The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 19 - Building Up the Princess’s Prestige I

Chapter 19: Building Up the Princess’s Prestige I

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“Your Highness, I wouldn’t dare.”

Qing Ling was shocked to find that the princess had changed a lot since the day she woke up.

If she still contacted Noble Consort Rong, she would be doomed. The princess would beat her to death.

Suddenly, someone was berating another person outside the princess’s chamber. It sounded like, “Liu Li, what are you doing here? Is the princess’s chamber a place that you can simply enter as you wish? Go away now before the princess sentences you to death!”

‘Liu Li…’

This name caused a ripple in Feng Ruqing’s heart. She walked past Qing Ling and stepped outside.

Outside the princess’s chamber was a garden full of peach blossoms.

In the garden, a thin girl stood stubbornly under a peach blossom tree.

She wore a simple maid attire. Her thin and weak figure gave people the illusion that she might be blown away by the wind anytime.

“I will leave the place immediately once I get a glimpse of the princess.”

“Who do you think you are? You are just a weak laundry maid in the palace. What makes you think that you can meet Her Highness?”

Standing in front of Liu Li was a fierce old woman who was a senior servant. Her eyes were filled with impatience and wickedness. “Go away, leave now! Or else Her Highness won’t let you go so easily!”

In this society where people regarded cultivation as the main principle, even eunuchs and maids in the palace were required to acquire a certain cultivation level, but Liu Li was an exception. Her body was too weak, so she was not strong enough. Luckily the late Empress had pitied her and kept Liu Li by her side.

Soon after, the late Empress passed away due to labor complications. So Liu Li was automatically sent to stay with the princess.

Now, even the princess did not want her anymore. She could only work as a laundry maid, enduring sufferings, and constant bullying in the palace.

“Please, I beg you. Let me just get a glimpse of the princess. I would do it without her knowing. I promise not to disturb Her Highness.” She pleaded while looking down worriedly.

She was worried about the princess’s health. At the same time, she was sad to see this place where she used to live for so many years, but was no longer able to get in as easily as before.

Reminiscing about her past, she would not be here if not because of the late empress’s help. She would have been dead in this cold palace. Now, knowing that the princess was victimized, how could she be at peace?

“Cheap servant! Since you refuse to leave, you deserve the consequences!” The old servant thought of something evil. “Bring this servant down and beat her to death. Even the princess doesn’t care about your life, so I would just let you die.”

Liu Li started to panic but she forced herself to stay calm. She forced a smile. “You don’t have to be angry—I will just leave at your command.”

She could just sneak into this place the next time when people were not aware of it. It was not worth it for her to die now.

“Hehe, do you think you can come and go as you please?” The old servant sneered in reply.

As this maid did not have any real capabilities, her presence only annoyed her. Noble Consort Rong had spent so much effort in raising the princess into a spoiled brat, but this maid kept giving her good advice.

Fortunately, the princess trusted Noble Consort Rong the most, so she didn’t get to do anything. And now that she still wanted to be around the princess, her life should not be spared anymore.

The two guards grabbed Liu Li’s shoulders to hold her in place.

Liu Li became more nervous and felt more helpless. She tried to wriggle her way out. “What are you doing? Let me go now! Her Highness will not let you beat me to death!”

She was just around three years old when the late empress had passed away. But she had raised the princess until now. She could not believe that Her Highness would treat her with such cruelty.

The princess was just influenced by the wrong people. One day, she would figure out the truth.

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