The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 20 - Building up the Princess's Prestige II

Chapter 20: Building up the Princess’s Prestige II

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“What are you doing?” Suddenly, a voice said. Liu Li’s body stiffened. She turned around only to see a gigantic body. Liu Li’s racing heart had slowed down but then, it quickly throbbed anxiously again. Her face was ghastly pale.

Feng Ruqing walked toward Liu Li. There was neither a glistening crown on her head nor dazzling colors on her face. However, her skin was fair and flawless like an exquisite jade.

“Your Highness, Liu Li is too ignorant and had left the laundry area without permission. Let me take her away.” The old servant bowed slightly and paid her respect to the princess.

“Don’t waste your time on those who don’t listen to you. Just kill them.” Feng Ruqing rubbed her wrist as she looked at the old servant with a bright smile.

“Your Highness is right. We should just…” The old servant bowed again respectfully. Before she could finish her words, Feng Ruqing slapped her.

Although Feng Ruqing’s cultivation was low, thanks to her gigantic body, she had slapped the old servant hard across her face. The old servant’s face turned red and swollen and blood trickled from the corner of her lips.

“Your Highness, did I do something wrong?” The old servant clenched her teeth as she asked. Her eyes were filled with resentment but she dared not offend the princess.

“Granny Qin, don’t you know your mistake?” Feng Ruqing sneered.

Granny Qin—the old servant was Noble Consort Rong’s nanny. Ever since Noble Consort Rong had gotten closer to the princess, she had brought Granny Qin into the palace. Granny Qin was responsible for discipline in the princess’s chamber. Hence, Feng Ruqing could tolerate Qing Ling but not Granny Qin.

“This is my chamber. No one is allowed to do this without my permission.” Feng Ruqing’s gaze turned to the imperial guards who were still holding Liu Li’s shoulders.

Both the imperial guards exchanged looks, loosened their grips on Liu Li’s shoulders and took a few steps back. They had gotten used to obeying Granny Qin’s command and had forgotten the real master of this chamber.

“Qing Ling, take Liu Li to change her dress. She will not go back to the laundry. From now on, she is my personal attendant.” Feng Ruqing looked at Liu Li who was lost in wonder and heaved a sigh of relief.

The old princess was such an idiot that she could never distinguish good from evil. She had broken the hearts of the people who had truly cared for her.

Not only was the princess not mad at her, she had allowed her to stay by her side. Was that a dream? Liu Li pinched her cheek hard as tears streamed down her cheeks. It was the tears of joy. She bit back the pain on her cheek and wiped off the tears. It was not a dream. The princess had finally come to her senses.

Feng Ruqing stared at Granny Qin, the corner of her mouth slightly lifted. Her eyes were icy cold, sending a chill down Granny Qin’s spine.

Granny Qin kneeled down before Feng Ruqing, her hands balled into fists.

“Your Highness, please have mercy on me. I truly don’t know what I have done wrong.”

Feng Ruqing took a few steps closer to Granny Qin.

“Firstly, I am the master and you are my servant. When someone looked for me, you did not inform me but had taken action on your own. Secondly, I don’t care what had happened before. From now on, I don’t need those who are overbearing and could not tell right from wrong to stay by my side. Thirdly, you don’t belong to the palace. So, you can either get out the palace or go back to Noble Consort Rong’s chamber.”

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