The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 26 - Feng Rushuang was Truly Naive II

Chapter 26: Feng Rushuang was Truly Naive II

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Feng Ruqing turned to walk toward the cages. Seeing this, the people around her stepped back to make way for her. They were afraid that they would get into trouble by accidentally being in her way.

When Feng Ruqing drew closer, the spirit beasts in cages bared their teeth and growled. Their face gradually turned ferocious. Although they had been tamed and were kept in the cages for a long time, their ferociousness was triggered whenever a stranger approached.

Feng Ruqing did not utter a word and only chanted the beast taming spell. In an instant, the spiritual qi surrounding her turned soft and delicate as if a warm arm was caressing the spirit beasts. Feeling her spiritual qi, the spirit beasts turned docile and lay quietly in the cage as they stared cordially at Feng Ruqing.

In fact, these spirit beasts had been tamed before. Hence, Feng Ruqing could calm their ferocity by just chanting the beast taming spell. However, her strength was no match for the wild spirit beasts.

“I want two spirit rabbits, a four-armed ape, and all the spirit degus that you own.”

Feng Ruqing truly liked the two spirit rabbits as they were extremely adorable. Even if the degus’ combat skills were weak, their sharp fangs were the most powerful weapons. If they were cultivated properly, their strength was not inferior to the other spirit beasts. As for the Four-Armed Ape, it was smart and agile. She could make it as a good door guard.

Seeing the spirit beasts that Feng Ruqing had selected, Feng Rushuang could not help but sneer. They were nothing as their strength was too low. However, even if Feng Ruqing bought a ferocious beast, with her current strength, she would end up being devoured by her own beasts.

“Sister, are you done? If yes, let me pay for you.” Feng Rushuang walked toward Feng Ruqing with an innocent smile.

“What is the most precious spirit beast that you have? Take it out for me.” Feng Ruqing disregarded Feng Rushuang and turned to look at the court keeper.

“Your Highness, the most precious beast that we have has not been tamed yet. I am afraid that it might hurt you. if that happens, I could never run my business again.” The court keeper’s voice was trembling.

“That’s fine, take it out. I want to have a look. If I really like it, I would make sure that it is a good deal. My sister has nothing but money. You have nothing to lose.” Feng Ruqing stroked her chin.

“Sister, that’s too risky.” Feng Rushuang sank into a great panic and tugged at Feng Ruqing’s sleeve.

The treasure of the beast court would definitely blow a hole in Feng Rushuang’s savings. Although she was a princess, she was not of the same rank as Feng Ruqing. Her monthly allowance was much lower. Had it not been for Noble Consort Rong who managed to get a certain sum of money from those who fawned on her, she would not have had enough money to pay for Feng Rushuang.

“Rushuang, I have spent so much money on you and Noble Consort Rong all these years. I even lent my Iron-Blooded Token to both of you for a few days and you never returned it to me after so many years. The money I spend now is nothing compared to the money I spent on the both of you.”

“Sister, didn’t you gift the Iron-Blooded Token to my mother?” Feng Rushuang was stunned by Feng Ruqing’s sudden rebuke.

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