The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 12 - You'd Look Better without Clothes II

Chapter 12: You’d Look Better without Clothes II

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In the whole of Liu Yun Kingdom, except for her father the emperor, everyone definitely wished for her death. If she had really died, the whole nation might commemorate her death with a national celebration.

“Feng Ruqing, you have hit such a low point in life. I don’t know whether to scold or pity you…” Feng Ruqing shook her head helplessly. “However, taking over your body gives me another chance at life. Thus, I will not let the people continue condemning you for putting your father in such a difficult situation anymore.”

This… would be the reward for using her body.

A mellow sound of a flute from not far away suddenly cut off Feng Ruqing’s thoughts.

She looked up to find that she had unknowingly entered a bamboo forest.

The sound of the flute came from deep within the bamboo forest. The airy and ethereal whistle filled the forest with serenity.

Feng Ruqing took a small step forward. As her plump body moved forward, it made some small noises but it didn’t stop the flute’s sound. It had become much clearer.

A man in white like a god from a painting stood in the deeper part of the bamboo forest, playing a flute. Compared to the graceful bamboo pillars, his cold and lonely silhouette left an unforgettable image in the minds of those who had seen him.

As for Feng Ruqing, the first thought that came to mind when she first saw him was ‘marry him’, ‘marry him’ and ‘marry him’!

Nothing could compare to this gorgeous man in front of her, not even Liu Yuchen.

The difference was like heaven and earth. If one was a tiny speck of dust, the other was the bright moon in the sky.

Even though Feng Ruqing had only managed to see his side profile, it was enough to amaze her.

Thus, when the man turned his head, she was sure that nobody could rival his good looking features.

He was so stunning that anyone would be easily drawn to him.

Despite Tan Shuangshuang’s reputation of being the most beautiful woman in Liu Yun, her beauty was nowhere near his. If this man wore women’s clothing, who knows how many men would fall for his beauty.

“Feng… Ruqing?”

The man’s voice sounded pleasant and silvery like a river’s flow.

He stared coldly at Feng Ruqing who had appeared behind him.

“Aren’t you afraid of me anymore?” The man stepped closer.

“Err…” Feng Ruqing blinked confusedly.

Afraid of him? He looked so gorgeous, why should she be afraid of him?

Feng Ruqing had accepted her past self’s memories, but she did automatically filter out some useless information. Therefore she quickly went through her memories after he had said that. Her face immediately darkened after a few seconds.

“Oh damn you, Noble Consort Rong!”

Previously, Noble Consort Rong kept scaring her that the person living in this bamboo forest was someone brutal and would transform into a werewolf at midnight before swallowing the people around him.

It terrified her greatly so she would not step into this bamboo forest at all. Even if she bumped into him somewhere outside the bamboo forest, she did not dare to raise her eyes to look at him directly.

Only this man from this bamboo forest could make her past self feel frightened and avoid him like a plague.

“This… hehe,” Feng Ruqing giggled and replied, “State Preceptor Nan Xian is very good looking, why should I feel afraid of you?”

Nan Xian’s lips curved up slightly.

His smile was almost unnoticeable.

However his gaze at Feng Ruqing reflected curiosity and deep thought.

“Do you really think that I am good looking?”

“Of course…” Feng Ruqing’s heated stare scanned Nan Xian from bottom to top.

“You’d look better without any clothes.”

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