud, which was a wholly different kind of pride that never occurred before.

“Wow. Big Brother is terrific.” The little girl Yaya clapped her little hands hard and excitedly.

That beautiful young woman and her bearded husband with steel forks on his chest looked at each other and grasped the curiosity in each other’s eyes. A teenager whose qi had never been stimulated and did not have any internal qi could own such powerful strength?

“Who else wants to fight?” Li Mu was also kind of crazy and pretentious. So in such an atmosphere, he put his hands on his waist and shouted at those group of young people.

Li Bing winked at them.

“Show our weapon!”

“It’s just a brute force. See how you can handle our swords.”

Two evil people came out from their group and approached Li Mu.

One pulled out his sword from his waist, and the other held a sharp machete in his hand.

The two men’s body surface had slightly bizarre flicker, who were apparently great masters of Joint-qi level. Stimulated by the internal qi, their cold weapons burst out a thread of light, flashing refreshing cold light, and thus they were obviously much stronger than the four King Kongs of Shennong Faction, such as the “Sky-chopping Guillotine” Xu Zhi.

“Haha. Master Li. Tell us should we give him a chance to live?” One of the young men curved his mouth and laughed evilly.

That noble Li Bing also showed cruelty on his face and said, “After all, he is an imperial official. Just take off one of his arms… Haha. Don’t be afraid. I will be responsible for everything that can happen.”

After that, Li Bing looked at the beautiful young woman again and said, “Look. It’s all because you don’t follow me. You just see what’s happening. If you are still against me. Young lady. Maybe later, the fate of this idiot county magistrate will be your husband and your daughter’s example.”



Shadows twinkled in the field.

Those two Jianghu hooligans were moving at the same time. Their figures were as fast as birds, and their speed was so fast that anyone could hardly see.

The sword light was like rain and the knife light was like electricity.

In an instant, the shadow of swords in the sky rose sharply, which was like a gale and torrential rain was going towards Li Mu. To outsiders, Li Mu was like a boat that would be overturned at any time in the ocean filled with the gale, torrential rain, and huge waves, and it seemed he could not escape from doom.

“You honor. Watch out…” Ma Junwu couldn’t help but exclaim.

“Young Master. Hammer their heads.” Little adorkable Ming Yue, who enjoyed violence very much, also cheered.

In the middle of the people around the road, seeing such a thrilling scene, they also shouted to alarm Li Mu.

Bang! Bang!

Here came two dull thuds.

Shadow of the swords in the sky disappeared instantly.

In the distance, there were two more human-shaped holes in the earth wall.

Li Mu’s hand kept the position of lifting up and fanning out, but in his hand, there were a machete and a long sword.

Those weapons belonged to the two Jianghu hooligans.

But it was just that moment, in the shadow of countless swords and machete light, Li Mu completed two steps of fanning his opponents out and seizing weapons, and basically, no one could see how it all happened.

“Garbage. Still garbage. Too vulnerable to attack.” Li Mu sighed with great displeasure, “Alas. Everyone just boasted and bragged. All of them wanted to scare people to death by their words. It turns out none of them can fight with me.”

Li Mu held the machete and the long sword in his left and right hands, and his wrists shook slightly, then the two fine steel-made weapons broke inch by inch with brittle sounds as if they were made of clay or earth. Then he slightly squeezed those two weapons, the handle of the machete and the long sword were turned into iron and steel powder immediately, which easily slipped from Li Mu’s fingertips.

Dead silence.

Li Bing took a deep breath and his scalp felt numb.

Knead the steel handles into powder by bare hands… What horrible power did Li Mu have?

Eagle-grasping Skill?

Iron-finger Skill?

Or Ghost Claw Skill?

What kind of finger skill could do something like that?

At that moment, he suddenly understood a little why the long-established Boody-moon Evil Master publicly challenged the unknown county magistrate of Taibai County.

He could not see through Li Mu.

He was too scary.

Li Bing suddenly became less confident about his strength.

On the other side, the beautiful young woman and her bearded husband were more and more surprised. They were more curious about Li Mu because as experienced martial art masters, who were way better than Li Bing, they could naturally sense Li Mu’s weirdness when he grabbed steel into powder bare-handed without running his internal qi. What must be said was that there were less than five people who own such power in Northwest Wulin World.

“My order: Seize those hooligans and hang them on the tree.”

Li Mu pointed to the three Jianghu hooligans who had fainted behind the earth wall.

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