The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 29

Chapter 29 The True Meaning of Hanging People up and Beating Them

More than a dozen wolf-like guards rushed over and tied up those three martial arts masters who had lost their power to fight back, hanging them upside down on a centuries-old tree next to them.

“Hahaha… You guys… I just want to know who else still wants to fight.” Li Mu laughed and looked at the remaining three Jianghu hooligans and their master Li Bing, said, “Who else?”

Li Bing showed a gloomy look.

“Do you know who I am?” He sneered.

Li Mu curled his lips, “Ouch? Are you going to tell me about your background since you cannot win? It’s so cliché. Haha. I’m not afraid to tell you the truth. I don’t know.” After saying that, Li Mu did not give Li Bing a chance to talk and continue to say, “Besides, I don’t want to know. I will hang and beat you coward now.”

“Do you think you can hurt me as the county magistrate of Taibai County?” Li Bing sneered, “There are some people in the world that you can never touch.”

Li Mu felt speechless.

As an alien of this planet, and also a future immortal god, would Li Mu be afraid of a low-level martial art aboriginal on this low-level Martial Art Star?

He turned to the guards who had hung the three Jianghu hooligans and ordered, “What are you doing? Go and find some whips and beat them hard… Hang them up and beat them. Hang and beat. How can you just hang them up without beating?”

Those guards followed Li Mu’s order, soon found some whips from somewhere, and then beat those three Jianghu hooligans really hard as if they were some kind of toys. Those three people wailed like ghosts and howled like wolves because of the hard whipping.

“Bah! How can you call yourselves great masters in Wulin…? It’s not like you don’t cry when you are beaten, don’t get drunk after drinking, don’t vomit when you’re really drunk and don’t bleed after cut by a knife. I thought you guys will never hurt by a sword or a knife… Haha. I just wait to see how you will perform yourselves after that.” Li Mu laughed very happily.

The little girl Ming Yue, who was really adorkable but violent, excitedly rushed over, grabbed a whip and began to beat them.

“You… you’d better never do something extreme.” Li Bing said reluctantly.

Li Mu shook his hands and said, “Who just wanted to cut my eyes out?”

“It’s a very bad habit not to show mercy to those in the wrong when justice is on your side. You may pay for it.” Li Bing growled and threatened Li Mu.

“Give mercy to them when I have the power. That will be stupid.” Li Mu clenched his fists and laughed, approaching Li Bing step by step.

“What do you want?” Li Bing felt tremendous pressure.

He felt regret to come to Taibai County to look for fun.

“I want to…” Li Mu’s voice lengthened. Speaking of it, he suddenly changed a look, pointing to the distant sky, seemed surprised and said, “Look, there’s an airplane…”

“What airplane?” Li Bing was surprised and looked back unconsciously.

At this time, Li Mu suddenly made a surprise attack.

Li Mu gave power to his feet, and that terrible power penetrated the ground, making the ground under his feet burst with a bang, which left the slabs to break like spider webs, and a layer of visible dust waves was stimulated to spread by that power. Suddenly, Li Mu appeared like lightning in front of Li Bing with a punch bursting out.

That boxing was really fierce, and a sound of flame burning came out from that.

That is the fire boxing of Five Elements Boxing.

Li Bing roared, “You dare to make a sneak attack…”

But even in that very urgent moment, Li Bing responded swiftly. His jade fracture fan in his hand made a sound of snapping and was turned into white light, which was like a spear to rush to Li Mu’s fists.


The white powder exploded in midair.

Li Mu did not choose to hide, instead, he bombarded that valuable jade bone fan directly into powder, including the hidden flying needles in the jade fan, and all of them burst. Just like that, Li Bing’s beautiful and powerful fan weapon, which was also very expensive, was turned into flying ashes.

At the same time, Li Bing only felt a horrible force like a vast ocean was poured down to his arm along with the bursting jade fan. Then suddenly, his five-fingered palm was badly injured with blood running and flesh exposed…

“Damn it… Earth Penetrating Power. Come on.”

He roared, stamped his left foot on the ground, and used “Earth Penetrating Power” to stimulate his internal gi. He poured the energy into his body and drew it into the ground under his feet. The ground was burst like a meteorite falling into it. Dozens of bluestone slabs splashed like flying pieces of paper. At the same time, the deerskin boots on his feet were burst open, and his feet became bloody…

Nevertheless, Li Bing caught Li Mu’s one powerful punch anyway.

“Your strength is OK, but not so smart. You should not see the aircraft when I told you to do that.” Li Mu was complacent, laughed, approached Li Bing again, and punched out.

The sound of waves was hidden in the wind of boxing.

That sound came from the water boxing from Five Elements Boxing.

Five Elements Boxing was very common, and there were no clever techniques or no subtle changes in those moves, but Li Mu had transformed his body via Xiantian Skill, so he could master fighting rhythm pretty well, that is to say, he could master the timing and angle of each punch, which could be called perfect, so Li Bing could not hide but bit his teeth hard and caught this punch from Li Mu when he already had lost the first opportunity to fight back.


