The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 23 - Are You a Demon? II

Chapter 23: Are You a Demon? II

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“Deal. However, since I have to sow spirit herbs for you, shouldn’t you pay me something in return? Besides this beast taming book, is there anything else that you are keeping? You can use it to exchange for the spirit herbs.” Feng Ruqing took the book contentedly.

“Are you a demon?” Stunned, Fu Chen stared blankly at Feng Ruqing for a long while. Fu Chen had given her the two most precious things that he had, but she was still not satisfied.

“We truly have nothing else. We have given you the beast taming book. We have nothing left.” Qing Han nearly cried her eyes out.

Seeing Qing Han’s innocent face, a faint sense of guilt flickered in Feng Ruqing’s eyes. Although the two kids had been alive for years, they were still children at heart. It seemed that Feng Ruqing had gone too far.

“Alright. I will provide you with spirit herbs from now on. You can help me when you have regained your strength and leave this place. Oh yeah, what else can you do?”

Qing Han blinked and stared dazedly at Feng Ruqing. She looked so adorable. Feng Ruqing could see tears at the corner of her eyes.

‘Since when did this human become so kind?’

“I can deal with thugs. I bite. I am extremely ferocious. As long as you give me the spirit herbs, I can bite anyone you want.” Qing Han bit her finger and sank into her own thoughts.

‘Is she a dog?’ Feng Ruqing stared wordlessly at her.

“Give me the spirit herbs book and the herbal cuisine recipes. I want to study them.” Feng Ruqing said after contemplating for a while. It was late, Feng Ruqing could not stay here any longer. If Liu Li did not see her in the chamber, she would inform the emperor. By then, the whole palace would sink into chaos again.

“They are all in my mind. I will pass them to you now.” Fu Chen took a few steps forward, and he reached out to Feng Ruqing’s head.

Boom! A loud bang sounded in Feng Ruqing head. Hundreds of thousands of words flooded her mind as if she was born with all those skills.

“I have passed all the skills to you. The beast taming skill is of great use to you. You must take a good look at it,” after a long while, Fu Chen retracted his hand and said.

Feng Ruqing entered the place through the red thread on her wrist, and Fu Chen needed to send her out if she wanted to leave. As soon as Fu Chen said his last word, he sent Feng Ruqing out of the place.

Seeing Feng Ruqing out of the place, Fu Chen stroked his forehead that was covered in beads of cold sweats.

“That was a close call. She almost seized all my possessions. Fortunately, I still have one left with me.”

“Brother Fu Chen, what could you do with the sword passed down by the former sect master?” Qing Han wiped off the tears at the corners of her eyes and turned to look at Fu Chen.

“I have no idea. It seems delicious. I need to enhance my cultivation in order to eat this. Otherwise, I would have eaten it immediately.” Fu Chen sighed. The sword was his food. He would never give it to Feng Ruqing. That was why he had quickly sent her back or he would have nothing left for himself.

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