The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 11 - You'd Look Better Without Clothes I

Chapter 11: You’d Look Better Without Clothes I

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Feng Ruqing smiled and turned to look at the eunuch who had screeched at Liu Yuchen. “Eunuch Liu, next time don’t let this person in. Our relationship was over since that day. I don’t want to cause any misunderstanding.”

Eunuch Liu looked at Feng Ruqing, stunned. This might be the very first time the princess was so calm in front of people, which surprised him a little.

“Princess.” The color in Liu Yuchen’s face changed. He hurried to stop Feng Ruqing from leaving. “What do you mean?”

Feng Ruqing stopped and turned to look at Liu Yuchen with a faint smile. ” You refused to marry me and I am not getting married to anyone now, that’s it. As for the chancellor’s manor… You don’t have to worry. It was my fault after all, I shouldn’t have forced you to marry me. Since I have my regrets, I will neither keep clinging onto you nor let Father blame your family anymore.”

There were several things that Feng Ruqing still managed to tell apart. Her previous life was not related to her interference in a love affair, so she would not hate Liu Yuchen for this. However, she did not wish to see him anymore.

“Are you serious… about what you have just said?” Liu Yuchen narrowed his eyes in suspicion.

This woman would let him go that easily? Maybe she was planning something evil against Shuang’er.

After all, Feng Ruqing was ruthless, there was nothing that she could not think of.

“How dare you!” Eunuch Liu finally recovered from his stupor after hearing Liu Yuchen’s disbelieving and questioning tone, making him squawk in anger. ” How dare you question Her Royal Highness? If His Majesty gets to know about today’s incident, even the chancellor is unable to protect you.”

Liu Yuchen’s handsome face turned stiff. This was the Grand Palace, not the Chancellor Manor, so he did not have the nerve to be presumptuous. He inhaled sharply and clenched his fists.

“Thank you for your grace, Your Highness! Please excuse me. Let’s go, Shuang’er.”

Before leaving, Shuang’er turned her head around to catch a glimpse of Feng Ruqing. Her thin lips pouted slightly, her beautiful face complexion was slightly pale, lacking of blood.

However, her suspicious eyes still could not believe that Feng Ruqing had really given up on Liu Yuchen.

She was willing to lose face, shamelessly insisting to be married to Liu Yuchen. She would not budge just to stay by his side although he would not even touch her.

She did not even mention a word about her grievance at Liu Manor. His Majesty was unaware that the princess was still a virgin even after the wedding until it was revealed when she slammed herself against the wall.

Feng Ruqing shifted her cold gaze to Eunuch Liu. “Eunuch Liu, has Father returned?”

Eunuch Liu replied respectfully, “Your Highness, His Majesty is still in the middle of the morning audience and has not yet returned.”

“I see.” Feng Ruqing’s lips curved up slightly. “Then I will wander around the place first. I will come back to see him later.”

The truth was, Feng Ruqing hardly found any news related to the palace in this body’s memories.

This body’s owner was so lazy that she hardly stepped out of her imperial chambers.

Later, she accidentally bumped into Liu Yuchen. It was then when she started to get out of the palace every day. In fact, her infamous stories had started to circulate among the people ever since.

She was truly a bully who liked to torment and oppress both males and females. Just hearing her name gave the elderly and children nightmares.

Thinking of all the trouble caused by Feng Ruqing before this, she felt helpless and it hurt her head. Pressing her temples, she was afraid that it was extremely difficult to change the people’s perception of her now.

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