The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 1633 - Not As Good As Him I

Chapter 1633: Not As Good As Him I

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The banquet hall fell silent.

Everyone was quiet.

Even the chatty little prince did not say anything for a long moment.

His fat face taut with fury.

‘Pretty Sister is actually Tian Ya’s granddaughter!’

He would never forget that Tian Ya had severely beaten him up before. That was why he held a grudge against Feng Lianyi.

However, if Tian Ya was his Feng Ruqing’s grandfather…

He had no choice but to forgive Tian Ya.

The others were also silenced, especially those who had just bragged about Feng Lianyi. They were shivering in fear and wishing that they were somewhere else.

None of them had ever thought that things would turn out like this! The funny thing was Feng Lianyi had even dared to claim that Tian Ya had given her the jade necklace…

“So, I really can’t kill her?”

Tian Ya’s pale face went blank after hearing Fu Chen’s words. He hesitated for a moment and turned to look at Fu Chen.

“Mother said there are some things that only she can answer.”

Suddenly, Feng Lianyi laughed sarcastically.

“Feng Ruqing is treating me so badly. What makes you think I’ll answer her questions? I’ll never tell her whatever she wants to know!”

Feng Lianyi’s eyes were filled with hatred.

Up until now, Feng Lianyi was still blaming Feng Ruqing for everything that had happened, not thinking in the slightest that if she had had no intention to hurt Feng Ruqing in the first place, she would not have ended up where she was today.

It was she who had asked for it!

No one else was to be blamed!

“Well, since you refuse to answer her questions, I’d better just kill you now.”

Tian Ya waved his hand expressionlessly, sending Feng Lianyi flying out. Since she was already losing too much blood, she almost fainted from this.

Fortunately, Fu Chen had rereleased his spiritual qi in time to keep her awake.

Feng Lianyi bit her lip hard and did not say a word.

There was no way she would do what Feng Ruqing wished. She would not let Feng Ruqing get what she wanted even if she had to die from it.

Feng Lianyi did not know what Feng Ruqing wanted from her, but no matter what it was, she would not say anything!


Liu Yi could not stand to see the pain on Feng Lianyi’s face. “Maiden Lianyi has made a big mistake this time, and the mistake she has committed is unforgivable, but… I beg you, General… Please spare her life. Please, General.”

He violently hit his head on the ground, begging so hard that he did not care if his forehead was hurt and bleeding.

Feng Lianyi was stunned. She did not expect that at such a time, Liu Yi would still plead for her…


Liu Yi was the only person in General Manor, who treated her sincerely.

Everyone else, including Feng Lianqing, had said they would plead for her, but after they knew about Feng Ruqing’s identity… All of them did not dare to say anything!


If it were not for the pain in her broken arm, Feng Lianyi would have laughed out loud.

Even until now, she still would not admit her faults…

“Well, I’ll keep Feng Lianyi’s life because she must wait for my granddaughter to wake up to kowtow to her and admit her mistakes!” Tian Ya’s red robes lifted in the wind as he said domineeringly, “If she doesn’t wake up… Feng Lianyi will have to pay for it!”

Of course, whether Feng Ruqing could wake up or not, Feng Lianyi would still die in Tian Ya’s hand in the end…

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