Here came a muffled clap when Li Mu’s fist and Li Bing’s palm touched.

Li Bing used the Earth Penetrating Power to the extreme, unloading most of the strength from Li Mu, but his arm could not bear such power, so bone cracks could be heard. Li Bing was like a nail now, and his beaten legs below his knees were trapped under the mud below the slates.

“Despicable. You attacked me unexpectedly. You dare…” Li Bing was indignant and his face turned red with blood around his mouth.

Li Mu raises his hand to give him another punch, “If I don’t go into a rage, anyone can seek troubles in Taibai County… How dare a weak trash like you to be so pretentious? Just wait for me to beat you into a human-shaped stick.”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Li Mu punched Li Bing constantly.

That scene was very tragic but funny: Li Bing was just like nails, and his half body was directly smashed into the soil by Li Mu. That punching power made Li Bing really dizzy and see stars before his eyes. His internal qi was completely in disorder, which made his flesh and bone really weak… Li Bing completely lost the ability to fight back.

“How dare are you to do this. You…” Li Bing roared like a wounded beast.

Li Mu squatted down and raised his hand to slap Li Bing, “Weak trash. Shut up.”

Li Bing really stopped talking.

Because his face was too swollen to speak.

“Come on. Dig him out. Hang him up and beat him.” Li Mu ordered.

He suddenly liked the expression of “hang and beat” invented on earth, which really indicated the advantage of a winner and the process of torturing a loser.

After a while, Li Bing, who had lost all his strength, was dug out from the soil by the county warriors and guards, and his hands and feet were tied, and then he was hung upside down on the tree.

“Just beat him. Whip him 300 times.”

Li Mu ordered.

That was considered to be some interest.

After all, Ma Junwu and other guards could not be injured in vain.

As for how to deal with these pretentious people, Li Mu had not thought about it.

He looked at the remaining three Jianghu hooligans with a grin, “Now, it’s your turn… Do you tie yourselves up, or do I stun you and then tie you guys up?”

“You…” One of them was so frightened that his teeth trembled, “I admit I lose. I’m wrong…”

Another man screamed strangely, jumped up and tried to flee away.

The warrior who had mastered the internal qi had no problem to fly over on the eaves and run on up the walls with fast speed.

Li Mu did not chase him. He just smiled, stretched out his hands and said, “Fetch my bow.”

The soldier next to Li Mu immediately gave him a bow and arrows.

Li Mu did not look at it. He just raised his hands, drew his bow and threw an arrow to shoot.

“Ah…” That Jianghu hooligan was shot on his knee, then fell down directly from the wall and fell to the ground, who was like a shot sparrow hawk.

Immediately, the guards rushed over and surrounded him.

The Jianghu hooligan still wanted to resist. With a loud click, another arrow was shot at him, which scattered his hair bun, brushed his scalp, then his long hair spread out.

That made him so frightened that his urine was almost coming out, so he stopped moving any more. Then he was kicked at the bends of his legs by the guards and knelt down on the ground trapped by a cowhide rope and hung upside down on the old tree.

“God’s arrow skill. God’s arrow skill. I really admire your honor’s archery very much.” Feng Yuanxing, the flatterer, came up with a compliment.

Li Mu laughed very cooperatively.

Very often, people flattered someone in order to make them happy, so there was no need to be so pretentious to embarrass others.

At this time, the two remaining Jianghu hooligans, seeing this situation, knew that today they could not escape the devil’s claws of Li Mu, the county magistrate of Taibai County, because even Li Bing was hanging upside down on the tree, so there was no way they could escape.

So the two guys gave up their resistance.

The guards, like wolves and tigers, rushed to tie them up and hung them to the old tree.

“All done. Let’s go.”

Li Mu threw his powerful bow to the guards next to him, and the smile on his face remained unchanged.

The passers-by and the elite guards were cheering again.

Such a strong county magistrate was a blessing to all the people in the whole Taibai County.

Especially in the Taibai town, in the past years, the former county magistrate went deep into the mountains to seek Taoism, the huge giants, such as Deputy county magistrate and Dianshi janitor, fought with each other, and factions and gangs did all those bad deeds, all of which made people in Taibai County live a miserable life and suffer a lot.

Now, Li Mu had only been in Taibai County for only about two months, but he swept away the haze of the past, made the decree clear and the law strict, thus gangs dared not seek troubles to ordinary people, officials dared not corrupt, and everyone could clearly feel the changes around them. How could they not support Li Mu?

“Your honor. How to deal with them?” Feng Yuanxing asked.

“Haha. I just said. Hang them up and beat them. You can’t just hang them up without beating. I am always responsible for my words. First, whip each of them 100 times. Hahaha.”

Li Mu was very satisfied with the results of today’s victory.

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