The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 30

Chapter 30 Wind-Cloud Six Moves

A few Jianghu hooligans just dared to make trouble in the county regardless of the law. If Li Mu didn’t punish them as a warning to others, then other Jianghu people who were attracted to Taibai County by his fighting with “Boody-moon Evil Master” would defy every law and regulation.

Li Mu was not a savior, but the challenge, after all, was rooted from him. He also heard the news that a large number of people from Jianghu flooded into Taibai County recently. If these so-called Jianghu masters were so disobedient, that would be big trouble. If he was the reason that made Taibai people live a miserable life, he would be very sorry.

So, just beat them.

Then, under that ancient tree, soon came the loud cries and screams from that group of so-called Jianghu masters.

Especially that seemingly noble Li Bing, he made the loudest sound.

He growled at something, but after being slapped by Li Mu on his face, his cheeks swelled like a pig’s head, and his eyes only had one crack left. His teeth dropped, so his articulation became very unclear, and his lips were swollen like a broken fan, therefore even he shouted loudly, no one could hear what he was growling at.

Thinking about Li Bing was so arrogant when he hurt Ma Junwu and molested women, and looking at the way he was now, everyone felt happy as if they had eaten iced watermelon on dog days.

“Okay, it’s all gone, nothing happened…” Li Mu waved his hand toward the onlookers, saying: “Well, it’s all over now. All clear…” Li Mu waved to the onlookers and said, “Don’t gather here to avoid traffic jams…” At this point, he suddenly realized that there seemed to be no phase of “traffic jam” in that world.

The crowd laughed and dispersed.

“Two, you should leave as soon as possible. If you encounter any difficult things in the future, you can come to the county to find me.” “So. Please leave as soon as possible. If you encounter any difficulties in the future, you can come directly to the county office to find me,” Li Mu smiled and touched the little girl’s head, and said to the beautiful young woman and her husband.

“Thank you for the county’s great man.” “Thank you, Officer.” The beautiful young woman smiled like a hundred flowers blooming, and her beauty was beyond words.

That bearded man also made obeisance to express thanks to Li Mu.

Then they left with their daughter.

“Big brother, you are amazing.” “Big brother. You are amazing.” The little girl jumped, turned back and smiled at Li Mu.

Li Mu smiled and watched them leave.

Li Mu thought of something.

Others might not notice that when Li Mu confronted with Li Bing, the bearded man’s palm flickered with a star glow, but Li Mu’s perception surpassed ordinary people’s, so at that moment he noticed immediately and could even feel the power was so strong that even made Li Mu himself palpitate.

Without a doubt, that bearded man should be a top master among all the masters in Wulin.

But he could not show his true power for some reason.

If his guess was right, then that extremely beautiful young woman was not an ordinary person too.

Although the mountainous Taibai County was bestowed with the lovely mountains and rivers, Li Mu was not convinced that it could breed such a beautiful young woman whose beauty could be beyond words. He just did not believe it.

That was also in line with Li Mu’s first impression when he saw the couple outside the gate of Taibai County that day. How come a rural woman was so beautiful?

However, as curious as Li Mu was, he would not find out who they were.

Everyone had their own secrets, and it was rude to spy on other people’s secrets.

And the couple’s secret, obviously, had nothing to do with Li Mu.

“Adult, already finished, what should I do?” “Your honor. We finished all the whipping. How should we deal with them next?” Feng Yuanxing, the secretary, quietly approached Li Mu for instructions.

After a hundred whips, those Jianghu hooligans’ flesh was torn to shreds and they had no strength to speak any longer.

Li Mu touched his chin and said: Li Mu touched his chin and said, “Catch them and put them in prison… Well, remember, they are all masters in Wulin. Be careful when you catch them. You’d better knock them out first and then put them in. Lock them up with shackles. Don’t let them run away…”

Speaking of this, Li Mu thought of something again, smiled, lowered his voice, and gathered in the ear of Feng Yuanxing, saying: Speaking of this, Li Mu thought of something again, smiled, lowered his voice, and whispered to Feng Yuanxing, “Also, after knocking them out, you should follow them and search those guys in person. If you find any secret books of Wulin, you should hand them to me.”

Feng Yuanxing was shocked and sweated again.

He knew that Li Mu was very interested in the secret practicing books about martial arts, so after hearing what Li Mu said, Feng Yuanxing suddenly had a strange feeling that the purpose of Li Mu fought with those Jianghu people was not to uphold justice but to seek for secret practicing books about martial arts?

“The adults are relieved, the lower official understands that they must not be responsible.” “You honor can rest assured. I understand. I will do that.” Feng Yuanxing patted his chest to ensure that.

That secretary Feng Yuanxing, who had always followed the most powerful man, made up his mind that if he could not search out any secret practicing books of Wulin from them, he would torture those guys badly to ask them and sort out several practicing books and gave them to Li Mu, which he thought that would be a good opportunity to impress Li Mu. After a period of hesitation, Feng Yuanxing knew that he had no choice but to follow Li Mu. He simply made up his mind to follow Li Mu until Li Mu was dead.

