The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 13 - There’s No Harm in Obeying You I

Chapter 13: There’s No Harm in Obeying You I

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You’d look better without any clothes.

Nan Xian’s cold stare pierced Feng Ruqing as if he was trying to look into her soul.

The way he was looking at her sent a shiver down Feng Ruqing’s spine. She had this feeling that he somehow knew something she didn’t.

“If Princess likes beautiful people, you are definitely more beautiful once you have slimmed down. There’s no need to look at me.”

Fortunately, Nan Xian did not pry much from her—a faint smile was still playing on his lips.

“Then it won’t be fun right?” Feng Ruqing approached Nan Xian slowly. She chuckled, I prefer someone who has perfect body proportions like you. Tsk, I bet it feels different touching your skin.”

“Then…”Nan Xian’s smile was mesmerizing in the breeze. “What about comparing me to Liu Yuchen?”

In front of the beauty, Feng Ruqing didn’t hold back her excitement. She chuckled. “How could Liu Yuchen be compared to you? I was blind for liking him in the past. What a shame for me to ignore such beauty!”

The ‘princess’ was indeed blind. This guy was far more handsome and gorgeous than Liu Yuchen. Why did she insist on having a guy who already had a lover?

“You are not Feng Ruqing,” Nan Xian said as matter-of-factly.

Feng Ruqing was nervous. She had dared behave in such manner in front of Nan Xian because she was sure that they had never met each other.

How did he realize that she was not the real princess? Even her father didn’t spot anything wrong with her cover up.

“What do you mean?” Feng Ruqing quickly composed herself and maintained her composure. She smirked. “Who else would I be if not Feng Ruqing? I bet you cannot find another fatty like me in this country.”

“It’s just my instinct,” said Nan Xian, approaching Feng Ruqing. They were so close that they could feel each other’s breaths. “However, I prefer this new version of you, compared to the previous Feng Ruqing…”

Feng Ruqing blinked her eyes. “Why?”

“Because, the new you… has good taste.”

This guy had a pleasant and graceful voice but it darkened Feng Ruqing’s face.

She wondered, ‘Maybe this guy likes to be complimented by others too?’

“I was immature back then and I had never seen you before. Now, I am more cheerful and have repented for good. I promise not to misbehave and hurt the people who really care about me. The most important thing is, other than Liu Yuchen, I have realized that there is a better guy waiting for me.”

The truth was, she used to be well protected by her loyal servants and the people from Empress Nalan’s family after the empress had passed away.

It was just that she kept letting these people down. So, they refused to see her anymore.

“Nobody can enter the Southern Bamboo Grove,” Nan Xian told her casually. His gaze was cold. “In the future, if you wished to see me, you are welcomed here. I am not around for five days every month, but I usually spend my time in the Southern Bamboo Grove.”

Feng Ruqing blinked in confusion again. What did he mean? Nobody was permitted here? So she could come here whenever she liked now?

How did she manage to hoodwink the state preceptor this easily? This made her think.

However, Feng Ruqing had a feeling that this matter was not as simple as it seemed. She could not believe that this ascetic guy could be seduced or fooled that easily.

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