The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 1631 - My Granddaughter Is Always Right I

Chapter 1631: My Granddaughter Is Always Right I

“General…” A cold sweat broke out on Liu Yi’s forehead. He raised his hand and wiped it timidly. “I… I didn’t know she’s your…”

“Get out!”

Tian Ya kicked Liu Yi out, refusing to listen to his nonsense.

He glanced at the people present again, and this time his cold gaze fell on Feng Lianyi.

Feng Lianyi’s head buzzed like a thousand thunderbolts. She clenched her fists tightly, her heart aching to the point it was numb.

‘Feng Ruqing is General’s granddaughter!

‘She’s her granddaughter!

‘No! I don’t believe it!’

“Feng Lianyi…” Tian Ya’s face was expressionless, his voice cold and harsh. “Do you know how strong the blood ties are?

“I didn’t recognize her at first glance, but I still felt affectionate. That’s why I gave her the jade necklace, and it was something that belonged to her. I didn’t have the time to give it to Feng Tianwu back then, and I was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to keep something precious like the spirit gathering stone…”

Tian Ya had already been making preparations even before Feng Tianwu got married, and he had stolen the spirit gathering stone from the chief manor of Tian Shen Manor.

But in the end, he still did not pass it to Feng Tianwu…

Because he knew that Feng Tianwu would get in so much trouble if he kept the spirit gathering stone with him.

Even the one from Tian Shen Manor who lost the spirit gathering stone cried to death and had come to Tian Ya several times, fighting with him to get the stone back, which showed… What kind of disaster would be brought to Liu Yun Kingdom if the world knew about the spirit gathering stone…

Perhaps… Even the rules that he had set back then could not stop the fight to get this precious item.

In the end, after going round and round, the spirit gathering stone finally returned to its rightful owner…


Feng Lianyi’s face turned pale. She froze and fell to the ground helplessly.

“Feng Lianyi, I took you back then, and today, I will kill you with my own hands!”

‘No one can bully my precious granddaughter.

‘No one!’

Feng Lianqing was dumbfounded.

‘Maiden Feng… She’s Master’s granddaughter…’

Feng Lianyi had done such a disgusting thing, and he went to plead with Maiden Feng for her…

Perhaps, Maiden Feng did not kill him back then because she respected his master.

This time, looking at Tian Ya’s eyes, which were already filled with murderous intent, Feng Lianqing did not say another word and remained silent.

Feng Lianyi never learned from her mistakes and continued to do evil. Even if Feng Ruqing were not his master’s granddaughter, he would still choose to trust Feng Ruqing and would not plead for Feng Lianyi again.

After all, what Feng Lianyi had done was unforgivable.

A long sword suddenly appeared in front of Tian Ya.

Feng Lianyi trembled, and she crawled over to Tian Ya in panic, her voice cracked.

“General, I’ve done nothing wrong. I offended the little prince only to save the innocent. It was Feng Ruqing… She knew that she was your granddaughter and had used it to threaten him and put all the blame on me. As for the jade necklace… I know nothing about it.”


It was all Qi Fang’s fault.

Qi Fang had made her misunderstand and say such words in front of General.

She was innocent.

“Insolent!” With monstrous energy, Tian Ya brought his longsword down, cutting off Feng Lianyi’s arm.

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