The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 1632 - My Granddaughter Is Always Right II

Chapter 1632: My Granddaughter Is Always Right II

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Blood stained Feng Lianyi’s sleeves, and the pain made her face paler. She looked like she was about to faint.

But somehow, even though she was in pain, there was a faint fragrance of spirit herb wafting under her nose, making her unable to faint.

Fu Chen sneered as he looked down at Feng Lianyi, who was lying on the ground.

No one else could see it. There was a faint green mist on his fingertips. Everyone in the banquet hall was wide awake all because of this mist.

“Feng Lianyi, you’ve made a lot of mistakes, and how dare you frame my precious granddaughter?” Tianya stepped forward, approaching Feng Lianyi. “My granddaughter is always right. You are the one to be blamed. There is no way my granddaughter would do such a thing, and I won’t blame her even if she has done it!

“Besides… Why would I trust an outsider like you and not my granddaughter? Feng Lianyi, do you really think you can become a member of General Manor?”


Feng Lianyi’s body stiffened. Her face had long since lost its color, and her pale lips were trembling.

In this life, she had always thought that General Tian Ya was fair and rational. He would not blindly protect someone unless that person was really innocent.

Only now did she understand that Tian Ya was actually quite protective… But, the person he was protecting was not her…

Even Feng Lianqing was a little surprised as if he was getting to know Tian Ya for the first time.

But then he suddenly realized something…

‘Yes, everyone has passions and desires, and so does Master.

‘Maiden Feng is his granddaughter, so no matter what happens, he would protect her first.’

Regardless of whether she was right or wrong.

Such a person was like someone who indeed had blood ties with him.

Feng Lianqing smiled faintly as his gaze fell on Tian Ya.

“Feng Lianyi…” Helian Yue lifted her head and walked toward Feng Lianyi arrogantly. “You were so arrogant just now. What has happened? Are you afraid to speak now?”

It was not that Feng Lianyi did not dare to speak. She was in so much pain that she could not even say anything.

“However, you really have good endurance. Your hand has been cut off, but you haven’t faint from the pain. Tsk tsk, only people with thick skin can do that. I admire you.”

Feng Lianyi bit her lips hard. She wished she could faint to block out all these pains. However, her mind was very clear, and she could not seem to faint at all.

“Yue’er, move aside.”

Tian Ya’s face was expressionless.


Helian Yue obediently moved to the side with a bright and proud smile on her small face.

Her face… She looked exactly like Tang Yin…

Fu Chen looked at Helian Yue.

There was a slight resemblance between Helian Yue’s and Tang Yin’s eyes…

‘No wonder Mother treats her nicely…’

Tian Ya lifted his hand…

The longsword flashed again in front of him, floating in the air. The blade was as cold as the old man’s pale face.

Seeing that Tian Ya was about to slash at Feng Lianyi again, Fu Chen became anxious and hurriedly shouted, “Wait! You can’t kill her.”

Tian Ya paused and looked back at Fu Chen.


“Actually…” Fu Chen bit his lips. “There are still some things that Mother has to ask her personally. You can kill her later.”

Feng Lianyi slowly closed her eyes…

So, Tian Ya was trying to kill her just now.

Such an intense murderous intent… but she did not feel it.

She had spent so many years in General Manor.

Did he not have any pity or feelings for her at all?

He wanted to kill a girl he had raised for over twenty years for the granddaughter he had never met…

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