The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 7 - Two Little Sweetie Pies III

Chapter 7: Two Little Sweetie Pies III

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“You have gotten the wrong person. I don’t know how to sow spirit herbs. If I am not mistaken, spirit herbs can only grow with spiritual qi in the surroundings. It cannot be sown by a human.” Feng Ruqing regained her composure and stared at the two kids.

“You are wrong. The spiritual qi around us cannot be replicated. Since you are our herbs slave, we would definitely pass the skill down to you.”

“Why did you choose me?” the corners of Feng Ruqing’s mouth lifted.

“The place you are in now is actually the Divine Herbs Sect. After the outburst of that incident, sect master had moved the Divine Herbs Sect to this place. However, not everyone was capable of entering this place and becoming our herbs slave.” The little boy paused for a while and said earnestly.

“How many herbs slaves have you found in the past?” Feng Ruqing narrowed her eyes.

“You are the only one we have found after waiting for almost a thousand years.”

“Alright, I understand now.”

Feng Ruqing lifted the little boy with her hands and gave him a smack on his buttocks.

“What are you doing?” Feeling the pain in his buttocks, the boy flew into a great panic as tears started streaming down his face.

The little girl, Qing Han, was stunned and quickly pounced on Feng Ruqing. She held onto Feng Ruqing’s arms forcefully, her face was red with rage.

“You rascal! Put down Brother Fu Chen or I’ll bite you!”

Disregarding the little girl, Feng Ruqing raised her brow as she glared at the little boy.

“Who did you just called a herbs slave just now?”

“You…” Before Fu Chen could finish his words, his eyes met her ruthless gaze and so he bit back the words.

“No…Not you…”

‘This young sister is so scary. Are all humans as vicious as she?’

“That’s great. If I were to sow spirit herbs for you, then I am your mother. Shouldn’t you call me—mommy?”

Hearing this, Fu Chen was furious. His parents had always been the vast universe. Who did this human thought she was to be called his mother?

He wanted to fight back but it was all in vain. He had lost all his strength after being starved for years. Thinking that he was no match for Feng Ruqing presently, his face reddened with anger as he shouted.


“Tell me, what would I get in return?”

“Spirit herbs are precious. Presently, our strength is too weak and we are small eaters. You can take the remaining herbs.” Fu Chen looked at Feng Ruqing intently.

“When you consume more spirit herbs, your strength would grow stronger and you can even lose weight. Besides this, I have the herbal dish recipes passed down by the sect master. If spirit herbs were to be used in the herbal dish, it could improve your weak constitution and enhance cultivation.” Seeing Feng Ruqing face darkening, Fu Chen added hastily.

Originally, Fu Chen did not want to take the recipes out. However, Feng Ruqing was too savage and she would never sow the spirit herbs for them without anything good in return.

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