The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 22 - Are you a Demon? I

Chapter 22: Are you a Demon? I

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Fluffy clouds drifted across the lush green valleys.

Fu Chen rested his soft rosy cheek on his hands as he stared blankly at the vast blue sky.

“Qing Han, why isn’t mommy here yet? I’m close to dying of hunger.” Fu Chen pouted and stroked his growling belly.

As soon as he finished his words, the earth shook violently—a flabby silhouette came into view.

Thrilled with joy, Fu Chen got up and looked at Feng Ruqing with longing eyes. Qing Han was hiding behind Fu Chen as she stared at Feng Ruqing fearfully. Feng Ruqing was truly ruthless so Fu Chen was afraid of her.

“Mommy, have you started sowing spirit herbs?” Fu Chen looked at her with innocent eyes. Although Fu Chen was scared of Feng Ruqing, hunger had overtaken his fear.

“Fu Chen, let’s have a discussion.” Feng Ruqing smiled as she walked toward Fu Chen. Seeing his pitiful gaze, she could not help but feel sorry for him.

“What is it about?” Fu Chen swallowed hard and asked. He could feel that Feng Ruqing was actually planning something evil.

“Look, you are actually making me do free labor by sowing the spirit herbs for you. Moreover, the number that I could sow with my two hands is limited. Is there a way to get others to help me?”

The skill for sowing spirit herbs was highly confidential and could not be simply passed down. However, the number of spirit herbs that Feng Ruqing was capable of sowing was only sufficient to supply food for the two kids. As Feng Ruqing could only take the leftover after the two kids took enough for food, Feng Ruqing would not get anything in the end. It was obvious she was not interested in such a bad deal.

“I can only pass the skill to you alone. Moreover, others may not have achieved the strength to learn this.” Fu Cheng was slightly startled.

“Forget it. There are many ways to lose weight and I can enhance my strength on my own. Since I would never get the spirit herbs, I quit.” Feng Ruqing shrugged.

“Wait!” Seeing that Feng Ruqing was about to leave, Fu Chen reached out and tugged at her dress.

“Yes?” Feng Ruqing knitted her brows as she turned to look at Fu Chen.

Fu Chen hesitated before taking out a book with bronze cover. It seemed as if the book had been kept for decades and had turned yellow with age. However, it was lofty and imposing.

“This is the beast taming book. You can summon the spirit beasts to sow spirit herbs for you. The strength of the spirit beasts is strong. However, don’t forget that you must form a contract with the spirit beasts before you can pass the skill down to them.”

Besides humans, there was a spirit beasts’ territory in the kingdom. They lived peacefully and had never interfered with others. Only those who had attained a certain level of cultivation were capable of owning the spirit beasts as their battle partners. For ordinary people, they could not even get close to the spirit beasts.

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