The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 25 - Feng Rushuang was Truly Naive I

Chapter 25: Feng Rushuang was Truly Naive I

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As opposed to Feng Rushuang, the people around her took a few steps back in shock as if they saw a demon standing at the door.

“Sister, ever since you fell unconscious, I had always wanted to pay you a visit. However, Father did not allow me to disturb you. Are you angry at me?”

Feng Rushuang stared at Feng Ruqing with a bright smile on her face. A childlike innocence shone in her eyes.

In Liu Yun Kingdom, Feng Ruqing was as ferocious as a demon and even a monster would hide away from her. However, Feng Rushuang was the only person that Feng Ruqing treated well wholeheartedly and had always wanted to give everything she had to.

“Angry at you? Why should I be?” Feng Ruqing collected her thoughts and smiled. Her flabby body was shivering, and her eyes turned into a baleful glare.

“Father said that he does not blame you for looking for the state preceptor the other day. As the state preceptor is so handsome, it is natural that you would fall for him.”

“Sister, what are you talking about? I don’t get you.” Feng Rushuang stood frozen, forcing a smile.

Feng Ruqing should not know that Feng Rushuang went to Southern Bamboo Grove and was bitten by the state preceptor’s pet. Even if she knew, she should not confront her in public. Noble Consort Rong was right. Feng Ruqing was utterly different after she had woken up.

“Father told me about this. Since you did not seduce the state preceptor, why would he said that? Perhaps, he was confused. I will explain to him when I return to the palace.”

“Rushuang, don’t worry. I don’t believe that you would set your cap for the state preceptor.” Feng Ruqing said decisively as if she was not aware that color had drained from Feng Ruqhuang’s face.

“Sister, no worries. I am fine as long as you trust me.” Feng Rushuang nearly exploded with fury. However, she dared not offend Feng Ruqing. She bit back her resentment and forced a smile.

In Liu Yun Kingdom, the emperor’s words carried a lot of weight. As the emperor of the kingdom, he would never tell a lie. Apparently, Feng Rushuang who looked innocent and harmless had truly seduced the state preceptor.

Feng Rushuang could feel the many disdainful eyes on her. To her, Feng Ruqing was truly good for nothing. She should not have confronted Feng Rushuang with so many watchful eyes around, putting her in such an awkward predicament.

“Of course I trust you. However, I was in a rush and forgot to bring money with me. Since I treated you so well, could you lend me some? I want to buy some spirit beasts.” Feng Ruqing’s lips curved into a smile.

Feng Rushuang sighed in relief. Noble Consort Rong was wrong. Feng Ruqing still trusted her like she used to.

“Sister, you can pick any spirit beast you want. It’s all on me.” The corner of Feng Rushuang’s mouth lifted slightly as she said with an innocent voice. The spirit beasts in the beast court were not pricey. Feng Rushuang could definitely afford it.

“That’s great.” Feng Ruqing burst into laughter. A chill ran down Feng Rushuang’s spine. She could feel that something was out of her control.

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