The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 6 - Two Little Sweetie Pies II

Chapter 6: Two Little Sweetie Pies II

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No one was allowed to meet the princess, including Liu Rong.

“Your Majesty, Qing’er was still very weak. Perhaps I can take care of her. So…” Liu Rong’s took a deep breath as her face darkened.

“There is no need. The servant will take care of her. It’s late now, Qing’er needs to rest. You may take your leave. Don’t disturb her.” Feng Tianyu snorted.

“At Your Majesty’s command.” Liu Rong’s face stiffened, her hands balled into fists.

All the servants followed after Feng Tianyu as he left. The chamber sank into a peaceful silence.

Feng Ruqing stared into the distance, all alone. After a while, she lowered her eyes and looked at her flabby wrists with a sorrowful smile on her face.

“I have never thought that I could live once again. Perhaps, I can no longer meet my brother for the rest of my life.”

‘Ah? This is…’ Feng Ruqing’s eyes widened in shock.

As Feng Ruqing stared at her wrists, a red thread suddenly appeared before her eyes.

A red light flashed across, lighting up the whole chamber. In an instant, she was swallowed by a forceful strength and vanished without a trace. When the red light faded, Feng Ruqing was no longer lying on her bed. The chamber regained its silence. It seemed that no one had noticed what had happened in the chamber.

The puffy clouds filled the vast blue sky. The sound of chattering echoed in Feng Ruqing’s ears.

“Haha! Our herbs slave is finally here. We don’t need to starve anymore.”

“It’s been so many years. I have nearly forgotten the taste of herbs. It was fortunate that the human we put at that place has finally worked and got us a herbs slave.”

“Wake her up to sow some herbs for us. I have been starving for more several hundred years now.”

The humming lingered in Feng Ruqing’s head like a buzzing mosquito. Feng Ruqing knitted her brows tightly as she opened her eyes.

In an instant, a ray of sunlight pierced her eyes and she quickly covered her eyes with her hands. After a while, she put her hands down as her eyes adjusted to the sunlight.

“Who are you?” Feng Ruqing asked in shock.

Two little cutie pies, a boy and a girl, stood before her. Their eyes were filled with light, just like the stars sparkling in the night sky.

However, looking at their innocent eyes and recalling the words they had just said, a chill ran down Feng Ruqing’s spine. She could not help but sneeze. Simply no one knew how many years these two little demons had lived.

“We are from the Divine Herbs Sect. However, something has happened in the Divine Herbs Sect. Qing Han and I have been stranded in this place ever since. We have been craving for spiritual herbs for years. Now, we have finally found you to sow the herbs for us.”

Feng Ruqing contemplated for a moment and did a quick scan through her memories. She realized that the princess knew nothing about the spiritual strength in Cang Yue Mainland. Naturally, she could not get any information on the Divine Herbs Sect.

However, Feng Ruqing knew the spirit herbs quite well. Spirit herbs were capable of healing and enhancing the strength of a cultivator. They were priceless and greatly sought after as martial arts dominated the kingdom.

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