The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 18 - Teaching the Palace Maid A Lesson III

Chapter 18: Teaching the Palace Maid A Lesson III

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Of course Liu Feihong would not dare to say these words out loud in front of Feng Ruqing. He wiped the sweat off his forehead and tried to appease her. “Your Highness, I have taught Yuchen a lesson. He won’t dare to repeat it again in the near future.”

“I have already said what I wanted to say. If you refuse to send the divorce letter to my palace, I, Feng Ruqing will announce it to the world that I am divorcing Liu Yuchen!”

This time, she would be the one who divorces him, not the other way round.

After that, Feng Ruqing moved her gigantic body toward her princess chamber.

This body was too heavy for her. Moreover, she had been walking a lot today, which was making her breathless. Beads of sweat started to form on her snow-white forehead.

However, she felt refreshed and contented to be able to get down from her bed and walk around. It had been a long time since she was bed-ridden at her nursing home.

Feng Ruqing could see Qing Ling standing at the door from afar.

She was looking around anxiously, until she caught a glimpse of Feng Ruqing and sighed in relief.

“This servant came to pay respects to Your Royal Highness.”

Qing Ling lowered her body and bowed in respect.

“Qing Ling, come over here. I have something to tell you.” Feng Ruqing summoned her with a glance before walking into her chamber.

Qing Ling’s heart was beating fast out of nervousness as she quickly followed Feng Ruqing into the chamber. Her eyes were red from crying as she was distressed.

“Your Highness, have I done anything wrong?” she asked.

“I remember that you were handed to me by Noble Consort Rong, am I right?” Feng Ruqing narrowed her eyes with a spurious smile playing on her lips.

Previously, Qing Ling was not the original maid who served her, but was chosen by her late mother. After she got to know Noble Consort Rong, under her influence, she started to feel that her maid was a nuisance who kept nagging at her so she sent her to the laundry room.

This Qing Ling was sent by Noble Consort Rong. Of course she would never go against her command. So they had always caused trouble and bullied people together.

Qing Ling was a bit dumbfounded. She looked at Feng Ruqing in confusion. She asked timidly, “Yes, I was given to Your Royal Highness as a gift by Noble Consort Rong. Have Your Highness forgotten about it?”

“Yes,” Feng Ruqing answered drily before she continued, “Then, can you tell me what Noble Consort Rong told you to do after following me?”

Qing Ling blurted out resentfully, “Noble Consort Rong ordered me to take good care of Your Highness and never to go against your wishes. I have to do everything to make you feel pleased. Prepare any food that you wish to eat. Tag along wherever Your Highness wish to go anywhere. If I do not treat you well, Noble Consort Rong will hit me to death.”

“What else did she say?”

‘That’s all.” Qing Ling shook her head and pleaded, “Your Highness, I have never dared to go against your order and had always kept Noble Consort Rong’s words in mind. Could you please tell me if I have done anything wrong that displeased you?”

Feng Ruqing sneered.

As expected, her bossy and spoiled rotten behavior was fully cultivated by Noble Consort Rong’s pampering.

As for this Qing Ling, there were not many problems with her. She did truly care for her, but her position as a servant had left her with limited choices. If she did anything that went against her mistress, not only would Noble Consort Rong beat her to death, her ‘mistress’ would never let her go too.

“Qing Ling, you do know that my father is the ultimate master in this palace and he dotes on me. Yet, you keep obeying Noble Consort Rong. Don’t you think that you are confused about who actually holds the authority now?”

Qing Ling was confused and wondered in her heart, ‘But the princess was the one who obeyed Noble Consort Rong most of the time.’

Feng Ruqing warned her with a sly smile, “I will move into a new princess manor soon. At my place, you must only listen to my instructions. If I find any unusual relationship between you and Noble Consort Rong, I will not hesitate to do what I did to the others the last time…”

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