Li Mu patted his shoulder: Li Mu patted his shoulder and said, “Good. Work hard. I think you are very promising.”

Feng Yuanxing beamed with joy.

Li Mu turned his head again and looked at those Jianghu hooligans upside down under the ancient tree. He said silently in his heart that they deserved it, and then laughed and turned away to leave.

Haha. Hang them up and beat them. That was really something.

But without a doubt, that was a desirable way to destroy an opponent.

“Why did I love that?”

Li Mu asked himself in his heart.

Then he quickly got the answer.

Probably because when he slaughtered pigs in the slaughterhouse, he had developed a habit of hanging it up on the scaffold and pulling out its hair every time he killed a pig.

Accompanied by Qing Feng and Ming Yue, Li Mu returned to the county office.

The little boy Qing Feng looked very worried.

The little violent and adorkable Ming Yue was still in high spirits.

Li Mu did not have the time to pay attention to these two little guys. He returned to the practice room in the back office, pondered the inspiration he got during that battle and continued to practice his martial arts as soon as he came back.

Today’s fight with Li Bing and other people was only a test of martial art power to Li Mu, kind of like a small episode.

He solved it quickly with the simplest method and didn’t expose those blade methods that he had learned before. His thought was very simple. He just wanted to leave a few cards, which were not known by others, for himself.

However, in the process of this small trial, Li Mu suddenly thought of something.

The martial arts combat techniques did not need to be cumbersome, and they should be simple, direct and effective.

Like the moves used by those two Jianghu hooligans with a machete and a long sword, their moves were very complicated and therefore the fighting scenes were really dazzling, but fundamentally speaking, there was no use during the fighting. In the end, Li Mu found their fighting flaws although they were hard to find, and slap them away.

Since Li Mu had enough reaction speed and enough strength, why not he chose the simplest way to fight?

Li Mu recalled the moves of 36 Gale-like Blade Methods in his mind, and then carefully polished that fatal feeling when he killed pigs with only one chopping on the earth. Then he thought about how he felt when he got really angry and chopped four king kongs including Sky-chopping Guillotine Xu Zhi of the Shennong Faction that day. Unconsciously holding the long handle of that pudao in his hand, he began to use the blade methods in the training room.

That pudao was shining.

This time, Li Mu did not practice 36 Gale-like Blade Methods.

He just played at his will.

He closed his eyes and showed his moves. Although, they were like some slashes without any rules at first glance.

But as time passed, his movements became faster and more succinct.

He was simplifying the 36 Gale-like Blade Methods by cutting out the superfluous moves.

The random feeling of killing pigs on the earth gradually came into his mind, which made him grasp an extremely mysterious and abstruse mood in the dark. Although his eyes were closed, his mind was filled with 36 Gale-like Blade Methods like a small movie flickering over and over again, which was played in his mind back and forth again, and then unnecessary fancy moves and changes ran in his mind over and over again.

Time passed by.

Li Mu was in the practice room all the time and did not know how many times he had improved and practiced that method.

Suddenly, he stopped his movements and opened his eyes.

The breath of his suddenly changed, from dynamic to static, to be very firm and calm.

Then Li Mu chopped with his pudao.

One Chop.

Two chops.

Three chops.

Six chops!

A total of six chops and each of them was simple, fast, direct and accurate.

That was the result that Li Mu had simulated in the past two hours. He simplified the “36 Gale-like Blade Methods” into six moves, three of which were cut horizontally, two of which were split vertically, and one of which was not completely fixed. According to the actual combat situation, there could be some changes.

After six moves, Li Mu stopped, thinking hard and imitated the method again in his mind.

Later on, he made another move.

Another six moves.

He made new changes about these six moves.

Of course, he did not make too many changes.

Then he stopped and thought again.

Then, again, another six moves.

Again and again.

An hour had passed by.

Li Mu finalized six moves, and eventually put the blade down and stood to rest.

“With my present understanding and comprehension of martial arts, I’ve already reached my extremes to simplify the complex 36 Gale-like Blade Methods into six moves, and it is impossible for me to simplify it any more…” Li Mu talked to himself.

Li Mu knew very well that in a strictly theoretical sense, his “martial arts attainments” were still very shallow. After all, he had no solid foundation or training and his greatest advantages were: first, the information concept he got on the earth age; second, the influence and education from the old faker; third, the body’s response ability and fighting ability after the transformation via Xiantian Skill and Zhenwu Boxing. Therefore, if he wanted to simplify these six moves further, he needed more profound martial arts insights and knowledge, and this kind of thing could not be grasped overnight.

“I half-self-created these six moves, so I will call it Wind-Cloud Six Moves.”

Li Mu was very easy to be content, and he was very happy to name it.

The more he practiced with a pudao, the more he liked this kind of rough and direct weapon. Among there were eighteen kinds of weapons, only a blade could show Li Mu’s fighting characteristics vividly.

He became obsessed with blades.

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