The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 2271 - The Past Life 196

Chapter 2271: The Past Life 196

During this time, Cloud Mountain was very peaceful.

Every day, Nan Changfeng would prepare food for the Ninth Emperor and bring it to her room, but the others were not so happy, especially the black dragon.

However, the Ninth Emperor did not let the black dragon stay here for too long. After all, there were still two spirit herbs that needed to be taken care of.

Therefore, the black dragon only stayed for a few days before being driven away by the Ninth Emperor.

Even though the mainland was calm today, the Ninth Emperor felt a storm coming soon.

Fortunately, Nan Changfeng rarely left Cloud Mountain, which was a little reassuring to the Ninth Emperor. Even so, she did not go to visit the spirit herbs regularly. Even if she went there, she would still come back quickly.

The girls of Cloud Mountain were still hostile to Nan Changfeng, but they had begun to accept him.

After spending so much time with each other, they could not let him go.

Moreover, the Ninth Emperor would never allow it.

So, the rest of the time, it was peaceful.

Until one day, the Ninth Emperor left Cloud Mountain for just a day, and Nan Changfeng received a letter from outside the mountain.

He looked at the contents of the letter, and his eyes sank a little. A cold light flashed in his eyes.

Subsequently, he burned the letter without even talking to anyone and left Cloud Mountain.


Inside the Divine Herb Sect…

As soon as the Ninth Emperor appeared, the two spirit herbs began to move their branches as if greeting her arrival.

She descended from the sky and looked at the two spirit herbs with a gentle light in her eyes.

She took out some spirit water from the medium and poured it onto their branches.

The spirit water from the medium was different from the usual one and had a better effect, so that was why she came here every once in a while…

The black dragon took the form of a young man and stood behind the Ninth Emperor.

The Ninth Emperor did not turn around and sat down with her back to the black dragon, smiling.

“Big Black, do you know, some time ago I had a dream?”

“What dream?”

“I dreamed that you then became a dog…”

The Ninth Emperor laughed out loud.

She did not know why she always had some strange dreams lately.

This time, she dreamed that Big Black became a dog.

The black dragon’s face darkened. He looked at the girl in front of him and was silent for a moment. “If you want, I can become anything.”

‘As long as you like it…

‘As long as I can accompany you…’

‘To me, it is the greatest satisfaction…’

The Ninth Emperor sat down and placed her hand on her cheek. She smiled as she looked back at the black dragon. “Big Black, how long have you been with me?”

“Five years.”

‘So it’s been five years…’

The Ninth Emperor fell silent. Unknowingly, she and Big Black had known each other for five years.

Five years, for cultivation, was not very long, but somehow, she felt that a long time had passed.

“You have followed me for five years. It has been five years since I picked up these spirit herbs. If I wait for some more time, they will take human form and not need someone to take care of them anymore. What are your plans for the future?”


Big Black was stunned.

A moment later, he said, “Wherever you go, I’ll always follow you.”

From the day he met her, he couldn’t leave her again.

The smile on the Ninth Emperor’s face disappeared. “You’ve been confined here for too many years. In a few more years, you’ll be free. After all, you should have your life too.”

Somehow, these words made the young man’s heart clench fiercely.

Did the Ninth Emperor not want him anymore?

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